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The following table gives a rough overview of the people and talents that the OLPC technical community can readily call upon in order to fulfill its goals.

(c): community     (p): partner    (o): employee/contractor

    Carol Lerché         (c)   Gary C. Martin       (c)
    John Gilmore         (c)   Sandy Culver         (c)
    Adam Holt            (o)   Emily Smith          (o)   

    Charles Merriam      (c)   Aaron Kaplan         (c)
    Kim Quirk            (o)   Jim Gettys           (o)   
    Greg de Koenigsberg  (p)   Sharon Lally         (o)
    Mike Fletcher        (c) 
    Gustavo Mariotto     (p)
    (also Michael and SJ at need)

    Walter Bender        (c)   Ivan Krstić          (c)
    Greg Smith           (c)   Bryan Berry          (c)
    Arjun Sarwal         (o)   Carla Gomez Monroy   (o)
    Edgar Ceballo        (p)   Habib Khan           (o)
    Fiorella Haim        (p)   Daniel G.S.          (p)
    Javier Rodriguez     (c)

    Nicholas Negroponte  (o)   Jeff Mandell         (o) 
    Walter de Brouwer    (o)   Matt Keller          (o)

    Noah Kantrowitz      (c)   Titus Brown          (c)
    Dennis Gilmore       (o)   Henry Hardy          (o)
    Bernardo Innocenti   (o)   (XO-chat? Collabora?)

(User-facing Software)
    Benjamin Schwartz    (c)   Benjamin Mako Hill   (c)   
    Jameson Chema Quinn  (c)   Marco Pesenti Gritti (p)
    Tomeu Vizoso         (o)   Simon Schampijer     (o)
    Eben Eliason         (o)   Sayamindu Dasgupta   (o)
    SJ Klein             (o)   Bert Freudenberg     (c)
    Richard Boulanger    (c)   

(System Software)
    Dave Woodhouse       (p)   Jordan Crouse        (p)
    Chris Ball           (o)   Scott Ananian        (o)
    Mitch Bradley        (o)   Michael Stone        (o)
    Andres Salomon       (o)   

    James Cameron        (c)   Marcus Leech         (p)   
    Michail Bletsas      (o)   Poly Ypodimatopolous (c)   
    Ricardo Carrano      (o)   

    Richard Smith        (o)   V. Michael Bove      (o)
    John Watlingon       (o)

    Dafydd Harries       (o)   Guillaume Desmottes  (o)
    Sjoerd Simons        (o)   Robert McQueen       (o)
    Morgan Collett       (o)

(School Server)
    Martin Langhoff      (o)

(Quality Assurance):
    sporadic volunteer efforts by members of the technical community
    episodic support from interns
 We expect to hire a small cadre of new developers in the time frame of 
 the current plan of record.
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