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There are art Activities for the XO, such as Paint, Colors!, and Cartoon Builder.

Images and photography

There are some good tutorials in ohw to frame, crop, and lay out new images.

There are also good public repositories of images to work with; better than the old clipart-collection standbys.


  • Smarthistory has developed a very nice (award winning) on-line Art History web-text (CC-NC-SA 3.0 licensing). It would be very interesting to develop this as a content bundle for the XO.


For design of everyday things, including blueprints and other designs, one could use something like graph paper or a CAD program. The American Institute of Architects is interested in helping get some sort of design software to work on the XO, but doesn't have a lot of devs of their own. They are looking for someone to work with them for a while on such outreach efforts.

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