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XO-1 Laptop Beta test model BTest-2, also known as B2.



Approximately 2500 BTest-2 laptops were built by Quanta in February, 2007, and distributed to software developers and learning trials. These were fully functional machines with CaFE ASICs, and reflect some, but not all of the learning and improvements from testing of BTest-1. More information about the BTest-2 systems can be found in the BTest-2 Release Notes.


BTest-2 laptops are almost identical visually with BTest-1 laptops. An easy way to tell the difference between BTest-1 and BTest-2 is that BTest-1 keyboards have white lettering, and BTest-2 has black lettering.

Life-size laptop pictures

There are two flavors of B2:

  • Beta Test 2-1 (B2-1) systems, which only have 128 MB of memory, have a label under the battery that says B2-TEST-SAMPLE and a label that says B2-#, where # is one to 16.
  • Beta Test 2-2 (B2-2) systems, which have 256MB of memory, have a label under the battery that says B2-7-ext.

Software Support

  • B2-1 laptops have insufficient RAM for builds after 406. (The automatic firmware upgrade will cause problems on later builds!)


  • There may be occasional crashes (possibly made worse by suspend/resume) when the battery is running low. Above 25% of capacity, or plugged into a power adapter, you should be OK (Trac #1835)
  • There may be times when the WLAN (USB) hangs (possibly made worse by suspend/resume) (Trac #1752, #4476)
  • Power cycling the DCON is liable to crash the laptop. This power cycling will occasionally happen in response to a DCON bug triggered by suspend/resume (#4479);
  • Rare crashes may be caused by other sources during suspend/resume (Camera, SD card, clock settling time), some units may be more sensitive than others (#1835)
  • The keyboard/touchpad may not be used to wakeup from a suspend/resume (#895)
  • DCON will glitch on wake (#947),
  • Video problems due to hardware design flaw, new camera activity will not work, older camera activity will.
  • no serial number

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