Contributors program/December 29, 2009


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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 4 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 Project OLPC in Vancouver/Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  #2 Undercover UXO: Mine risk education game for deployment in Cambodia - Michigan State University, USA
  #3 Westview XO Computer Club and Lending Library - North York/Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  #4 Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association - Uganda / University of S. California, Los Angeles, USA


<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> Mtg starting in 1min!
<SweetXOGrannie> hi
<Cyan-Lime-37> Am I in meeting
<Cyan-Lime-37> Hi
<Russet-Cerise-74> howdy
<CanoeBerry> Welcome All, plz introduce yourself :)
<SweetXOGrannie> hi cyan-lime and russet cerise-74! who are you guys/gals?
<CanoeBerry> Or mention where you're from if possible!
<Cyan-Lime-37> Hi This is Bahram from Canada, BC
<SweetXOGrannie> I'm Caryl Support gang person from SoCal
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<Russet-Cerise-74> This is Corey Bohil from MSU - see my mine risk education projecct is on the agenda
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<culseg> I am unable to stay for meeting, but here is my vote: +1 for all projects and if no one volunteers tag me to mentor #2 and CB should take #3, well organized proposal!!
<SweetXOGrannie> Oh, that MSU!  There is more than one
<Russet-Cerise-74> ha ha.  joining you all from michigan state u
* mchua can haz link to proposals?
<SweetXOGrannie> mel??? hi LTNS!
<CanoeBerry> Agenda:
<sandrat> I submitted a proposal today, hope there is time for it
<CanoeBerry> culseg: gigantic thank you.
<sandrat> I like the MIND project  ... it is good
<Russet-Cerise-74> would like to take credit, but can't.  initiated by our partner Golden West Humanitarian Foundation.
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: sorry i didn't your projecyt in time. You've included 3 great Microsoft Word docs that need to be converted to wiki or web before we can review your project, hopefully late next week.
<SweetXOGrannie> I was thinking mines meant holes underground... like gold, coal, etc. google set me straight
<sandrat> I have already converted most documents to this website
<Russet-Cerise-74> dangerous, but not quite as dangerous
<sandrat> I didn't know that you were having a meeting this week. That is why it was late
<CanoeBerry> These are exactly the kind of "community deliverables" the Contributors Program requires, and we need these posted and accessible somewhere, thanks so much to Bill in Kenya for all his work here!
<Cyan-Lime-37> Sandra can I have your email
<CanoeBerry> Shall we begin now?
<CanoeBerry> Any other questions first??
<SweetXOGrannie> +1

[ PROJECT #1 - Project OLPC in British Columbia, Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Great.  Please all help review Project #1 here:
<sandrat> Bill is hoping to start the program on Jan 10th so there is some urgency here
<CanoeBerry> Project OLPC in British Columbia, Canada
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 5 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    In BC there are approximately 300,000 elementary students. Statistics 
<CanoeBerry> says
<CanoeBerry>    19% of these kids live in poor families or under standards status. 
<CanoeBerry> This can
<CanoeBerry>    lead us to the fact that another 50% are middle class families who 
<CanoeBerry> could not
<CanoeBerry>    afford to buy 500$ laptops or computers for their kids, So hypothetically
<CanoeBerry>    between 150,000 students can benefit from this project and their 
<CanoeBerry> OLPCs can
<CanoeBerry>    be acquired in mass quantities thru the school districts.
<CanoeBerry>    In two largest cities of BC, i.e. Surrey and Vancouver, there are at 
<CanoeBerry> least
<CanoeBerry>    100,000 students which optimistically most of their families are able 
<CanoeBerry> to pay
<CanoeBerry>    250$ for a laptop, if a program provides and facilitate the job.
<CanoeBerry>    So I have started a campaign to promote OLPC awareness in BC. It is
<CanoeBerry>    important to assert that this is an independent 100% non-profit personal
<CanoeBerry>    activity. Once it was successful I will turn it to an Organization.
<CanoeBerry>    The project objectives are Presenting and Promoting and Providing 
<CanoeBerry> OLPC as an
<CanoeBerry>    option to school districts for families and children of 6-12 years in 
<CanoeBerry> these
<CanoeBerry>    communities:
<CanoeBerry>    1- Surrey District SD36 (67,000 students with 40,000 of them elementary
<CanoeBerry>       students) : Short term (1 yr)
<CanoeBerry>    2- Greater Vancouver (200,000 students) : Mid Term (2 yr)
<CanoeBerry>    3- Province of British Columbia Canada (300,000 students): Long Term 
<CanoeBerry> (3 yr)
[...brief network interruption...]
