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This page was started by a discussion between user:sj, ian bicking, User:jeff, josh gay, and User:mchua on 5/5/07. It discusses templates/guides we'll be needing in order to build strong content communities - or rather, to enable content communities to build themselves. Mchua 18:12, 5 May 2007 (EDT)

Getting involved /grassroots activism

Create a LoCo

Ideally, this should be "automated" in the same way Sourceforge sets up project spaces for open-source software projects.

  • Affiliate/identity
  • Mailing lists
  • Webpages
  • Other communication tools
  • Arrange meetings
  • Host an event
  • Write local groups (gov't, NGO, etc)

Start/join a project

  • Content libraries
  • Localization/translation
  • Games
  • Creative software libraries
  • Tools (for developers)
  • Curriculum (not just syllabi!)
  • Other (software) tools
  • Other projects

Create a...

  • Book! Collage! Story! Choose your own adventure! Textbook!
  • Remix! (audio, video)
  • Game!
  • Piece of code!
  • Warning sign / pamphlet
  • Newspaper/newsletter!

How To

  • Bootstrapping
  • Storytelling
    • screencapture
    • videocast/screencast
    • photo essays
    • MAKE-style / Instructables

The Knights Template

Templates of increasing automation.

0th order

Instructions (text)

1st order

Automated form-based creation (send to wiki, email)

  • Example: using a task list generator to create a template of tasks - things you need to do in otrder to make a book, for instance. (Open Plans?)

2nd order

  • Code to generate content (send to files, make more code)
  • Using available APIs
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