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Afriterra is an organization devoted to gathering historical maps of Africa. They are providing digitized country and regional maps from various eras in history at resolutions optimized for OLPC screens.

Historical cartography

Afriterra Foundation ( has the largest collection of rare maps of Africa in North America. With the support of Suffolk University, we have almost completed the digitization of the first 1,000 maps of the collection. Afriterra has already donated some of these digital maps to the One Hundred Dollar Laptop in 2006, however,Afriterra wants to continue to contribute by bringing historical cartographic knowledge of Africa to young people in Africa and around the world. As a contributor to the One Hundred Dollar Laptop, Afriterra will provide students and educators with tools for understanding the historical evolution of cartography of Africa, for adding their points of view through a multimedia layering of the historical maps, and for sharing their learning experiences through the web. For suggestions, feedback, and collaboration ideas, please contact Lucia Lovison-Golob, Afriterra's at

Data Structure 
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