<sandrat> It's goals are admirable
<SweetXOGrannie> This is a lot like my Roadshow In A Box, so naturally I like it
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-3: would you like to introduce your project for us now?
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: would you like to introduce your project for us now?
<sandrat> I'd say project #1 is a go
<Cyan-Lime-37> Yes, it is OLPC awarness in BC
<CanoeBerry> That'd be great if you can!  Go Beautiful British Columbia!
<Cyan-Lime-37> And if successfull in Canada
<Cyan-Lime-37> and since Canadians are also immigrants...
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<sandrat> it's not developing world, but the developing world conditions are among us
<Cyan-Lime-37> they may transfer that to their motherland ....
<SweetXOGrannie> Bahram, are you willing to take the XOs around to conferences, expos, colleges, etc in your area to help "spread the word"?
* mchua primarily interested in how this would scale if the initial pilot is a success
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: Indeed.  Now to get down & dirty, what milestones are you shooting for this winter and spring?
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<CanoeBerry> thundering-light: welcome India!
<thundering-light> CanoeBerry: Thanks :)
<Cyan-Lime-37> Not as a fulltime job all by myself, nut at the begining I started talks with Surrey district
<Cyan-Lime-37> and will lunch a website
<Cyan-Lime-37> also I will email other districts try to make meetings .....
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: Thank You For That! I have a personal interest in getting Canadian to stand up and get it together. Do you think this communit outreach/inreach is part of your work?
<CanoeBerry> *Canadians
<sandrat> let's get to the point here
<SweetXOGrannie> can you be out "go-to guy" in BC?
<sandrat> I like canadians don't get me wrong
<CanoeBerry> Are you prepared to start a mailing list or other online forum to make something like this happen?
<CanoeBerry> BC shows a lot of activity (and Seattle too) so convergence can definitely happen if you can push here?
<Cyan-Lime-37> Yes I have already one meeting and they asked for an OLPC to review and test
<sandrat> are we approving this project?
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: the point I'm driving at is projects need mentoring to succeed
<Cyan-Lime-37> Yes Seatle and WA is also in may radar
<Cyan-Lime-37> sorry : my radar
<sandrat> ok  .. didn't quite get the flow of that
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: do you feel you have the mentoring support you require?  and where will you reach for when you need others?
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: I will help (thanks for the phone call last week!) but this is critical for sustainability :-)
<Cyan-Lime-37> I think I have all required naterials in wiki pages
<SweetXOGrannie> I can help mentor with the roadshow type activities... prep, share
materials etc
<CanoeBerry> Conclusions for the group now?
<CanoeBerry> *from the group now?
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1
<sandrat> +1
<CanoeBerry> I advocate the applicant serve as a library for Vanouver if he can.
<Cyan-Lime-37> and I also get help from you guys when needed
<CanoeBerry> If he can offer a public point-of-contact and list himself here:
<SweetXOGrannie> library +1
<CanoeBerry> Let us conclude now.  Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<sandrat> good approach
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.
<CanoeBerry> Thank Your Sir.  We'll be in touch and you should have XO Laptops next week.
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2.
<Cyan-Lime-37> Yes library is fine too
<SweetXOGrannie> stick around for the other discussions
<CanoeBerry> Indeed! Please all help review.............
<Cyan-Lime-37> thansks folks
<Cyan-Lime-37> sure
<SweetXOGrannie> you can even vote!

[ PROJECT #2 - Undercover UXO: Mine risk education game - Cambodia / Michigan State University, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Undercover UXO: Mine risk education game for the $100 Laptop for 
<CanoeBerry> deployment in Cambodia - Michigan State Univ, USA
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 5 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We propose an innovative new approach to mine-risk education that
<CanoeBerry>    capitalizes on the increasing availability of mobile digital devices 
<CanoeBerry> such as
<CanoeBerry>    laptops and smart phones. Specifically, we intend to create a video 
<CanoeBerry> game to
<CanoeBerry>    be played on platforms appropriate for developing countries such as 
<CanoeBerry> the $100
<CanoeBerry>    Laptop. In the first phase of a multi-country effort we propose to build
<CanoeBerry>    upon and finalize an existing M.I.N.D. Lab prototype of the mine 
<CanoeBerry> detection
<CanoeBerry>    game, and conduct a field test in Cambodia with our partners on this 
<CanoeBerry> project
<CanoeBerry>    (Golden West Humanitarian Foundation). This will allow us to create a
<CanoeBerry>    finalized version of the game that is ready for worldwide deployment 
<CanoeBerry> on the
<CanoeBerry>    $100 laptop and a wide range of other portable devices. The game is
<CanoeBerry>    customized to training sites by making use of images from native locales.
