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The main FAQ pages on this wiki are organized so that each section is really a separate wiki page. This has several advantages: each subsection is not so long; old questions can be kept on the subsection page but hidden on the main page; and new questions show up automatically on the new page. It does make editing a little bit more complicated though.

To create a new question, just use the included link for the section you want to use in the main FAQ page.

To answer a question, you can just use the "edit" link for the question's section. However, sooner or later, you or somebody else will have to use the "edit" link for the entire subsection to cut the now-answered question from the ยจ"new questions" section at the bottom of the page, and either keep it permanently visible by pasting it in the "FAQ" section between the line that looks like:


and the one that looks like:


, or hide it by putting it between the above line and the one that looks like:

</noinclude> <!-- *********Please move answered questions to above this line******** -->

The best kind of answer is to link to a separate page of the wiki - this avoids duplicating information. Go to the page, copy the title, and put it between double brackets - for instance, to link to this page you would write [[Answering questions]], which would look like this: Answering questions.


The basic idea for archiving is to move all the "hidden" questions to a subpage (something like "Ask OLPC a Question about the Network/Archive 1") and include a link to the archive. "Hidden" means questions between the second and third lines quoted above.

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