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Different ways an XO can connect to each other and to the world:

  1. Laptop connected to a school server mesh point
  2. Laptop connecting to a wifi access point
  3. Two or more laptops 'under a tree' - no nearby access to a school server or to a wifi access point.

Laptops connected to a school server:

  • If you have a school server setup with active antennas; then any XOs that are within range will connect to this school server by default.
  • The school server can provide direct or filtered access to the internet (decided by the school or region, not by olpc)
  • The school server provides a place for XO laptops to automatically back up their data; as well as a place to hold and manage large library contents.

Laptops connected to a wifi access point

  • If you are not in the vacinity of a school server, but there is a WEP, WPA or open access point, you can choose to connect to this access point by going into the 'neighborhood mesh view' (upper left button, black disc with 8 dots).
  • Move the mouse over various items in the view until you find the access point you want to connect to and click on it.
  • If this access point requires a WEP key or password you will need to get the information from the owner and enter it into the dialog box.
  • While the icon inner colors are blinking, your XO is trying to connect to the AP.
  • Once the inside colors are solid and the outline blinks, you are connected.
  • You should be able to browse the web at this point: go into the 'Home' view (upper left button, black disc with 1 dot).
  • Click on the icon along the lower task bar that looks like a globe.
  • Click on the tab that says 'Browse'.
  • Click in the url window and type ''
  • You should be connected to the internet and to the OLPC wiki, where you can find lots of answers to your questions.

Laptops connected locally, under a tree

  • If you are not near any internet source, such as a school server or access point, boot up the laptops.
  • Click on the neighborhood mesh view (upper left button, black disc with 8 dots).
  • Look for the cirle that has an outline blinking. If all your laptops are connected to a 'mesh' with the same channel number (1, 6, or 11); then they should be able to collaborate together.
  • If they are not on the same channel, click on the 'Mesh Network' circle of the desired channel.

Now you are ready to run some activities that show collaboration. Click here: Collaboration Activities.

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