<CanoeBerry>    The repeated usage, competition, and addictive nature of game play holds
<CanoeBerry>    great potential for training children to avoid landmines and other
<CanoeBerry>    unexploded remnants of war in their home country. The game offers an
<CanoeBerry>    unprecedented level of immersion, repetition and engagement in mine risk
<CanoeBerry>    education. These features of digital media make this approach potentially
<CanoeBerry>    very valuable in the toolset for teaching and transferring 
<CanoeBerry> recognition and
<CanoeBerry>    avoidance behaviors to the real world.
<CanoeBerry>    The central goal of this project will be to take our existing game
<CanoeBerry>    prototype, which garnered extremely favorable responses at a recent game
<CanoeBerry>    conference (Meaningful Play 2008), and develop it further so that it 
<CanoeBerry> can be
<CanoeBerry>    deployed widely and effectively by GWHF. The game needs additional 
<CanoeBerry> features,
<CanoeBerry>    revisions to improve usability, substantial code optimization to improve
<CanoeBerry>    performance within the constraints of the OLPC laptop, and image
<CanoeBerry>    customization work to support delivery to the first planned testing 
<CanoeBerry> site in
[...brief network interruption...]
<CanoeBerry> Cambodia.
<sandrat> I'm totally in love with this 'mine' game ..
<CanoeBerry> Interesting this project has US State Department funding.
<Russet-Cerise-74> we've gotten an amazing response to this project
<CanoeBerry> I'm don't know much about land-mine removal, but I need to learn!!!
<sandrat> seems to have knowledge and resources to put it together
<SweetXOGrannie> sharing this with our projects where mines are a problem would be excellent. Can it be cross-platform?
<Russet-Cerise-74> they have an office devoted to this: office of weapons removal and abatement
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: can you introduce your project please?
<sandrat> games are development intensive, but this proposer seems to have that background
<thundering-light> Interesting...
<Russet-Cerise-74> golden west humanitarian foundation is a nonprofit that removes landmines worldwide
<Russet-Cerise-74> they approachedu our department - game program - year before last
<Russet-Cerise-74> wanted to try a new approach to mine risk education
<Russet-Cerise-74> using the $100 laptop
<Russet-Cerise-74> we built a working game for this
<CanoeBerry> I invited a friend (and OLPC Health principal) to this meeting who does landmine removal around the world, but it seems he could not make it.
<Russet-Cerise-74> for shipment to cambodia
<Russet-Cerise-74> but easily modified for other locales worldwide
<Russet-Cerise-74> the u.s. state dept has given us funds to re-develop and make it better
<Russet-Cerise-74> to maximize chance fo actuual adoption
<Russet-Cerise-74> so that's what we're working on
<sandrat> good work on the funding
<SweetXOGrannie> can your group do the localizations?
<Russet-Cerise-74> need laptops for user testing in cambodia
<Russet-Cerise-74> "the localizations"?
<Russet-Cerise-74> not sure i follow
<SweetXOGrannie> modifying for other languages/locales
<Russet-Cerise-74> we can
<Russet-Cerise-74> but the game is being deveooped in such a way that even a nonprogrammer could do it
<Russet-Cerise-74> just need a graphic artist
<Russet-Cerise-74> to work with the images
<Russet-Cerise-74> and re-record audio narration to whatever native language
<Russet-Cerise-74> and replace the audio files
<Russet-Cerise-74> we've tried to make it easy for golden west or whoever to modify for afghanistan
<Russet-Cerise-74> or other locales
<Russet-Cerise-74> the game comes with modding tools
<SweetXOGrannie> does this game need Flash?
<Russet-Cerise-74> we're using python/pygame
<Russet-Cerise-74> some c++
<Russet-Cerise-74> the mod tools use java
<Russet-Cerise-74> have a computer science professor on the team
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: are you targetting the XO-1 and XO-1.5?
