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February 10, 2008



  • Projects to invovle newbies
  • Olin Hackathon this weekend - invite, posters
  • OLPC Europe open projects
  • Followup from Health meeting : projects to work on, design, content submissions
  • General questions from the community; regular meeting times


Projects to invovle newbies

Mel missed this part. Can someone fill in?

Olin Hackathon this weekend - invite, posters

  • Project idea generation needs to happen - for both the Olin hackathon, and a general "open projects for Jams and people to take" pool afterwards.
  • Talk with Jon Stolk (Olin prof) about matsci lab testing; Olin has a sacrificial broken B2 to smash apart and take physical-breakage data from.
    • Photographiing/filming the break-apart and the matsci lab tests: Greg Marra, Yifan Sun, Chris Carrick, and their cameras of spectacular awesome.
  • Mel will be there.
  • Need to get people to put their projects on the OLPC wiki - Olin students are doing a lot but not writing about it. Are other groups having the same issue? (It's hard to tell unless someone is physically there.)
  • Mel requests that all this stuff be documented on the Olin Hackathon wiki space, that that page be moved into the main wiki space, and that it be linked and categorized from the main Jams page and under the appropriate categories.

Projects pool

  • We don't really have one... do we need one? A way for people to see what things might be needed, ideas for what they can do.
  • In other words, task-tracking.
  • Attempts have been made and failed before - too much maintenance work, nobody was able to keep it up.
  • This is Nikki's research project. Need to get updates.

Communities to cultivate

  • Wiki cleanup - Chris Carrick's team doing it as a human factors design course project, talking with SJ about what work needs to be done.
  • Art community (Nikki) needs to start up again

OLPC Europe open projects

  • Chris H. working on olpc-get still as the sole contributor. Currently pulling directly from the Activities wiki page.
  • Sebastian has been asked by SJ to reorganize the Activities page using Activities/tmp.
    • Discussion between Chris and Sebastian ensued here over whether the wiki was a sufficient repository, or whether a database system should be used (git?)
  • Mel brought up OLPC Europe/Pilots and the need to merge it into mainspace and make it a non-Europe-only project
    • Chris replied this was indeed underway
    • A hack session to collaborate on a pilots portal and resources is being scheduled for Wed. or Thurs. of this week, contact mchua or crazy-chris on IRC for more details.

Volunteer tools

  • Sebastian and Mel has a side conversation about possibly using the stack to support volunteer groups in OLPC.

Didn't talk about

  • Followup from Health meeting : projects to work on, design, content submissions
  • General questions from the community; regular meeting times
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