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   * New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 2 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
     join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

     #1 Waadookodaading OLPC/Ojibwe Laptop Library - Wisconsin, USA
     #2 MMEduGamePack Project - Brazil
     #3 OLPC Bayern Library - Munich/Munchen, Germany


<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program Meeting starting in 1min! Please all help us approve/deny 3 XO/Sugar projects -- agenda here:
<ramoonas> hey Adam
<CanoeBerry> Hi Lithuania!
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome to all the new folks, we have at least 4 here participating from Red Hat's office in Westford, MA :)
<CanoeBerry> Shall we start?
<CanoeBerry> We need to call Caryl real quick then begin..
* kjcole is reading proposals...
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<mtd> evening
<dgd> greetings all
<CanoeBerry> Welcome mtd & dgd!
<mtd> CanoeBerry: hi hi
<ramoonas> hi all
<Aqua-Tan-07> good to see you all
<CanoeBerry> Procedural question from karlie_robinson in the room here: can Zambian Childrens' Fund apply?
<CanoeBerry> Answer: yes!
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<CanoeBerry> They run a school and orphanage, w/ group in the US here that funds their school.
<CanoeBerry> Answer: bring it on, fill out the application here:
<CanoeBerry> Time to begin!

[ PROJECT #1 : Waadookodaading OLPC/Ojibwe Laptop Library - Wisconsin, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all comment on Project #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> 1. Waadookodaading OLPC/Ojibwe Laptop Library - Wisconsin, USA
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO's over 9+ months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Provide Children in grades K - 5 with
<CanoeBerry>    computers they can "check out" and take home with them.
<CanoeBerry>    These activities could be monitored by the "check out"
<CanoeBerry>    procedures themselves.
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<wwdillingham> .
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<icarito> hey cheers from Peru
<CanoeBerry> icarito: welcome Peru!
<kjcole> +1  Seems like a modest proposal.
<Caryl> Hi All. Tried to call Rick, Phone busy. Sent email. will try again in a few min.  Hi Pery!
<icarito> CanoeBerry: back from the jungle again, expect to see me more often again
<CanoeBerry> Please give feedback on this Wisconsin library proposal, towards much larger deployment possibilities:
<Caryl> Sorry, Perú
<mtd> CanoeBerry: +1
<Caryl> +1
<mtd> CanoeBerry: though I'd love to see a bit more meat in the "Sharing Deliverables" section.
<bemasc> It seems like a standard lending library.
<ramoonas> what does "check out" mean exactly?
<Caryl> Rick is a linux programmer He hopes to be able to put sosme of the software into Ojibwe
<mtd> bemasc: yes.
<Caryl> The laptops will be at school
<mtd> actually is 9+ months real?  shouldn't it be more?
<CanoeBerry> The public posting of his full proposal is refreshing..
<CanoeBerry> mtd: agreed
<Caryl> He had revised it to 24 mos
<mtd> (just being pedantic, as we know it's a library, so...)
<Caryl> 2 school years
<kjcole> mtd: True, it does sorta miss out on that nagging "worldwide" at the end of the sentence. ;-)
<CanoeBerry> Exactly: Caryl has pushed the applicant to borrow for longer.
<mtd> Caryl: ah sorry - was looking at their web page that still says 9.
<Caryl> during the summer, tribal leaders will be able to check the machines out too
<mtd> kjcole: yeah
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* mtd thinks it'd be cool to see some content like but created and/or available using the lent laptops.
<mtd> anyway, I've said enough.
<Caryl> Hi Rick!  Glad you could be here!
<rick-rooney> Hello, sorry I am late
<kjcole> Still, overall, +1.
<CanoeBerry> rick-rooney: 1 question for you here in the room from Wes...
<rick-rooney> Ok
<CanoeBerry> Coming right up..5 secs
<rick-rooney> k
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<CanoeBerry> kevix: welcome
<kevix> oh, never mind. rick made it.
