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Would like to see olpc extended to children in rural areas of USA, "Appalacia and "Indian Tribes; which government agency (agencies)should take on this responsibility? We are building a children's garden at our County Park, opening 2007 August, and will be connecting with our local school districts as much as possible. The garden will serve as an environmental, educational device. We do not have broadband there yet, and in order to access the internet, many have to go to the public library (because of noisy home telephone lines). I do not have an IP Address: here is my local address: Rayburn D. Smith 1875 Ritts Farm Road Emlenton, PA 16373 814-797-5028 10 July 2006

Why not?

Hi to everybody,

why not?

could you imagine to give some prototypes to children here to collect ideas how to develope contents for the olpc projekt. Kids are the much better experts for children needs!are`nt they?

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