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* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

  #1 XO Mobile and Lending Library for Haitians - Delray Beach, Florida
  #2 Apex Communication aid for the earthquake victims of Haiti - Miami, Florida
  #3 Project Success Links: 3 Projects For Change - Los Angeles area, California
  #4 Small Solutions/Hands of charity @ Keongo School - Kenya / Newburyport, Massachusetts

<Caryl> Had trouble signing in. Had to retype "join #...etc" Brian may have problems too
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<Caryl> hi Sandra!
<CanoeBerry> Ciao Caryl & Sandra!
<CanoeBerry> Brian will be 20min late -- which is fine as his project is #3 -- but keep an eye on him 
Caryl to make sure he gets onboard then :)
<sandrat> Gruessen
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<sandrat> still reading the Haiti emails and info
<Caryl> I had trouble signing in.  Brian may also.
<Caryl> Adam, did you send the email with the projects? I didn't see it.
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<Caryl> Hi lime-red do we know you?
<CanoeBerry> Alrighty!
<Caryl> now I see it.  Let me sign out and in again!
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<CanoeBerry> Lime-Red-55: say a quick hello / introduction if possible!
<CanoeBerry> Welcome Sandy.
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<SweetXOGrannie> I'm back
<CanoeBerry> Seems we lost Caryl but she helped preparing several applicants so she'll be back..
<CanoeBerry> Indeed!
<CanoeBerry> Shall we do a rolling start?
<CanoeBerry> Until others join, let's.
<Lime-Red-55> Hi, I am Ishtiaque
<Lime-Red-55> I am new in here
<CanoeBerry> Welcome Ishtiaque all the way from Bangladesh, unbelievable!
<CanoeBerry> Do you sleep?
<Lime-Red-55> yes, I do
<Lime-Red-55> it is 1 am in bangladesh
<CanoeBerry> OK, we'll get moving then.
<Lime-Red-55> and I will sleep after some time
<CanoeBerry> Agenda here:
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[ PROJECT #1 - XO Mobile and Lending Library for Haitians - Delray Beach, Florida ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all help us now review/critique/vote/advocate for Project #1 here:
* esk-d00d is now known as EricKenvin
<CanoeBerry> 1. XO Mobile and Lending Library for Haitians - Delray Beach, Florida
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 3 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Immediate/Short term objective: help Haitian children in Delray Beach 
<CanoeBerry> help
<CanoeBerry>    their families make contact with people in Haiti due to the 2010 
<CanoeBerry> earth quake.
<CanoeBerry>    Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Connect with the Haitian community here is Delray Beach thru 
<CanoeBerry> organizations
<CanoeBerry>    such as the Catholic church and schedule locations where the XOs can 
<CanoeBerry> be taken
<CanoeBerry>    and made available for use primarily as a means of finding friends 
<CanoeBerry> and family
<CanoeBerry>    via established web sites such as 
<CanoeBerry>    Once people are found the XOs can be used to communicate with those 
<CanoeBerry> in Haiti.
<CanoeBerry> EricKenvin: please say a quick hello/intro if you can!
<CanoeBerry> And help us approve/deny these 4 OLPC/XO/Sugar projects here if poss.
<CanoeBerry> Is the applicant here to help introduce the above project?
<cjb> how will the laptops get to haiti?
<cjb> the news today said the airport is jammed full of arriving planes :)
<CanoeBerry> They won't if I understand this project correctly.
<CanoeBerry> But I need to read it more carefully.
<cjb> oh
<cjb> ok
<cjb> aren't there already public computers available in that area, e.g. at a public library?
<EricKenvin> hello, I'm an RIT student currently working on an educational game intended to teach 4th grade math
<CanoeBerry> No doubt.  The applicant has however started her own library with 4+ XO she purchased, and now seeks to 
expand it.
<EricKenvin> they probably don't have power at the moment though
<CanoeBerry> Elcome Eric.
<SweetXOGrannie> I can help explain.  Some of these people are of undocumented status.  They would be more 
comfortable in the church or other safe setting
<CanoeBerry> EricKenvin: for background on our Haiti discussions please see and where Haiti's power issues have begun to be discussed.
<CanoeBerry> EG.
<CanoeBerry> And
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<sandrat> Power has got to be a problem in haiti itself, but this project is to setup in Delray beach to connect to 
Haiti right ?