<rick-rooney> Thanks kevix
<wwdillingham> rick-rooney: is your plan to provide equal access to all the different tribes you are working with or do you imagine, because of your increased interaction, or other reasons you will be primarily working with the particular tribe, the Ojibwe
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<wwdillingham> and by "working with" i mean giving access to Xo's
<rick-rooney> I plan to show this to the Great Lakes Intertribal Council, they represent the 11 tribes of Wisconsin
<rick-rooney> I then hope to have them contact XO regarding the possiblity of placement of the XO in all the BIE schools state wide
<wwdillingham> ok great, is that body a population proportional representation?
<rick-rooney> This would then of course be conveyed the tribes in the neighboring states
<rick-rooney> Proportional representation?
<rick-rooney> It is an elected body
<bemasc> rick-rooney: You said you were thinking about translation
<wwdillingham> does each tribe have a set, equal, number of representatives or do tribes with larger populations have a larger representation in the intertribal council.
<bemasc> wwdillingham: why is this relevant?
<rick-rooney> a personal goal.....translate the os to Ojibwe........Waadookodaading is a Language Immersion School, they speak the language all day long
<wwdillingham> I want to ensure that each tribal group will have equal access to the xo resources.
<bemasc> wwdillingham: we are not in the business of equal distribution of XOs.
<rick-rooney> Each tribe has an equal amount of representation on the GLITC
<bemasc> We are in the business of focused distribution.
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: fyi Caryl is working with rick-rooney on developing ana advocacy plan for Wisconsin / tribes
<Caryl> Perhaps Rick coul encourage other tribes to apply for XO libraries on their reservation schoold
<rick-rooney> I am not here representing GLITC, I am here representing Waadookodaading School.  I am sure though that others will want to know how to apply
<wwdillingham> Okay, sorry, that was a misunderstanding on my part.
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin wrapping up.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: do you need a co-mentor?
<icarito> Caryl: perhaps it can be a model for other tribes here in southamerica
<Caryl> That's a great idea....any takers or shall I recruit?
<icarito> Caryl, CanoeBerry - I find this project interesting, I'd like to
<CanoeBerry> What other XO libraries will guide rick-rooney's library success?
<icarito> just not sure what I can do
<CanoeBerry> +1 personally, if someone can co-mentor with Caryl
<CanoeBerry> Any takers?
<bemasc> I'd be happy to give some advice for translation issues.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks bemasc.
<Caryl> icarito: find translators for aymara or quechua and have them work with a person with prrogramming skills
<bemasc> Although mostly that will mean deferring to the people who really operate the translation infrastructure.
<Caryl> True
<CanoeBerry> rick-rooney: what questions to you have for us, to make sure your next 6 months are a success?
<icarito> Caryl: Aymara and Quecha are urgent, +1 agreed
<Caryl> some of the translation work is done
<rick-rooney> well, where do I start......first thing would be the library.  The next would be the translations
<icarito> Caryl: same solution 2 problems ok I'll investigate translation solutions
<Caryl> just need to get it into the software
<icarito> Caryl: Pootle is quite slow from down here
<CanoeBerry> rick-rooney: Please work with our community and you are now approved!
<CanoeBerry> Let's move onto Project #2 now:
<Caryl> Take lots of pictures
<icarito> translators have been frustrated in the past but its a matter of trying again and finding a best solution
<rick-rooney> Thank You!
<icarito> ok
<Caryl> ask lots of questions as you go along...if you need

[ PROJECT #2 : MMEduGamePack Project - Brazil ]

<CanoeBerry> #2 here:
<CanoeBerry> 2. MMEduGamePack Project - Brazil
<CanoeBerry> (upcoming)
<CanoeBerry> (to be announced)
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 4 XO's over 15 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    1 - Integrate SDL and OpenCV to provide a multimodal interface using 
<CanoeBerry> the laptop integrated video camera.
<CanoeBerry>    2 - Build a multimodal SDL library for basic multimodal input routines.
