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Developers -- When you use an activity and there's something you don't like... what do you do?

  1. Ignore it
  2. Tell the activity's dev about it
  3. File a proper bug report for it
  4. Fix it locally
  5. Make a patch for it
  6. git push

The activity co-op is for developers who, when they find something they don't like about their own system, want to immediately fix and upstream their changes. This will require a simplification and standardization of diff/patch generation and delivery.

The current incarnation of this idea is "Brian's Script", which is a structured list of some activity repositories on, and a script for making symlinks so the git repositories show up as usable activities in sugar. The advantage of this is that you can easily update to the newest available version of an activity (Joyride style) with a simple git pull in the directory, while allowing you to launch the activities from Sugar as usual.

Brian's script assumes a clean install with no activities. It also assumes you have nothing important on the laptop. Brian's script is incredibly dangerous. But you're the adventurous type... right? Don't live in fear! Embrace the failings of bleeding edge activity development!

It also assumes the activities in the repository are using relative file locations for stuff in their own/other activities and absolute file locations for things outside of their activity (not other activities).

Brian's Script: STEPS FOR SUCCESS: 1

ctrl + alt + neighborhood view
su olpc
sudo yum install git
cd ~

Brian's Script: STEPS FOR SUCCESS: 2

So simple, there is no step number two.

Brian's Script: STEPS FOR SUCCESS: 3

mkdir Activities

Cross your fingers. This will take but two minutes.


Keep your fingers crossed. Yell at Brian. Fix it.

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