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Below is a summary of:

  1. Attention Skills:
    1. Sustained Attention
    2. Selective Attention
    3. Divided Attention: ...multi-tasking
  2. Memory
    1. Long-Term Memory
    2. Short-Term / Working Memory: need to look several times at something before copying, have problems following multi-step instructions, or need to have information repeated often.
    3. Logic and Reasoning: Students with underdeveloped logic and reasoning skills will generally struggle with word math problems and other abstract learning challenges. Symptoms of skill weaknesses in this area show up as questions like, “I don’t get this”, “I need help…this is so hard”, or “What should I do first?”
    4. Auditory Processing: Students with auditory processing weakness also typically lose motivation to read.
    5. Visual Processing
    6. Processing Speed
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