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* XO-1.5 early production machines now available/shipping:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 4 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:
  #1 Toaster Activity & OLPC-SF - San Francisco, California
  #2 Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  #3 Powerd on XO 1.5 C2 - San Francisco, California
  #4 Across the Seas-IRIE Project - Uganda / New York

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<sverma> do we have a contrib meeting today?
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<CanoeBerry> At long last :)
<CanoeBerry> Meeting will be quick starting in 1min here.
<CanoeBerry> Agenda here:
<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the very late start today!
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[ PROJECT #1 - Toaster Activity & OLPC-SF - San Francisco, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for critiquing/mentoring/voting for Project #1 of 4 here:
<CanoeBerry> Toaster Activity & OLPC-SF - San Francisco, California
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 3 XO-1.5s over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    This activity is intended to do two things:
<CanoeBerry>    1. Create USB sticks (such as Sugar on a Stick)
<CanoeBerry>    2. Create a CD or DVD disc from an .iso image if the necessary
<CanoeBerry>       hardware is available
<CanoeBerry> The goal is to allow any XO user or anyone walking up to an XO in 
<CanoeBerry> book mode to
<CanoeBerry>    select and create a bootable USB stick or disc.
<CanoeBerry>    For CD burning this amounts to a simple graphical interface to this
<CanoeBerry>    command line:
<CanoeBerry>    sudo wodim dev=3D/dev/sdrw -tao driveropts=3Dburnfree -v -data
<CanoeBerry>    ~/toaster/soas-2-blueberry.iso speed=16
<CanoeBerry>    Testing will prove that toaster is useful for 
<CanoeBerry> ~/toaster/soas-2-boot.iso and
<CanoeBerry>    other .iso images of Linux distributions and open source software CDs 
<CanoeBerry> such
<CanoeBerry>    as Software Freedom Day.
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<CanoeBerry> Page says "This activity is not yet functional. Developers are needed." :-)
<CanoeBerry> Sorry sverma was here earlier.. maybe he'll return to explain, if these are his students??
<CanoeBerry> Opinions anybody?
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<CanoeBerry> Let's see if Sameer of others in Northern Calif can join.
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: welcome
<CanoeBerry> Are you advocating for any of today's 4 projects?
<CanoeBerry> We're just getting started w/ Project #1 now..
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<CanoeBerry> culseg: welcome :)
<CanoeBerry> We need comments on Project #1
<culseg> I already wrote in ticket support so for sure +1
<CanoeBerry> Right!
<CanoeBerry> Thanks for the reminder..
<CanoeBerry> No answer from Sameer in SF -- let's carry on.
<culseg> I'm slow but not toast yet
<CanoeBerry> Can others please voice votes of support or objections around "Toaster Activity" ?
<culseg> why wait for Sameer...isn't it approvable
<ndoiron> I don't know much about SoaS but it sounds useful  +1
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #2 - Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks all.
<CanoeBerry> Let's all now critique/mentor/vote for Project #2 here:
<CanoeBerry> Project Rwanda - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 4 XOs over 1.5 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    As a group, we would be using the laptops as a means to get children 
<CanoeBerry> excited
<CanoeBerry>    about education. The specific "activities" on the XO laptop would be the
<CanoeBerry>    focus of our class. Our goals are to promote creativity, 
<CanoeBerry> colloboration and
<CanoeBerry>    sustainability.
<CanoeBerry> Our choice of programs, such as the Tam Tam Jam, Record,
<CanoeBerry>    Scratch and eToys, will be the focus for creativity and we will be 
<CanoeBerry> teaching
<CanoeBerry>    the children how create music, programs, website, design etc.While 
<CanoeBerry> creating
<CanoeBerry>    we also want to highlight the tools that will help the children 
<CanoeBerry> colloborate,
<CanoeBerry>    the focus of our end presentation will be collaborative through group
<CanoeBerry>    presentations. Lastly we wish to use the laptops and to set up 
<CanoeBerry> Pen-pals so
<CanoeBerry>    that once we leave Rwanda we can still mentor the children as a means of
<CanoeBerry>    documentation of how the children have taken what we have taught them as
<CanoeBerry>    well as sustaining a deep relationship with the children.