<CanoeBerry> jeremyflores: welcome
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: yes
<SweetXOGrannie> this project is in Florida
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: will you mentor or is it more realistic to find someone else given you imminent 
monthlong trip?
<sandrat> is there a possiblity that the power solutions  can get delivered to the OLPC location?
<CanoeBerry> jeremyflores: please feel free to introduce yourself and help us constructively critique today's 4 
<SweetXOGrannie> Someone in FL would be ideal
<sandrat> Florida - might benefit from something like Frontline SMS .. uses cell phones to get emergency info and 
post it on a website
<raphsabb> i know for a fact that there is power in haiti(in case someone needed to know)
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: make your power question more specific please -- OLPC's Contributors Program does not provide 
electricity-related peripherals at this time.
<SweetXOGrannie> I would love to stay as a co-mentor to help with the library part after the communication need 
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: welcome!
<raphsabb> hi all
<cjb> Haiti's net connection is down, but I guess it might come back later
<raphsabb> its up
<SweetXOGrannie> Hi Raphael!
<raphsabb> i am currently chatting with my mother
<SweetXOGrannie> :)
<raphsabb> YES
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: huge thanks for the hard on-the-groun info.
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<raphsabb> no problem
<CanoeBerry> I vote yes for Delray Beach's library having talk to her by phone, but also believing she needs ongoing 
mentoring, I and Caryl can co-mentor but who else?
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: can you?
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<CanoeBerry> tabs: Ciao to the sleepy side of the world!
<sandrat> if the plan is for Florida to connect to XOs in Haiti .. we need to know about power in that Haiti 
<tabs> good morning
<raphsabb> I am making a request also
<CanoeBerry> Morning New Zealand.
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: your request (Project #2 today) follows next, as soon we vote here.
<CanoeBerry> Please vote now.
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<raphsabb> right I was just saying I dont think I can mentor?
<sandrat> I'd love to see if we could port or use SMS to receive person location data.. would provide info on that
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all for please voting on Project's #1 above.
<SweetXOGrannie> having lots of problems with irc
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<CanoeBerry> carolruthsilver: welcome from San Francisco (or are you in Afghanistan?)
<sandrat> +1
<EricKenvin> +1
<CanoeBerry> +1 if mentor assigned.
<CanoeBerry> Mentor please?
<SweetXOGrannie> I will co-mentor
<Lime-Red-55> I say, YES ... I would love to see how OLPC s perform in making "hastily Formed Networks" to help the 
<sandrat> I will co-
<carolruthsilver> In SF, and apologies for being late, I was having trouble finding you.  I won't vote on #1, but 
will listen/look next.
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: are you swamped, or do you have time to call your Haiti "colleague" just north of Miami?
<raphsabb> no I can call, I juss dont know what mentoring entails
<CanoeBerry> Great. Last call: objections / alternatives?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, with mentoring / posting to required.
<SweetXOGrannie> I can help you Raphael  I'll co-mentor

[ PROJECT #2 - Apex Communication aid for the earthquake victims of Haiti - Miami, Florida ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 now -- please all help critique:
<raphsabb> ok well Im in then
<CanoeBerry> 2. Apex Communication aid for the earthquake victims of Haiti - Miami, 
<CanoeBerry> Florida
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XOs over 2 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We plan to provide a means of communication to the victims of the
<CanoeBerry>    earthquake in Haiti. With their homes destroyed, we want to provide 
<CanoeBerry> access
<CanoeBerry>    to the internet so that they can give their loved ones abroad a sign 
<CanoeBerry> of life.
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: can you introduce your work in a few sentences for us?
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<raphsabb> sure
<CanoeBerry> Great
<raphsabb> I am the Tech admin at Apex Training Center
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<raphsabb> we have schools in haiti in one in florida
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<CanoeBerry> What is Apex?
<CanoeBerry> Briefly..
<CanoeBerry> Do you have an Apex web site?
<raphsabb> it is a Technical school(like ITT tech) mainly catering to haitians
<raphsabb> not atm
* FranXOphonie  Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
<raphsabb> it provides hvac licensing and the sort
<CanoeBerry> What ages and classes are taught?
<CanoeBerry> OK
<CanoeBerry> tell us your Haiti plan, sorry to interrupt.
<carolruthsilver> Are the XO laptops to be distributed in Haiti or among diaspora in Florida?
