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As a 12/2007 G1G1 user who fell out of using my XO for a few months, I just upgraded my software and spent a morning with "journal is full" messages before noticing the size of the Wikipedia collection. Maybe there's a need for an "annual housecleaning" instruction page about clearing detritus from unused applications, large pdfs, oggs or mp3s downloaded in the background months ago, etc Robby

After heavy use of your XO, you may find that you need to free up space on your drive.

  • Uninstall large activities; this deletes them from the machine.
  • Browse your Journal for large activity bundles, downloaded files, PDFs, or media files. Copy them to an external drive and remove them.

You may also want to remove useless entries that have no worthwhile content but clutter up the journal like the "Terminal Activity". Based on the Copy_to_and_from_the_Journal scripts, delete-from-journal is a little script that will allow you to delete entries by title. EMBee

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