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: do you know any of these 7 applicants?
<ndoiron> I met 4 of them, it's a great project they've got planned
<CanoeBerry> They seem to be Carnegie Mellon students in large part?
<CanoeBerry> Do tell!
<CanoeBerry> They need a public site.
<ndoiron> all CMU undergrad students, plus we're going to bring students from the Qatar campus
<CanoeBerry> Qatar campus of CMU??
<ndoiron> yes, we have a branch there
<culseg> I have no issues with proposal but wonder if this is a OLPC-Corps proejct that has its own source of XOs?
<ndoiron> the students in Rwanda have XOs
<ndoiron> the contributor program is to get our people up to speed on the software and tech
<ndoiron> it's a week of extra creative classes and activities, aimed at showing students in Rwanda the capabilities of the XO
<ndoiron> so they're hoping to have some practice with the XOs beforehand
<CanoeBerry> Are they working with existing XO deployments in Rwanda, and if so how many 
<ndoiron> they're going to work with an existing Rwanda deployment.  It sounds like we can have multiple large classes so maybe 100 kids? I can't say for certain
<CanoeBerry> OK, just clarifying that XO-1.5 is inappropriate indeed.
<CanoeBerry> So 4 XOs will kickstart the training in Pitt?
<CanoeBerry> When are they needed by?
<ndoiron> they're hoping to start ASAP since the trip starts in mid-May
<CanoeBerry> Got it.  What's the pen-pal'ing plan?
<ndoiron> mentors program ... we have a bunch of smart people at CMU and only a few were able to go on the trip, so they hope to connect in mentors
<CanoeBerry> +1 but wanting more details & public "blog" with quasiweekly updates -- can that happen?
<CanoeBerry> Please all vote!
<ndoiron> I'll send them an e-mail on project page, blogging, etc
<ndoiron> +1
<culseg> vote CB chat with Paul C and then +1
<CanoeBerry> culseg: chat on what topic?
<culseg> on how these programs collaborate if at all?
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: can you shed some light on culseg's question?
<culseg> see cc list in proposal
<ndoiron> how which programs collaborate?
<CanoeBerry> Who is developing the school/principal/teacher relationships in Rwanda here?
<CanoeBerry> That's the person I'd like to hear from, more than Paul C who's already looked this over.
<ndoiron> the group contacted OLPC Rwanda a month ago and will get a school recommended to them
<ndoiron> I had the impression OLPC Rwanda would connect them to the school, and while there they'd help out with classes and get acquainted
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: Perfect.  Are you in direct touch with JJD (applicant) to ask if he can present Sunday 4PM pre-trip and/or post-trip?
<CanoeBerry> Present being a strong word.
<CanoeBerry> A 10-min call with his own questions etc would be great.
<ndoiron> I haven't written to them for awhile so you could probably give them more details on that
<CanoeBerry> In any case, let's conclude.
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: can you tutor them for afar, monitoring their progress every 10 days or so?
<CanoeBerry> Or at least AdminCC their project ticket, no obligation?
<ndoiron> I'll see what I can do, CC me on e-mails and I'll help with the project page, any problems with XOs, etc
<CanoeBerry> Objections from anybody?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED
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<culseg>  /join #olpc-help
<CanoeBerry> culseg: remove the leading space :)
<jdebner> join #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> jdebner: hi!
<jdebner> Hello
<CanoeBerry> jdebner: did you see our thoughts above on your project direction?
<jdebner> In chrome it shows the page loading tet over where the text entry is...
<jdebner> *text
<CanoeBerry> We just had a few tiny questions on what's clearly a terrific initiative you've put together..
<jdebner> I didn't get a chance to see them I found out about the email meeting a couple minutes ago
<jdebner> I'd be glad to answer anything you got
<CanoeBerry> Our questions revolve around helping you pre-trip and learning from you 
<CanoeBerry> Are you able to join one of our Sunday 4pm phone support community calls?
