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Some 2008 Give One, Get One donors receive this release.

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Status: released on 2008-08-08

Release notes: Release notes/8.1.1

Target platforms: XO-1

Primary maintainer: User:Mstone


Primary objectives:

  • More accurate Amharic and Kreyól keyboard maps for Ethiopia and Haiti.
  • Updated wireless drivers and firmware.
  • Support for USB ethernet adapters.
  • Several UI and library bug fixes.

Lead customer: Ethiopia and Haiti

Build number: 708

Download URL: http://download.laptop.org/xo-1/os/official/708

Firmware: OLPC Firmware q2d16

Build system: Pilgrim
Facts about 8.1.1RDF feed
Build number 708  +
Build system Pilgrim  +
Download URL http://download.laptop.org/xo-1/os/official/708  +
Firmware OLPC Firmware q2d16  +
Has objective More accurate Amharic and Kreyól keyboard maps for Ethiopia and Haiti.  +, Updated wireless drivers and firmware.  +, Support for USB ethernet adapters.  +, and Several UI and library bug fixes.  +
Is part of OLPC SW-ECO 5  +
Lead customer Ethiopia  +, and Haiti  +
Primary maintainer Mstone  +
Release date 8 August 2008  +
Release notes Release notes/8.1.1  +
Status released  +
Target platforms XO-1  +
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