<Russet-Cerise-74> i'm not sure
<Russet-Cerise-74> we have a laptop
<Russet-Cerise-74> golden west got it on ebay
<Russet-Cerise-74> and sent it to use
<Russet-Cerise-74> us
<Russet-Cerise-74> but for field testing, we need more
<SweetXOGrannie> that would be a XO-1
<Russet-Cerise-74> would like the latest and greatest i guess
<CanoeBerry> Context: the XO-1.5 is 4 times the memory and 4 times the Flash disk, as well as 2-3 times faster.
<Russet-Cerise-74> what's the difference between the 2?
<Russet-Cerise-74> awesome
<Russet-Cerise-74> we need that!
<Russet-Cerise-74> :D
<Russet-Cerise-74> that wouldd be fantasticc
<Russet-Cerise-74> we'rre trying to optimize
<Russet-Cerise-74> i'm not sure which we currently have though - but we've had it 2 years
<thundering-light> I like the initiative.
<SweetXOGrannie> but we ran out of XO-1.5s for the CP
<Russet-Cerise-74> like i said - we've gotten amazing responses
<CanoeBerry> Context: the XO-1.5 is shipping within sometime within coming weeks, but may not be immediately available free thru the Contributors Program here.
<Russet-Cerise-74> conference presentation, msu has done 2 articles on it
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: correct
<Russet-Cerise-74> we can wait a bit
<thundering-light> right
<Russet-Cerise-74> what's more likely to make it into the field/
<Russet-Cerise-74> ?
<Russet-Cerise-74> 1.5, no?
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: are you interested in applying for a couple of each?
<SweetXOGrannie> XO-1.0s are already there in some places
<Russet-Cerise-74> sure - that would be best in fact
<sandrat> do you have performance specs for the game yet?
<Russet-Cerise-74> for testing
<Russet-Cerise-74> hmmm.  not off the top of my head - could send
<SweetXOGrannie> would you like to have help with testing
<Russet-Cerise-74> we did re-design this semester.  programming starts in january
<Russet-Cerise-74> help with testing might be nicce - what's possible?
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: Are you intending your software to be a full Sugar Activity?
<Russet-Cerise-74> ultiimately, we'll send the game to cambodia for some testing  - but bug checkign would help a lot
<thundering-light> We can do with some good mentoring too...
<Russet-Cerise-74> sorry - that's over my head - can you explain?
<Russet-Cerise-74> sure :)
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: Are you familiar with the Sugar Learning Platform OLPC ships, thanks to ?
<Russet-Cerise-74> i would love to be involved with the olpc group in whatever way you think would be valuable
<SweetXOGrannie> we have mailing lists for developers and testing
<Russet-Cerise-74> i haven't been up to date on this for a while - sorry.  i read all i could when we did the initial prototpe, but not recentlyi
<CanoeBerry> Anyway: Sugar is open-source, easy for kids to learn very quickly at very young ages, etc!
<Russet-Cerise-74> that's probably a good idea - would like to join mailing list
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: You might also make contact with the many small groups in Vietnam/Cambodia area if you have time.
<Russet-Cerise-74> is sgar a development environment?  platform?
<Russet-Cerise-74> that would be great!
<CanoeBerry> Not that these kids are in minefields (I hope) but I can put you in touch..
<Russet-Cerise-74> there are groups there now?
<Russet-Cerise-74> no - it would be extremely valuable!!
<Russet-Cerise-74> no reading in the game
<CanoeBerry> In Vietnam several very small/independent groups.
<Russet-Cerise-74> all voice narration
<Russet-Cerise-74> need to try the language - that would be outstanding
<Russet-Cerise-74> we have one khmer speaker on campus - has volunteered to translate and record audio narration for us
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: let me schedule a phone call later this week if you have time?
<Russet-Cerise-74> but to get testers there would be amazing
<thundering-light> Sounds good.
<Russet-Cerise-74> sure
<CanoeBerry> Great. Sorry you cannot attend tomorrow's deployment presentation in Boston.
<CanoeBerry> A volunteer has done amazing work in Sao Tome/ Africa.
<CanoeBerry> But back to the agenda!
<Russet-Cerise-74> o
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok
<CanoeBerry> Would 3 XO-1's and 2 XO-1.5's make sense?
<Russet-Cerise-74> that would be great
<thundering-light> Probaly, yes.
<CanoeBerry> Not that XO-1.5's are shippable for many weeks...