<CanoeBerry>    3 - Create a parser to generate SDL or PyGame source code (C++ or 
<CanoeBerry> Python).
<CanoeBerry>    4 - Develop a package of Multimodal Educational Mini Games 
<CanoeBerry> (initially, 4 games).
<CanoeBerry>    5 - Simplify the design process for game developers.
<CanoeBerry>    6 - Simplify and expand user interaction using a multimodal interface
<CanoeBerry>    7 - Give to the poor children a chance to interact with multimodal 
<CanoeBerry> educational games using XO machines.
<bemasc> rick-rooney: you may want to look at
<CanoeBerry> Please read, review and vote for/against the Braxil work above.
<CanoeBerry> *Brazil
<Caryl> icarito: can you contact me via email at caryl@ laptop,org?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: For.  This is classic developers-program stuff.
<icarito> Caryl: ok, i will
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: any technical guidance you can offer quick?
<dgd> Tony Forster's work with Turtle Art might be a good start...
<Caryl> Is Rick's library a "go"?
<kjcole> CanoeBerry: The 2nd and 3rd links are imaginary...
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: for #2?  Their proposal sounds sane.  It's big/ambitious/open-ended.
<CanoeBerry> #2 yeah
<rick-rooney> Wow!  Thanks
<CanoeBerry> kjcole: yeah, who should mentor these Brazilians to get them posting more online?
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: yes #1 is approved on the basis of strong mentoring. Please help solicit a co-mentor in the coming week.
<Caryl> anyone know Portugese?
<Caryl> they should also be a programmer
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<bemasc> CanoeBerry: It sounds like they're fairly expert in computer vision and game development.  A mentor would be, as you say, mostly to make sure they're actually working.
<Caryl> and if they aren"t?
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<bemasc> nag
<kjcole> #2 may want to work with the GASP crowd (Graphics API for Students of Python), a la Jeff Elkner and company.
<nubae> greets
<kjcole> though they're moving away from PyGame and towards GTK+ as I understand things.
<TylerB> Sounds like they have a domain prepared but have not yet put any thing on it yet?  Once that is up it seems that things would be good
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<nteon_> hi folks, sorry I'm late (although I'm mostly here to observe)
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<nubae> are there more concrete examples of the edu games they want to make?
<kjcole> Not much here yet...
<CanoeBerry> Conclusino time for #2?
<nubae> I mention it, because at Guadalinex, there are some efforts to make python +xmpp based edu games
<nteon_> is anyone from mmedugamepack present?
<CanoeBerry> Shall we approve Brazil's #2?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: They know what they're doing.  They have a history of working the OLPC.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<bemasc> s/the/with/
<Caryl> +1 with mentoring
<CanoeBerry> Who can mentor?
<Caryl> need a programmer
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: maybe ask bjordan?
<CanoeBerry> great idea
<CanoeBerry> nteon: got an opinion on MMEduGamePack Project (Brazil) ?
<CanoeBerry> nteon_
<CanoeBerry> Approving the 4 XO's, OK?
<CanoeBerry> Last call? Any concerns?
<kjcole> I don't know enough to have concerns. ;-)
<CanoeBerry> Approved by Rochester Institute of Technology student in the room here, it's official!
<nteon_> CanoeBerry: it sounds interesting and bemasc says they know what they are doing
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<EricM> By the way, CanoeBerry just lost power for a sec; he is plugging in his laptop now
<Sandrat> just joined.. was with a six month old.  he was fussy as they say
<nteon_> CanoeBerry: which i suppose is an after the fact '+1' from me
<nubae> It'd be good to see some concrete blue prints
<kjcole> (Seems like the general opinion is based on folks having collaborated previously, to good ends.  So, if it's good enough for people in the know, it's good enough for this ignorant slob.)
<nubae> Guadalinex would be interested in collaborating with them in some caess
<bemasc> I don't claim to know anything.  I'm just taking their application at face value.
