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  • Administrator - A user that has the ability to modify existing files and relationships and other user privileges.
  • Content Submitter - A user that has the ability to create, upload, and modify content.
  • CRUD - Create, read, update, and delete.
  • Django - Development framework for Python.
  • End User - Owner of a OLPC laptop.
  • Media - Any audio, video, photo, or text content.
  • OLPC -
    • One Laptop Per Child, referring to the project started to create $100 laptops for children in third-world countries.
    • OnLine Processing of Content, referring to the project started to collect and organize information for the One Laptop Per Child Project's end users.
  • OpenID - A system that allows users to create an online identity and use it anywhere OpenID is supported.
  • PostgreSQL - An open source SQL database implementation.
  • Python - Cross-platform object-oriented scripting language.
  • Sara - OnLine Processing of Content Project's codename.
  • Tag - Descriptor for a piece of media.
  • Translators - A user that translates existing content into different languages.
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