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok
<Russet-Cerise-74> we can wait a bit on those -
<CanoeBerry> Other questions so we can wrap up?
<Russet-Cerise-74> if we develop for the earlier version, we should be fine
<CanoeBerry> Developing for both would be ideal!
<Russet-Cerise-74> interesting
<Russet-Cerise-74> will have to look at it
<Russet-Cerise-74> maybe can have better graphics
<Russet-Cerise-74> not sure
<CanoeBerry> Will you be blogging on ?
<Russet-Cerise-74> certainly will be better for later versions
<Russet-Cerise-74> i can - is that something olpc expects?
<Russet-Cerise-74> updates via blog?
<Russet-Cerise-74> that would be a good place to do the updates
<thundering-light> yes.
<Russet-Cerise-74> in the short run, that site wiill be fine
<Russet-Cerise-74> are there guidelines?
<thundering-light> kind of...actually.
<Russet-Cerise-74> frequency of updates?
<CanoeBerry> We ask quasimonthly feedback of any kind -- if it's public we'd love it!
<CanoeBerry> If email, that's OK too.
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok
<Russet-Cerise-74> no problem
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok
<Russet-Cerise-74> website will be ideal
<CanoeBerry> If you wish to post to cross-OLPC's blogs too, you can! etc
<SweetXOGrannie> the Activity can also be posted on SugarLabs site for downloading even when in testing stages
<Russet-Cerise-74> i'll do it on the wordrpess site you posted
<Russet-Cerise-74> i'll see if one of my students wants to post there regularly - probably
<Russet-Cerise-74> on the olpc blogs i mean
<CanoeBerry> Russet-Cerise-74: Let's schedule a call later this week, please reply soon with your best times by email if poss!
<CanoeBerry> Finally, let's vote.
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<CanoeBerry> 3 XO-1's and 2 XO-1.5's
<CanoeBerry> +1
<thundering-light> +1
<CanoeBerry> All please vote. Or raise objections? 
<Cyan-Lime-37> +1
<SweetXOGrannie> the XO-1.0s right away. The XO-1.5s when available right?
<Russet-Cerise-74> thanks - you think a month or more for the 1.5s?
<CanoeBerry> APPROVeD. Paul McCartney and his landmine campaign vote +1 too ;)
<sandrat> how does it work, getting material onto the planet ?
<sandrat> how does it work, getting material onto the planet ?
<CanoeBerry> More than a month, but hopefully well before spring!
<sandrat> +1
<Russet-Cerise-74> ok.  hoping to test in cambodia around early marcch
<Russet-Cerise-74> thanks
<thundering-light> sandrat: science :P
<CanoeBerry> Anybody who has a track record of writing great stuff can have their blog feed included on
<CanoeBerry> See instructions on the right side there.
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts before we move onto Project #3 of 4?
<sandrat> thx

[ PROJECT #3 - Westview XO Computer Club and Lending Library - North York/Toronto, Ontario, Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 now!  Please all stick around and help review this:
<CanoeBerry> Westview XO Computer Club and Lending Library - North York/Toronto, 
<CanoeBerry> Canada
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 8 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We would like to start a computer club which would focus on promoting the
<CanoeBerry>    use and development of open-source software and educational projects 
<CanoeBerry> such as
<CanoeBerry>    the creation of wikispaces and online collaborations with international
<CanoeBerry>    students. The lending of XO laptops to the students would enable them to
<CanoeBerry>    pursue their projects outside of school hours and promote meaningful
<CanoeBerry>    engagement in the process. Bill and I would assist by providing 
<CanoeBerry> direction on
<CanoeBerry>    projects and assisting students when required.
<CanoeBerry>    Students will be encouraged to organize occasional fundraising events at
<CanoeBerry>    school (e.g., Computer Club Open House, bake sale, etc) in order to 
<CanoeBerry> support
<CanoeBerry>    the OLPC project.
<CanoeBerry> Is the applicant here to introduce their work?
<sandrat> does the project need XOs or can they use SOAS?
<CanoeBerry> Hello Toronto!
<SweetXOGrannie> usually when we approve something like this the club is already in place.
<thundering-light> agreed.
<SweetXOGrannie> eg. Coppell TX, MSU (Montana), St Paul HS 4 perf arts etc
<CanoeBerry> This group is right next door to York Univ which has been driving all the OLPC stuff in Canada.
<CanoeBerry> I need to speak with them by phone as they did not show up for today's meeting.
