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   * New Libraries Emerging!  How you too can help start an XO Laptop library:

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Questions about free Hardware/Parts Returns just shipped: (DEADLINE PASSED!)

   * Fast Review of the latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Coreboot and OLPC - North Carolina, USA
     #2 GeneralCompute - Cambridge, UK
     #3 Apache Proxy CRCsync Project w/ Moodle and Finger-painting Interface - Virginia, USA & Belgium


<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program Meeting starting in just a couple min!
<yamaplos> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> How r u?
<yamaplos> great,
<yamaplos> 10 salvaged just arrived!
<yamaplos> how r u?
<dogi> :)
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<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: have you posted to yet to get rich?
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<CanoeBerry> Best Buy & others charge _many_ hundreds of dollars to repair laptops!
<yamaplos> I will have to!
<CanoeBerry> remember that one outfit that charges almost $1000 to visit your house & "reflash" Windows?
<yamaplos> their main biznai is to reflash virus infected Micosot machines, though...
<CanoeBerry> Strange but very true..
<yamaplos> that's the way of the Beast...
<CanoeBerry> So let me just preview our "3 projects to review" agenda before we get started:
<CanoeBerry> 1. Coreboot and OLPC [North Carolina, USA]
<CanoeBerry> 2. [GeneralCompute] Project Proposal - Request for platform. [Cambridge, UK]
<CanoeBerry> 3. Apache Proxy CRCsync Project and Finger-painting Interface - USA, Belgium
<CanoeBerry> Check these links out while we get rolling here..
<yamaplos> thank you for sending the links before the meeting, I did my homework :-)
<CanoeBerry> Before we get started however, general questions about Contributors Projects, Libraries, etc?
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<CanoeBerry> New libraries emerging in: AUSTIN TX, WASHINGTON DC, LONDON UK, etc..
<CanoeBerry> Anybody that wants to start their own project/laptop lending library, speak up!
<CanoeBerry> We want to cross-fertilize so all "librarians" benefit each others communities.
<CanoeBerry> DC looks like they will focus on the "3-state" area, but will also do mail 
order if credentials seem solid.
<CanoeBerry> Every library sets its own policies..
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<carldani> hi
<CanoeBerry> Hi! Plz introduce yourself if poss.
<CanoeBerry> Finally, our 28 shipments of parts (261 laptops & 219 chargers) have almost all gone out this week -- 19 to the USA, and 9 to other countries.
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<CanoeBerry> Hi L from MN
<Lutorius> greetings!
* yamaplos is here, from Austin, TX, celebrating the start of the
<CanoeBerry> We're almost ready to review the 3 projects, all votes appreciated if you had a chance to look over RT37292, RT37443, RT37801
<yamaplos> OK, let's!
<Lutorius> i'd be willing to start one or assist if one exists already a repair center in MN
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<carldani> I'm Carl-Daniel Hailfinger, was part of the effort to port LinuxBIOS (now called coreboot) to the early OLPC prototype to replace the proprietary BIOS
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<CanoeBerry> No repair center in MN yet:
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<CanoeBerry> carldani: great, are you a part of Project #1 we are about to review?
<carldani> and I got a mail that you will be discussing coreboot a bit in this meeting, so I thought I'd be here and answer any questions about coreboot
<CanoeBerry> "Coreboot and OLPC [North Carolina, USA]"