<raphsabb> right lol
<raphsabb> ok
<raphsabb> the laptops are actually needed to provide the poeple in haiti with a way to tell their loved ones that 
they are ok
<raphsabb> I myself was only able to hear from my mother yesterday
<CanoeBerry> By phone?
<sandrat> will users have a place or way to recharge XO batteries
<raphsabb> no online the internet is actually the best way to communicate atm since its satelite based
<raphsabb> we have a few lacotions with wireless internet setup
<SweetXOGrannie> You have people going down there next week via the Dominican Republic, right?
<sandrat> great that there is satellite available
<raphsabb> I have a first group that went today
<CanoeBerry> Great. Have you made progress on your power/electricity planning.?
<EricKenvin> the only possible problem I see with this is distribution.  As I undertand, the airport(s) are having 
problems getting in crucial aid
<raphsabb> and based on the success we will be having more people go
<CanoeBerry> A few basic tips here, as you may have seen:
<sandrat> There is a delivery route established now thru Dominican Republic
<raphsabb> they are in dr right now
<raphsabb> they rented a van and will be taking the road in the morning
<sandrat> route is over the mountains they said
<CanoeBerry> DR to the rescue, hmm-- that's promising the roads are passable.
<CanoeBerry> We hope.
<CanoeBerry> Back to business here.
<raphsabb> the roads are fine there's ban buses out already
<EricKenvin> that's good.  I was just concerned about interfering with the red cross's efforts.  But if there's 
already a route planned...
<SweetXOGrannie> thats' how Anderson Cooper got there
<CanoeBerry> How can we help?
<raphsabb> he cheated lol he used a helicopter
<CanoeBerry> Is there a plan around electricity yet?
<carolruthsilver> What about power source?  The van could recharge -- do you have the cigaret lighter power cords?
<raphsabb> ok so far there is electricity with generators
<CanoeBerry> When Haiti's power grid comes back (could be months?) do they use US/Canada/Mexico standard plugs?
<EricKenvin> or possibly a propane generator?
<sandrat> cool
<raphsabb> standard plugs
<CanoeBerry> OK
<CanoeBerry> So where do we stand -- what's needed and what's the next step?
<sandrat> I heard that jet plane batteries are the best.  maybe somewhere in salvage
<carolruthsilver> Will the helper personnel stay with the laptops or will they be handed to locals?
<sandrat> fuel for generators could be an issue
<CanoeBerry> Question for Later: Is moral/financial support from Project #1 appropriate, in the form of local 
Miami-area partnerships?
<sandrat> what is location of target kids, and how many
<raphsabb> no they will stay with the helpers in designated "cybercafe" type setups
<carolruthsilver> Stay with helpers = good.
<sandrat> sounds like a good strategy
<CanoeBerry> Child ownership (OLPC's core philosophy) can wait a bit in this emergency. Who are the helpers, if you 
<CanoeBerry> Since kids often won't have homes, it hardly makes sense to ask kids to take the laptops home.
<raphsabb> i have the first team that went down today
<raphsabb> and if approved the second team who would be carrying the laptops down there
<carolruthsilver> Cigaret lighter power cords -- check it out for power.
<EricKenvin> agree with carolruthsilver, if the intent is to get word from survivorrs to family, it would be best to 
just have them set up for quick usage
<raphsabb> u mean inverters? yes we have a few
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: what's the size of this 2nd team and when would they (fly?) to DR or so?
<EricKenvin> to reach a max amount of people
<carolruthsilver> no, not inverters.  Direct current, no inverter.
<raphsabb> just like the first it will be about 6 people
<raphsabb> and depending on whats possible they will fly to dr or directly
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: what's your experience with OLPC or XO Laptops?
<raphsabb> no experience with them but 7 years with linux
<CanoeBerry> Are you comfortable with the smaller screen and browser etc?  And the Sugar Learning Platform as 
different from a standard Linux interface generally.
<CanoeBerry> These XO-1's will not have direct access to Fedora/Gnome FYI, as XO-1.5's are not yet available for 
another month or so sorry.
<raphsabb> i understand that it is python based which(if ur a programmer) is great
<CanoeBerry> But certainly it's all Linux Fedora 9 under the hood.
<CanoeBerry> Sounds great.
<CanoeBerry> I vote +1 to move forward.
<CanoeBerry> Others?
<raphsabb> the smaller screens are nto a problem since we dont plan on using them for nothing more than juss sending 
an email or a quick facebook update
<SweetXOGrannie> +1 (of course!)