<jdebner> Yes we should be able to do that. We usually meet as a group on Sundays
<jdebner> is it 4pm Eastern time?
<CanoeBerry> (support community conf calls most every Sunday 4pm)
<CanoeBerry> Yeah
<CanoeBerry> Awesome
<CanoeBerry> Let me know which Sundays are best for you: holt @ laptop . org
<jdebner> We are very open to learning from people who clearly know what they are doing
<jdebner> What do you usually do on the Sunday community calls?
<CanoeBerry> See if folks like yourself can learn from our successes+failures, eg:
<CanoeBerry> I'd encourage 1 member of your team to join our discussion list too:
<jdebner> That sounds great
<jdebner> I am actually going to be one of the OLPC Corp working in the fall so I suppose I might be a part of that soon as well
<CanoeBerry> Are you available this Sunday 4pm?
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<jdebner> Yes I can do this Sunday and I can send out the word to our members to see if a bunch of them can join as well
<jdebner> Do we call in and then use speakerphone?
<jdebner> Or have everyone call in on their own phone?
<CanoeBerry> Speaker or any phone yeah.
<CanoeBerry> Fantastic, thanks man.
<CanoeBerry> Line up some of your key questions in advance with a snappy email, ok?
<jdebner> Questions for you guys?
<jdebner> Do you have any more specific questions for our project?
<CanoeBerry> Just the usual-- what obstacles are you preparing for, around:
<CanoeBerry> - teacher training / training kids / remote support / in-school support / etc
<jdebner> Awesome and we can talk about that on Sunday?
<CanoeBerry> Please, thanks.
<CanoeBerry> We'd love to hear which of the 5 OLPC Core Principles you're prioritixing:
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<jdebner> I would think it would really connect with the owernship one
<jdebner> Finding exciting ways to use something is going to make you feel like you have more attachment to it
<CanoeBerry> Great to hear.  Share your thoughts Sunday on what software / learning activities you will be emphasizing to spark kids into action.
<CanoeBerry> All set for today?
<jdebner> Sounds great!
<jdebner> Details on the conference call are on the wiki?
<jdebner> In terms of phone number?
<CanoeBerry> I'll email that to you and your team.
<CanoeBerry> Push on, and see ya then.
<jdebner> Thanks so much have a great day!
<CanoeBerry> Ciao Amigo
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[ PROJECT #3 - Powerd on XO 1.5 C2 - San Francisco, California ]

<CanoeBerry> Thanks everyone for please helping critique/mentory/vote for Project #3 here:
<CanoeBerry> Powerd on XO 1.5 C2 - San Francisco, California
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO-1.5 C2 over 6 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Gather logs on XO 1.5 C2 or beyond for powerd
<CanoeBerry> Comments?
<culseg> suppose the only issue is if C2's are in short supply
<culseg> otherwise more power to the project!
<CanoeBerry> Yup, let's get another opinion.
<ndoiron> I don't really know about powerd but I assume it is better power-management or monitoring?
<CanoeBerry> Good to see Sameer's already working with Richard Smith on important 1.5 power issues.
<CanoeBerry> I just pasted background discussion into the ticket.
<CanoeBerry> Let's approve this if there are no objections, ok?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.

[ PROJECT #4 - Across the Seas-IRIE Project - Uganda / New York ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all help critique/mentor/vote for our final project #4 of the day here:
<CanoeBerry> Across the Seas-IRIE Project - Uganda / New York
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 11 XOs over 6 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry> * Collaborate with Uganda contacts at Teach and Tour program to 
<CanoeBerry> establish deployments of XO computers in Kampala, Uganda. This will be 
<CanoeBerry> done on a step by step basis and started on this initial journey.
<CanoeBerry>    * Introduce college professors, particularly in the education 
<CanoeBerry> departments in Kampala, Uganda to the XO capabilities. Run "Train the 
<CanoeBerry> Trainer" workshops so that they may create projects for prospective 
<CanoeBerry> teachers in the use of these machines in their future classrooms.