<CanoeBerry> I believe they're equipped to do a great job, but need to confirm they're linking up to others to really make this happen.
<CanoeBerry> +1 with a mentor, on-hold for now.
<SweetXOGrannie> can they get a club started first?
* dogi  has joined #olpc-meeting
<CanoeBerry> Dogi Chow :)
<dogi> hi CanoeBerry :P
<CanoeBerry> 2 different teachers involved is a great step.
<sandrat> gruessen
<CanoeBerry> Remember we pushed back on Springfield Mass earlier this month for not having teacher involvement.
<CanoeBerry> I still feel bad.
<dogi> griasdi sandrat
<sandrat> ciao
<CanoeBerry> Anyway, this Toronto applicant was trying hard to attend friday, even with Christmas/New Years, so let vote & move on -- pending more info.
<CanoeBerry> Votes?
<sandrat> ok
<Cyan-Lime-37> +1
<CanoeBerry> Again my vote is +1 with a mentor and/or active online involvement in OLPC or Sugar Labs mailing lists of such.
<thundering-light> +1 with mentoring
<SweetXOGrannie> -1 until the club is a reality with at least 10 students
<sandrat> +1 get to next stage, club existing agreed
<sandrat> Next project looks great. Can't believe all the photos.
<CanoeBerry> Final thoughts?
<CanoeBerry> 3...
<CanoeBerry> 2...
<CanoeBerry> 1...
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: Looking great, but needs a bit more baking in the oven.

[ PROJECT #4 - Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association - Uganda / University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4 Now!
<CanoeBerry> Please All Help Advocate For/Against:
<CanoeBerry> Amagezi Gemaanyi Youth Association - Uganda / Univ of S. California, 
<CanoeBerry> Los Angeles, USA
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XOs over 20 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The primary objective is to promote the Amagezi Gemaanyi Computer Lab as
<CanoeBerry>    a safe learning space for children (ages 6-11) and youth (ages 12-20) by
<CanoeBerry>    implementing a project that will supplement the Ugandan Primary and
<CanoeBerry>    Secondary School reading, writing, and mathematics syllabus using the
<CanoeBerry>    interactive games and applications within the XO laptop as a fun,
<CanoeBerry>    innovative teaching aid.
<CanoeBerry> 1. To enhance the functionality of the Amagezi Gemaanyi Computer Lab
<CanoeBerry>    2. To improve the performance of 100 children/youth (ages 6-20) in
<CanoeBerry>       English reading and writing proficiency
<CanoeBerry>    3. To improve the performance of 50 children (ages 6-11) in basic
<CanoeBerry>       Mathematical operations (including addition, subtraction, division,
<CanoeBerry>       multiplication, and ratios)
<CanoeBerry>    4. To provide a safe, nurturing, personalized learning environment
<CanoeBerry>    5. To teach 100 children/youth how to utilize basic typing programs
<CanoeBerry>    6. To enhance the digital literacy and technological communication
<CanoeBerry>       skills of all project participants
<CanoeBerry> Anybody who can please help informally mentor the above, great!
<sandrat> I will mentor this one
<SweetXOGrannie> I like the idea that they will be creating curriculum  I will take it t
<CanoeBerry> Comments please! Whether or not any of the applicants are here to introduce their prjct!
* unmadindu is now known as unmad|away
<SweetXOGrannie> They are in SoCal and have agreed to work with Audubon MS
<thundering-light> The idea is good and they have courage
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: can you give them and a call before you leave in Jan? "As they're right in your neighborhood"
<CanoeBerry> *give them a call
<SweetXOGrannie> I can call them earlier if you like
<CanoeBerry> Expensive to call from your cruise ship :)
<sandrat> question what or who they have a technical resources. how much they know already about XO?
<SweetXOGrannie> I will also put them in contact with Jamaal and Torre at FAMLI at Audubon
<CanoeBerry> Understanding the dynamic and roles among the 4 applicants would be great.
<SweetXOGrannie> Right... or form BA where I will be taking Tango lessons ;-))
<CanoeBerry> Alrighty, shall we provide an initial assessment and vote, even without the team present here?
<sandrat> So you are saying what are the roles of the four principles in this proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Remember CULSEG voted in favor of all 4 projects.
<CanoeBerry> I definitely vote +1 in mentoring/publication strategy takes shape.
<CanoeBerry> *if mentoring/publication
<sandrat> +1
<CanoeBerry> Others please vote!
