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This is the main page for Community testing meeting minutes held in 2008-2009. We usually hold meetings on IRC, in on the #olpc-meeting channel at Thursdays at 2300UTC. Meetings were hosted by Mchua and last for an hour.

Meeting minutes

If a meeting listed here has not yet occurred, the link is to that meeting's agenda.

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Future agenda items

See /Agenda queue for topics we should consider for future meeting agendas. Please add your own ideas!

How to add a meeting

Here's a button to create a test meeting wikipage with the right title convention that's prefilled from this template.

After this, you may want to...

  1. Announce your meeting on the testing mailing list
  2. Hold your meeting - Meetbot may be a useful tool
  3. Post notes to the meeting's wikipage and email the testing mailing list the meeting's URL again, reminding people to look at meeting notes
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