<CanoeBerry__> I'm back
<bemasc> It says they've participated in previous XO code jams, have degrees in CS, experience writing computer games, etc.

[ PROJECT #3 : OLPC Bayern Library - Munich/Munchen, Germany ]

<CanoeBerry__> Let's wrap up with Project #3 now, ok?
<Caryl> For #3, have Christoph's very real concerns been answered?
<CanoeBerry__> Caryl: review the reservation quick for us?
<Caryl> HuH? #1?
<Caryl> oic
<Caryl> He said that they have not had any contact with the library that is already there
<CanoeBerry__> Reservations as in concerns, not tribal reservations :)
<kjcole> CanoeBerry: #3 is very sketchy.  Not to be too judgemental, but from where I sit, it looks like someone copied the wiki proposal form and didn't do squat with it... Not a good beginning IMHO.
<CanoeBerry__> OK #3 now:
<CanoeBerry__> 3. OLPC Bayern Library - Munich/Munchen, Germany (SECONDARY REVIEW WITH 
<CanoeBerry__> REPAIR SHOP, after last week's conditional approval)
<CanoeBerry__> (NEEDS REVISING)
<CanoeBerry__>    Requests 15 XO's over 18 months
<CanoeBerry__>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry__>    Translate the english manuals into a German/understandable version.
<CanoeBerry__>    Examine the look and feel of the laptop and how to provide more
<CanoeBerry__>    useful online help on the laptop for the different target groups (eg.
<CanoeBerry__>    developer, child, teacher, other people...)
<CanoeBerry__>    Test the help and search for improve potential
<CanoeBerry__>    The idea of OLPC is good. To see what potential is possible in
<CanoeBerry__>    technical writer environment we will look on the system and
<CanoeBerry__>    seek to write useful help text for user.
<Caryl> and he doesn't see why they need 15 machines to do translations of the namuals
<CanoeBerry__> Dogi (applicant) will be further revising.
<CanoeBerry__> 3 cities will be involved:
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<kjcole> CanoeBerry__: #3 is very sketchy.  Not to be too judgemental, but from where I sit, it looks like someone copied the wiki proposal form and didn't do squat with it... Not a good beginning IMHO.
<CanoeBerry__> Bolzano, Innsbruck, Munich/Muenchen
<CanoeBerry__> 2 libraries and 1 repair center.
<Caryl> there are 4 people on the team.  None has been involved int he local OLPC groups
<nteon_> bemasc: yes, I hadn't read the proposal in rt until CanoeBerry posted the link just before, it sounds a lot better to me than the summary in the email.  Of course, my opinion shouldn't matter too much since I'm not very prepared
<Caryl> where is the revised proposal?
<CanoeBerry__> He will prepare the 2 additional proposals for next week.
<bemasc> nteon_: is talking about #2.
<kjcole> CanoeBerry__: And the summary above isn't a whole lot better.  They want 15 machines, and yet seem to be lots less specific that #1 who wanted 10 machines...
<nubae> why cant they work with olpc germany?
<bemasc> Is this Dogi who is the OLPC/Sugarlabs sysadmin?
<Caryl> read Christophs concerns at the bottom of their ticket #45454
<nubae> surely that should be their first point of contact
<CanoeBerry__> For #3 as it stands, Dogi apologizes that the revision are not fully ready at this time.
<dgd> nubae, good point
<CanoeBerry__> But he is in the room here if you have questions.  The Munich woman doing the real work has sent email(s) yet available to us.
<Caryl> maybe we should wait until it is ready
<CanoeBerry__> Sorry: we can defer til next week if nec.
<CanoeBerry__> Or Dogi can answer partic questions right now if anybody want?
<kjcole> CanoeBerry__ At the very least, I'd say "scale down" based on the given info.
<CanoeBerry__> bemasc: yes
<bemasc> The proposal is not coherent.
