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  • File Parser - Accept content and sort appropriately into database.


  • Accurate search results - Brings up all results that contain search terms, ordered by relevance whenever possible.


  • Quick Load Times - 3 Seconds on a Broadband connection (for text and small images)


  • Should be localizable - Localized language templates can be submitted to support multiple languages.
  • Install by copying files and running a script

Implementation Requirements

  • PostgreSQL Database - Developed with version 8.2.5. Anything newer should be fine.
  • Up to date Python Interpreter - Developed with version 2.5.1. Anything newer should be fine.


  1. Up to date Python Interpreter
  2. PostgreSQL Database
  3. Localization
  4. Accurate search results
  5. Quick Load Times
  6. File Parser
  7. Install by copying files and running a script

Number 1 and 2 are must-have functionalities. The rest will be implemented if there is enough time.


Ranking of supplemental specifications was done with the user and development in mind. If the system is not developed the user has no product so the Implementation Requirements were given highest priority. The localization and performance aspects were given next highest priority since they are the interface between our product and the client. The parsing and installation script were given lowest priorities because they only make it easier on the backend.

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