<thundering-light> +1
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<Cyan-Lime-37> +1
<CanoeBerry> Final objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<SweetXOGrannie> irc is running slow
<CanoeBerry> Thrice..
<thundering-light> SweetXOGrannie: Yup!
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED with mentoring/blogging strategy needing clarification.
<SweetXOGrannie> can I take the ticket
<CanoeBerry> Thanks ALL -- meeting adjourned -- Happy Everybody and enjoy what's left of the decade fast!!!


<sandrat> What is the schedule for reviewing
<CanoeBerry> Next Friday is not a holiday so we should be back on schedule then.
<sandrat> ok
<Cyan-Lime-37> Thanks and happy New Year all!
<sandrat> everything is up on the wiki
<thundering-light> Thanks and Happy new year!
<CanoeBerry> Those Word documents need to be wiki-published, or similarly made accessible without hassle to all :)
<sandrat> they already are!
* Russet-Cerise-74  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: Links need to be made clear. Application did not have 1 readable line in RT unfortunately.
<Cyan-Lime-37> you need to set a standard Office App or Doc template for OLPC project
<sandrat> ok.. didn't get that.  the link isn't in the proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Our Open Source community asks that material be published in open-formats online.
<sandrat> where do I put the link then?  in the RT
<Cyan-Lime-37> Just a quick question CanoeBerry?
<CanoeBerry> The application arrived too late for this meeting and was not readable in RT.
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: sure!
<sandrat> So that means not in the contributor projects page?
<SweetXOGrannie> sandrat...cut and paste works well
<Cyan-Lime-37> Will we recieve XO1.5 for our test and demo
<sandrat> just tell me where I need to create the link  or maybe it wasn't valid in time?
<CanoeBerry> did not have 1 readable line when it arrived.
<sandrat> OK  .  I'll update the ticket with the link
<CanoeBerry> Information needs to be crystal clear.
<Cyan-Lime-37> We must beat Apple and Dell for those people
<sandrat> please let me know if there is anything not clear.  I worked hard to get something on-line as soon as I saw the meeting notice
<sandrat> I am open to feedback anytime?   just let me know
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: would you like to modify your 5-XO request to 4 XO-1's plus 1 XO-1.5?
<CanoeBerry> We do not distribute XO-1.5's for show at this time.
<CanoeBerry> But later this spring get in touch please.
<CanoeBerry> Later this winter!
<SweetXOGrannie> The XO-1.0 software is much more stable right now than the XO-1.5 will be when first released
<Cyan-Lime-37> 2 1.5 is also fine at first phase,
<SweetXOGrannie> I have been testing and some things don't work yet
<Cyan-Lime-37> we do not need all 5 at begining
<CanoeBerry> Sorry XO-1.5's are not currently available thru the Contributors Program here.
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: I will ship 3 XO-1's OK?
<sandrat> I am willing to mentor Uganda Project 4 if you want addtional people on it
<Cyan-Lime-37> What about 2 1.0 and one 1.5 since I informed them about new model
* thundering-light  Quit ("getting late:1:44 AM...gotta go")
<SweetXOGrannie> Suggest domo on the XO-1s, use XO-1.5 as preview of coming attractions
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<sandrat> Sorry don't think I can make Camb meeting tomorrow family visits
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: the reason I suggested 3+ XO-1's is that I want to encourage you to loan out XO's in your community if you have time :)
<Cyan-Lime-37> Ok
<CanoeBerry> Let me know.
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: If you're family's interested, consider inviting them :)
<Cyan-Lime-37> Yes I will lend to them and other people so 3 is good
<sandrat> Please let me know if the information is not crystal clear. Mark's proposal has too much narrative, so I have edited it down
<sandrat> I have updated the ticket : pasted the url in
<sandrat> Sorry   10 month old baby .. otherwise I would
<CanoeBerry> Cyan-Lime-37: Agreed-- 3 XO-1's it will be for now, with an XO-1.5 hopefully available for you later this winter.
<sandrat> maybe brooke marchewka would go to the meeting.  I will call her
<Cyan-Lime-37> That is fine
<Cyan-Lime-37> Thanks you
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: thanks for helping Bill/Mark make all his great materials tactile & presentable prior to our next meeting, so nobody get's lost.
<SweetXOGrannie> is mel still there?
<SweetXOGrannie> guess not... see you all next week. Happy New Year
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