<Sandrat> Objectives are good.  Very ambitious. Look and feel improvements can be challenging
<CanoeBerry__> bemasc: Dogi is moving back to Munich Sept ~1
<bemasc> what objectives?
<nubae> well, if the xos were to go to olpc germany, who could then control what was happening to them...
<Caryl> Could Dogi read Christoph's concerns and address them?
<CanoeBerry__> Objectives: recruiting teachers in Southern Germany and training them around XO's and Sugar
<Sandrat> simplifying the design process;  seems like another project.  I think that there is to much in the list, maybe u have already dealt with that issue
<CanoeBerry__> Objective #2: connecting teachers to political leadership to grow projects
<CanoeBerry__> Objective #3: motivating software ppl in Southern Germany / Western Austria / Northern Italy
<bemasc> CanoeBerry__: where? Not in the ticket.
<nubae> again for Austria, they should really be in contact with olpc Austria
<nteon_> the timeline also has no dates, not even approximate
<Sandrat> sorry I am reading the wrong objective list
<CanoeBerry__> Dogi speaking right next to me.  I apologize he should speak for himself :)
<CanoeBerry__> Perhaps I should give him the keyboard here..
<CanoeBerry__> other questions for Dogi?
<nubae> olpc Austria has extensive contacts with both the government and open source community
<Caryl> Christoph's concerns?
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<bemasc> dogi: So, this may all become clearer wiht a new proposal, but the current one doesn't list any objectives beyond translating manuals and vague usability testing.
<dogi> i m from south tyrol in Northern Italy, and started with friend around Munich where i have many connections, and am now reactivating the group
<dogi> As i return home to Europe
<nubae> dogi, u should contact both olpc Austria and olpc Germany
<dogi> Vienna is a different region, but yes.
<nubae> both are running pilots
<bemasc> And OLPC Europe!
<nubae> yeah :-)
<dogi> sure 
<kjcole> Dogi: Not having access to the rt system, I was hoping for something more on the other link provided, but it appears to be an empty form.  Hence, my hesitation.
<dogi> link/form coming; kadia is in charge
<dogi> Sorry isn't freshened up just yet.
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<CanoeBerry_> We need to wrap!
<Caryl> It's sounds like they are a little premature on this. Also, Christoph's concerns need to be addressed.
<nubae> yeah
<CanoeBerry_> Caryl: what do we need from Dogi to conclude?
* CanoeBerry  Quit (Connection timed out)
<bemasc> CanoeBerry_: This project is about teacher training, lobbying, and initiating pilots.  It should be an official OLPC endeavor.
<Caryl> does he have access to Christoph's concerns?
<CanoeBerry_> A representative from OLPC Germany to integrate this Southern Germany work with their Northern Germany work?
<kjcole> CanoeBerry_: Inclination: postpone until there's more meat on them bones (unless there's a lot more meat on the rt page).
<nubae> yeah think Christoph's concerns were about being involved with the existing olpc grassroots
<Caryl> if not, he needs to read then and address them in a revised app that is available to others who don't have RT access
<CanoeBerry_> kjcole: let's send Dogi to OLPC Germany and get their opinion, OK?
<CanoeBerry_> Grassroots aren't monopolies, but all Germans are courteous, so I think
this is fertile suggestion :)
<Caryl> sounds like a good plan
<Sandrat> more meat seems like the right direction. I will let you all resolve the rest.
<kjcole> CanoeBerry_: That effectively postpones. ;-)
<CanoeBerry_> I will be speaking with bertf & his wife Rita in the coming week in Central Germany, and will get them to provide suggestions.
<CanoeBerry_> Let's conclude.
<CanoeBerry_> Conclusion: "Revising" but let's not torture Dogi too much, as he's standing over me right now :)
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<nubae> heh
<Caryl> Great.  The Prez is in MT and it is on our local radio...want to listen
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<kjcole> CanoeBerry_: Ta-ta.
<Caryl> Adios!
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<CanoeBerry> EricM:
<EricM> thanks
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