<CanoeBerry>    * Help to establish outreach programs for prospective teachers to 
<CanoeBerry> work with primary students and the XO computers.
<CanoeBerry> * Investigate the engagement of high school students to act as 
<CanoeBerry> mentors to primary students in the use of XO computers.
<CanoeBerry>    * Using the Blackboard (Content Management System) connection at 
<CanoeBerry> Dominican College, continue the education process and relationship 
<CanoeBerry> building via distance education. Graduate students, under my direction, 
<CanoeBerry> at Dominican College will communicate and collaborate with those in 
<CanoeBerry> Kampala. Video production, a major component of the Dominican's graduate 
<CanoeBerry> EdMedia program, will be used for demonstrations and Blackboard will be 
<CanoeBerry> used for content, lesson planning, advisement and discussions.
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: Can you introduce your work?
<CanoeBerry> We'd love to hear quickly where you're at & where you're headed!
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: you too :)
<ndoiron> CanoeBerry: Bronze-Green is typing in #olpc-help
<ndoiron> CanoeBerry: ok you covered it thanks
<ndoiron> I gotta run but I like the project ( +1 )
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<CanoeBerry> Forwarding from #olpc-help, where applicant is having trouble changing into this (#olpc-meeting) channel:
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> visiting uganda in 6 weeks
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> they are quite interested in deploying the xo's and are setting me up to visit colleges, highschools and boarding schools
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> I thought I would leave one at each site i visit
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> continue a distance learning collaboration with them
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> I am going to Uganda in 6 weeks to visit colleges, highschools and teach
<CanoeBerry> <CanoeBerry> Please continue and we'll forward your messages into the correct channel.
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> I would like to deploy the xo's to the education depts of the colleges
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> so that prospective teachers will get familiar with them.
<CanoeBerry> <Bronze-Green-83> then see if we (collectively) can deploy them in primary schools
* scorche` (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<CanoeBerry> Meeting temporarily continuing in #olpc-help due to novice-IRC-user applicant :)
[ #olpc-help excerpt follows: ]
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: can you type in the #olpc-meeting window/tab if possible?
<CanoeBerry> Our meeting is in the other channel.
<Bronze-Green-83> say what?
<CanoeBerry> This channel is #olpc-help
<CanoeBerry> The community review is in channel #olpc-meeting
<Bronze-Green-83> not familiar
<CanoeBerry> Look closely at your screen/browser and you will probably find a popup menu allowing you to change to the correct channel "#olpc-meeting"
<CanoeBerry> In any case, let us know your thoughts, and fix your browser later if possible!
<Bronze-Green-83> I did type what you asked but i stay in the same
<Bronze-Green-83> Can you see what I wrote earlier?
* ndoiron  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
<CanoeBerry> We'll bear with you.
<CanoeBerry> Next time you probably want to use Firefox.
<Bronze-Green-83> I am going to Uganda in 6 weeks to visit colleges, highschools and teach
<CanoeBerry> Please continue and we'll forward your messages into the correct channel.
<Bronze-Green-83> I would like to deploy the xo's to the education depts of the colleges
<Bronze-Green-83> so that prospective teachers will get familiar with them.
<Bronze-Green-83> then see if we (collectively) can deploy them in primary schools.
<Bronze-Green-83> Often these projects of sending prospective teachers to primary schools happen in the US.
<Bronze-Green-83> they probably have similar student teaching experiences
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<Bronze-Green-83> perfect way to extend the xo deployment
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: thanks for your blog
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: thanks for your blog
<CanoeBerry> What stumbling blocks & risks to you foresee?
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<Bronze-Green-83> just gettting started, so forgive
<Bronze-Green-83> well, I am going through syria, so I have to ship ahead
<CanoeBerry> How will you ship?
<Bronze-Green-83> they are very receptive to my visit.
