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This page is designed to describe several experiments in the convergence of OLPC and 3D, either on the laptop itself, or in virtual worlds.

Grassroots OLPC support in Second Life

As of 11/20/07, the xo now has a presence in the 3D virtual world Second Life, courtesy of the volunteer work and assistance of Semper, LLC, who donated temporary quarters on "Human Resources Island", and lent the services of some SL designers, who came up with ideas and then worked with Todd Kelsey to refine the design. Several other islands have expressed a willingness/interest in hosting copies of the XO Kiosk.

Phase 1: G1G1

Due to the limited time window of the G1G1 campaign, the design was escalated and is basically just a method of clicking through from Second Life to the www.laptopgiving.org Web site. It also includes a way for any visitor to get a free virtual OLPC t-shirt.


The picture above shows "Ransom Weston" (Todd Kelsey, an OLPC volunteer), standing at the grassroots OLPC kiosk.

The "Second Life URL" is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/HumanResource%20Island/178/69/30

When you get to Human Resources island, look for the red column of light and follow the little red arrows.

(Note: If you don't have second life installed you may need to install it for the link above to work.)

Get a free OLPC t-shirt in second life by clicking on the little floating laptop, to add the t-shirt to your inventory.


Phase 2: ???

Future more interactive versions of the xo in SL are planned. More to come.

Grassroots 3D Animatic on YouTube

A short animatic was made and posted on youtube; I wanted to find a way to take some 3D images Alexandra made based on character concepts I created, and do something dynamic as a step towards full blown 3d animation, kind of like storyboarding. So I requested specific still frame scenes, and basically composited them in Flash, added some sound effects, rendered out to video and uploaded to youtube. Might add some jazz piano music, something lively/playful to make future versions more interesting. -tk

Click here to jump to YouTube


There isn't an email list per se for this 3D experimentation, but interested parties are welcome to send an email to tekelsey "at" gmail.com

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