[ PROJECT #1 : Coreboot and OLPC - North Carolina, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Perfect, let's begin.
<CanoeBerry> 1. Coreboot and OLPC [North Carolina, USA]
<CanoeBerry> <CanoeBerry>
<carldani> CanoeBerry: I have to admit I don't know about that project yet, but give me a few seconds to read up
<CanoeBerry> Project Objective: "Investigate Coreboot firmware looking from the angle of debuggability; particularly related to standby/resume, or other challenges."
<CanoeBerry> "Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives: With laptop and source code in hand, and also the processor documentation, determine through study and reflection what possible improvements can be made for enhanced debuggability.  Starting with the premise that standard commercial laptops are not debuggable; answer the question 'how to guarantee that XO laptops are debuggable.'"
<carldani> CanoeBerry: thanks for the quick introduction
<yamaplos> I am curious in an ignorant kind of way, but being it that the project has Richard's opinion and a mentor, I say +1, just define clearly timeframe for return of machine
<CanoeBerry> Reinder in The Netherlands has agreed to help mentor this project, since he too is doing extremely similar work.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant requests 1 laptop but failed to specify # of months.
<Culseg> coreboot seems worthy, especially since few requests are are firmware level work
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Applicant's personal site is:
<carldani> To be honest, A-Test and B1+B2 were the last variants of OLPC which had coreboot
<CanoeBerry> carldani: can you explain more?
<carldani> the code is definitely easier to work with nowadays
<CanoeBerry> smithbone endorses this CP laptop shipment..
<carldani> A,B1,B2 were Geode GX
<carldani> B3,C and MP are Geode LX
<CanoeBerry> (smithbone = our battery / OFW guy..)
<yamaplos> even if he explains, I'm not sure I'd be able to understand :-) , but yes, I agree that firmware work is special
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<CanoeBerry> carldani: can you help mentor this project?
<CanoeBerry> Just a suggestion.
<carldani> CanoeBerry: let me look at the applicant's site
<CanoeBerry> Let me know while we move on to Project #2, as we seem to have consensus for approval.
<CanoeBerry> carldani: his site is lacking so far.
<CanoeBerry> mentoring should help :)
<Caryl> Hi sorry I'm late. Workmen are installing a new el-cheapo counter top in the kitchen of our maountain rental house
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on to #2 now.
<CanoeBerry> Hi CB!
<carldani> CanoeBerry: hm. I don't have flash installed, so his site comes up empty anyway
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<CanoeBerry> carldani: can i help you arrange access to our community support ticketing system after this call?
<CanoeBerry> That will help mentoring if you can.  Buzz me later if so:
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[ PROJECT #2 : GeneralCompute - Cambridge, UK ]

<CanoeBerry> now let's move forward to #2 project.
<yamaplos> I am concerned #2  indicates "This project will not directly help the end user. It will help
<yamaplos> the middleware and application programmers. The APIs provided will be
<yamaplos> C/C++. But a Python binding is possible."
<CanoeBerry> 2. [GeneralCompute] Project Proposal - Request for platform. [Cambridge, UK]
<yamaplos> I do not know if developing stuff in C/C++ is something thatw e use at all, 
but it may be just my ignorance
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long, beware!)
<CanoeBerry> Most computing device in the market have more that one
<CanoeBerry> processor i.e. CPU, GPU (programmable/non-programmable), DSP etc.
<CanoeBerry> These processors are supplied by different or same vendor. But to take
<CanoeBerry> advantage of these processors, vendors usually supply different set of
<CanoeBerry> APIs for each of these processors. There is a publicly available open
<CanoeBerry> standard that defines a common API to take advantage of these
<CanoeBerry> heterogenous computing devices. The OLPC laptop already has a GPU.
<CanoeBerry> Hence it already is hosting atleast two computing devices. It will be
<CanoeBerry> beneficial to support a "General Compute" API for the developers who
<CanoeBerry> can then take advantage of these devices in a uniform manner. This
<CanoeBerry> proposal will benefit the programmers who develop middleware or
<CanoeBerry> applications.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant requests 1 XO Laptop for 8-10 months.
<yamaplos> do we have someone who understands the technical parts of the proposal and can comment on whether this makes sense?
<Culseg> this API work is like a tool set that might be useful for developers ....which down the line may help end users...motivation and access count, I say go ahead
<yamaplos> Otherwise I'd point the applicant to the UK lending library
<CanoeBerry> Applicant has a sense of humor at least: "I believe that fragrance
<CanoeBerry> automatically reaches everywhere, it does not require marketing :)"
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<yamaplos> Culseg: it's in C/C++, we do python
<tsylla> #2 doesn't really make sense. The LX GPU is not really suited for "GPGPU" stuff
<Caryl> The technology for this one is beyond me.  But if he will commit to passing it on to the UK lending library when he is finished, I vote +1
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<yamaplos> apllicant needs mentor
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<yamaplos> speaking of which, the project I volunteered to mentor las week has not responded any email
<CanoeBerry> Applicant has a beautiful timeline -- credit where credit is due.
<CanoeBerry> But is it clear how much work he did with his B4 hardware to date?
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: send a reminder email if poss?
<yamaplos> OK
<CanoeBerry> Culseg or others: can we get an informal mentor here for #2?
<CanoeBerry> The proposal is very thorough, but needs some thought.
<yamaplos> someone who knows what an API is and what it eats...
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto #3 meantime, OK?
<Culseg> the B4 question is on target, I favor responding, I already am admin cc on ticket and would prefer a coding developer to ask a question to this developer
<yamaplos> Culseg: could you follow up, please?
<Caryl> I see mr Sandy likes this project. Maybe he would agree to mentor?
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: ask around on #osg for coding help?
<CanoeBerry> Co-mentoring ideally.