<Bronze-Green-83> you will send yours - i will have to use FEDEX for mine
<CanoeBerry> What are the teacher/training dynamics you expect?
<Bronze-Green-83> I sent a central address into you and I will distribute
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<Bronze-Green-83> it is a city, so I assume they will have more than most but knowledge of technology may be verrrry limited
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<Bronze-Green-83> so I will do internet teaching sites, google docs and xo
<CanoeBerry> How many days of teaching cultivation do you intend to offer?
<Bronze-Green-83> I will also set up links in Blackboard so we can continue to have teacher to teacher collaboration between myself, my grad students and those inUganda
<Bronze-Green-83> 5 and a visit to GULU for the Kasiisi project
<Bronze-Green-83> this will be an initial visit. Hope to return after I assess what is needed
<Bronze-Green-83> I know I will be spread thin, but I think after i get there, I can determine which of the many will pursue this further.
<CanoeBerry> Many Thanks.  Where do you expect your core long-term-support team will be fostered?
<Bronze-Green-83> That will be determined at the site-- but i am open to your expertise
<CanoeBerry> OK, are Electrical issues under control?
<Bronze-Green-83> Support will be here
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<Bronze-Green-83> I don't anticipate electrical issues but I would like to investigate the solar options if I could have a mentor here in NY
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<CanoeBerry> Solar panels cost $28 at the factory and require carefuly usability engineering.
<CanoeBerry> Minimum order quantity is 100 solar panels for the 10W units we are hoping will be stocking in coming months.
<Bronze-Green-83> So, are you saying a "novice" will have problems?
<CanoeBerry> Could happen yes. Retail price for solar panels will likely be $50.
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<Bronze-Green-83> sounds like a plan for year two
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps -- do you have a generator or such for backup?
<culseg> rejoining discussion: distance learning settings require more computer power than XOs and this project needs a demo stage
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<Bronze-Green-83> I am an educator and am better put to work as a teacher/ I would use my laptop and they would use their other computers for the Bb connections
<Bronze-Green-83> Half the places have internet already
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: consider these XO-car-chargers perhaps, if you get desperate:
<CanoeBerry> They are quite easily assembled using the $2 XO-power-plug-cables will be selling in about a week.
<culseg> training teachers and profs can be done in emulation with a few XOs for demos
<Bronze-Green-83> hmnnn looking
<Bronze-Green-83> is it  in the text above or in that other channel
<Bronze-Green-83> absolutely would love direction and mentoring and would gladly meet
<Bronze-Green-83> where?
<Bronze-Green-83> all sundays til I go
<Bronze-Green-83> If you are talking to me (bronze) the team is ME
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: great to hear.. email holt @ laptop . org if you too can 
join our Sunday 4PM community support calls to help you out!
* LTL-0086  Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<Bronze-Green-83> rest of team will form when I see what I can do
<Bronze-Green-83> sounds like jdebner is just starting too?
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude with final questions/concerns you have, eg. will you consider culseg's suggestion that you start 2 XO-1's?
<CanoeBerry> And when do you want "11" XO-1's delivered if approved?
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<Bronze-Green-83> yes, for a conference call?
<CanoeBerry> Great if you can.
<CanoeBerry> This Sunday 4pm?
<Bronze-Green-83> can you explain 2XO-1's?
<CanoeBerry> XO-1's are OLPC core laptop computer from 2007/2008
<kevix> 2 (as a quantity) of the XO-1 machines
<CanoeBerry> culseg was suggesting you might start with 2 this week.
<CanoeBerry> How does that sound?
<Bronze-Green-83> great!
<culseg> Bronze-Green-83: your project might develop some 'legs' with a starter demo of 2 XOs
<Bronze-Green-83> I actually have 4 (from the GIGI program) but I ssuspect they need updating
<CanoeBerry> Here how to update:
<kevix> and some people with regular laptops can try SOAS to help with other things.
<CanoeBerry> (Takes less than 10minutes once you have the correct 2 files on a USB memory stick..)
