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Organizations with world-wide reach in animal health

Wiser Earth Livestocklisting

Peace Corps

Heifer International

  • Heifer International is an NGO that is deeply involved in these issues in many of the same communities being targeted for OLPC XO deployments. For instance, there is a Heifer Nepalaffiliate. The Heifer mission to end world hunger and their cornerstone principles appear to be consistent with OLPC's efforts. OLPC/Heifer collaboration on animal health content development could provide Heifer with a novel distribution channel for their educational materials and provide OLPC with access to pre-localized content from Heifer's many community partners in the developing world.

Heifer Affiliates

  • Bothar An Irish charity founded in 1991, Bothar provides cows, goats and financial support to Heifer's projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.
  • VIVA (Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance])
  • Send a Cow A British charity founded in 1988, Send a Cow helps fund Heifer's projects in Africa.
  • Heifer Netherlands Founded in 1998 to support Heifer's programs in Eastern Europe and Africa, Heifer Netherlands raises money from European foundations, companies and individuals.
  • Hong Kong Formed in 2000, this group is raising funds in Asia for Heifer's projects in China.

Veterinarians Without Borders

There are various organizations modeled as the veterinary equivalent of Doctors without Borders. Veterinarians from around the world working in developing countries to improve the lives of animals and people.

Manzanar Project

The Manzanar Mangrove Project (Gordon Sato) has had success in re-establishing and extending the growth range of mangrove forests along the Red Sea in Eritrea using very simple agricultural techniques. Leaves and seeds are harvested and used as fodder for sheep and goats, mangrove reforestation has many benefits to the productivity of the marine and coral reef environments. It may have application in other costal areas and it is possible that the methods employed could be easily described and lessons transferred via XO content bundle. These ideas are not without some controversy from others (Mark Spalding).

Local Governmental resources

Many areas will have some form of training outreach from the local agricultural ministry (cooperative extension programs). Materials from such sources may already exist in localized and locally relevant forms. Materials from U.S. government websites are typically public domain and free of copyright.

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