[ PROJECT #3 : Apache Proxy CRCsync Project w/ Moodle and Finger-painting Interface - Virginia, USA & Belgium ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto #3 now.
<CanoeBerry> 3. Apache Proxy CRCsync Project and Finger-painting Interface - USA, Belgium
<CanoeBerry> Applicants request 5 XO Laptops for 6 months.
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    FingerPaint Project
<CanoeBerry>    1. Integrating a chosen paint application with TinyMCE editor as a plug-in.
<CanoeBerry>    2. Profiling of the software stack that is used by the fingerpaint
<CanoeBerry>       application so that the performance can be improved:
<CanoeBerry>    RProxy Project
<CanoeBerry>    1. Performance testing of RProxy modules .(Stability testing, surf the
<CanoeBerry>       internet through the proxy to collect compression rate statistics in
<CanoeBerry>       the logs from real-live usage in stead of artificial test scenario's, etc)
<CanoeBerry>    2. Development and testing of required Plugins for XO School server to
<CanoeBerry>       integrate PaintWEB and RProxy module in the latest version of XO Engine.
<yamaplos> Another one I don't understand....  which I guess is good in the sense that there is people going beyond where I've been....
<yamaplos> nice tight schedule
<yamaplos> VA, too, so they can connect with DC when they are done, and/or during development
<Caryl> Sounds like they will be working on an identified need
<CanoeBerry> Martin Langhoff's support looks good.
<CanoeBerry> Or perhaps I'm assuming -- but at least he is mentioned many times in the proposal.
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<Culseg> as long as one can't point a finger at swift for bringing down the finance system, I say it is a great, hands-on project!
<CanoeBerry> Why 5 laptops?
<yamaplos> at least they did it using the best of digital technology
<Caryl> 5 programmers
<yamaplos> Why can't this project be done in emulation using non-XO machines?
<yamaplos> For the performance testing, we need to do these tests on actual configuration as emulation will not show the actual results.
<Caryl> They need the XO trackpad, I guess
<yamaplos> they probably don't need to do the performance testing all the time...
<Caryl> Do they want to borrow some preschool kids too?
<CanoeBerry> :)
<CanoeBerry> They have 7 people involved, who've all been emailed, which is important..
<mafe> sometimes some devs they need the performance testing they do synchronize testing
<Culseg> this project builds in collaboration, a plus
<yamaplos> Looks well organized, and a clear schedule, if we could get the DC people to connect so they receive the machines in 6 months, I'd say this is a go
<CanoeBerry> Who can mentor?
<yamaplos> I hope Martin will
<CanoeBerry> co-mentor?
<yamaplos> seems to be part of the planning
<CanoeBerry> I will if nobody else, ok?
<yamaplos> please
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<CanoeBerry> Now what should I suggest to them around 5 laptops vs. emulation?
<yamaplos> they are proposing to have 2 teams, one in US, another in BE
<yamaplos> we already agree pairs is good, so 4 machines, maybe?
<Culseg> suggest they do emulation alongside the XOs and report results
<Caryl> ooooo good idea
<yamaplos> +
<yamaplos> +1
<yamaplos> that would be an additional valuable result
<CanoeBerry> ++
<CanoeBerry> Are we done early this week?!!
<yamaplos> looks like it
<Caryl> yea!


<CanoeBerry> Final Questions for OLPC?
<yamaplos> happy Peisaj and Easter
<yamaplos> is OLPCorps announcing today?  :-)
<Caryl> ok gotta run.  Happy everything!
* Caryl  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> All OLPCorps teams should receive an email today.
<yamaplos> good!
<msuolpc> Thanks for the note =)  we're watching our inboxes with anticipation!
<CanoeBerry> There may be certain finalization in the coming days, but this email should make very clear which teams are finalists and which are not.
<CanoeBerry> Other questions for OLPC?
<CanoeBerry> If not, see you next week, same time/same place!
<yamaplos> k!
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<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<illadelph> bye.
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<mafe> bye
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