<Bronze-Green-83> other than the conference call, is there anyone I can visit or stalk?
* Quozl  Quit (Quit: think of it as evolution in action)
* Tan-Teal-32  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: bookmark
<CanoeBerry> That's this channel right here.
* scorche  has joined #olpc-help
<CanoeBerry> Do your homework and the volunteers here will be happy to support you no matter where you're writing from, Syria included, but keep it legal!
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<Bronze-Bronze-96> hey I'm multitasking
<Bronze-Green-83> are you forwarding that "bookmarked' chat here?
<CanoeBerry> Just write this down:
* Bronze-Bronze-96  Quit (Client Quit)
<CanoeBerry> And the brave volunteers here in-channel will be happy to nudge your work forward if you take the community spirit seriously!
<Bronze-Green-83> but i am still in this window
<CanoeBerry> That'll be fine.
<Bronze-Green-83> sorry, couldn't resist
* Lerc  Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<CanoeBerry> Do you have a blog perhaps, or will you be documenting your progress for the OLPC/Sugar community in another way?
<Bronze-Green-83> hard to know if you are addressing me?
<CanoeBerry> Just wonderering if this is yours:
<Bronze-Green-83> yes
<Bronze-Green-83> just started it
<CanoeBerry> Great! Will you be involving "the world" here on a quasiweekly basic?
<CanoeBerry> *quasiweekly basis?
<Bronze-Green-83> sure
<CanoeBerry> Excellent.
<CanoeBerry> When are your departure dates again?
<Bronze-Green-83> May 27th
<Bronze-Green-83> to syria first
<Bronze-Green-83> june 4th -uganda
<Bronze-Green-83> what is the conference call number
<CanoeBerry> That will be emailed.
<Bronze-Green-83> gotcha
<CanoeBerry> Let's discuss Sunday how you will kickstart distance-learning and the pedagogy you have in mind.
<CanoeBerry> We will finalize on a number of XO's to be shipped after that.
<Bronze-Green-83> ok
<Bronze-Green-83> that is good
<CanoeBerry> Thanks for all your time today and see you Sunday!
<Bronze-Green-83> hear you anyway
<Bronze-Green-83> should I leave the chat?
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<kevix> Bronze-Green-83: see if you can find someone to help you learn how to change channels in IRC!
* Quozl  has joined #olpc-help
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<Bronze-Green-83> It is Friday----all alone:-(
[ #olpc-help excerpt above ]
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<Bronze-Green-83> found it!!!!
<Bronze-Green-83> Am I in the right channel, please confirm
<CanoeBerry> Ciao!
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: u there?
<CanoeBerry> For an advanced lesson in IRC, try typing: /nick TheMostBeautifulOfAll


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<CanoeBerry> sverma lives!
<CanoeBerry> got yr voicemail..
<sverma> :-)
<sverma> on Android
<CanoeBerry> Sorry I don't have power secrets from Richard for ya.
<CanoeBerry> Darn.
<Bronze-Green-83> bronze green is here
<sverma> ok
<CanoeBerry> sverma: do you at least have the transcript from 10 days back?
<Bronze-Green-83> used to use IRC about 10 years ago, now i am spoiled
<sverma> no
<CanoeBerry> Try typing: /nick TheMostHumbleOfAll
<Bronze-Green-83> am leaving, just wanted to figure out how to change channels so I am happy
<CanoeBerry> Bronze-Green-83: in other words, give yourself a nickname -- in future that will help everyone help you.
<Bronze-Green-83> got it- thanks- i actually only stumbled on your email to join the chat. I didn't realize I was supposed to show up. Glad I did!
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<sverma> CanoeBerry: send link
<CanoeBerry> sverma: i wish there was one, will try to scrape something
<sverma> k
<sverma> driving. ..gotta. go
* sverma  has left #olpc-meeting
* Bronze-Green-83 is now known as TheMostHumbleOfA
<TheMostHumbleOfA> awesome
<CanoeBerry> TheMostHumbleOfA: see you Sunday 4pm
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