<culseg> raphsabb: download a Sugar on a Stick at
<carolruthsilver> +1
<EricKenvin> +1
<culseg> +1
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: what other questions do you have for us?
<raphsabb> will do
<raphsabb> how long do you guys think it would take for them to get to me?
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<raphsabb> I have to plan the trip accordingly
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: we can ship overnight if nec, but the MLK holiday is a problem.
<CanoeBerry> what's your need?
<CanoeBerry> Is Wednesday/Thursday/Friday arrival next week ok?
<raphsabb> well as soon as possible off course but as long as I have a time frame I can start getting things going
<carolruthsilver> Suggest each laptop be assigned a number and assigned to one person, and they take resp for 
learning system, keeping safe.
<sandrat> +1
<raphsabb> yes next week would be fine
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: yes, please consider empowering individuals/kids "ownership" (or long-term loans of XO) who 
can lead others via community support.
<SweetXOGrannie> Adam will be able to send you a delivery date as soon as they are shipped
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: deal-- is Friday arrival a week from today OK?
<raphsabb> that will work
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: let us support you going forward -- even if you aren't yet ready to join our community 
support team, please consider it later: 
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED. Onto Project #3 now, OK?
<SweetXOGrannie> Where is Brian?
<raphsabb> +1
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: Can you ring Brian?
<raphsabb> thank you guys and God bless
<SweetXOGrannie> will try got to find the number
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: we will email you the Delray Beach phone number if local South Florida support helps you.
<SweetXOGrannie> Bye Raphael... I'lll send those links we discussed this morning

[ PROJECT #3 - Project Success Links: 3 Projects For Change - Los Angeles area, California ]

<CanoeBerry> OK, plz all review/critique project #3 here:
<CanoeBerry> Project Success Links: 3 Projects For Change - Los Angeles area, 
<CanoeBerry> California
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 15 XOs over undetermined months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Our project objective is to inspire and educate elementary school 
<CanoeBerry> children
<CanoeBerry>    to take an active role in their community by utilize technology tools 
<CanoeBerry> for 3
<CanoeBerry>    Projects for Change.
<CanoeBerry>    This project-oriented program will also act as a professional development
<CanoeBerry>    program, which can help kids identify personal skills and develop career
<CanoeBerry>    interests. The success of these projects will introduce different 
<CanoeBerry> positive
<CanoeBerry>    activities that can be emulated by other children.
<raphsabb> great thanks again for the help, and I would love to join in on the help after I take care of this
<CanoeBerry> Aside: Applicant is taking time off work to help Caryl present at
<CanoeBerry> raphsabb: our gang would like you to help you along the too, keep in touch en route
<CanoeBerry> *along the way too
<EricKenvin> What is the age range for the LA project?
* raphsabb  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
<SweetXOGrannie> 6-12
<CanoeBerry> grades K thru 6
<CanoeBerry> school in Pasadena, Calif
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: does Brian have time?
<CanoeBerry> Both now and in future, to properly shepherd this project?
<SweetXOGrannie> Couldn't reach him Maybe in a meetinr with sarah p
<CanoeBerry> Sarah P?
<CanoeBerry> Hah
<SweetXOGrannie> Yes he will have time bc he has others working with him  and there are actually 3 sites
<SweetXOGrannie> also his father is retired and will help
<CanoeBerry> OK, Caryl, can you provide us your view on this revised proposal and how/who/where it will help LA and 
<SweetXOGrannie> this is a well planned project with excellent use of the Sugar Activities
<CanoeBerry> Great, go on..
<SweetXOGrannie> Water.... severe problem rationed!
<SweetXOGrannie> Kids will learn to present ideas for causes (like water etc) and in turn, themselves when they look 
for employment
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<CanoeBerry> crs: welcome back!
<crs> Thanks.
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: show us your stuff, advocate for LaLa-Land's work here while we wait for Brian!
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<sandrat> There is a lot here about developing a career related material, but little detail about what this material 
is, or why use XO for this?
<SweetXOGrannie> students will devise and create publicity materials for a reading contest at their school
<CanoeBerry> Or should we defer here til next week, when Brian can better represent his work?
<sandrat> Brian's project: need more detail on learning content...
<sandrat> defer
<CanoeBerry> Brian also needs more public web materials, beyond just:
<SweetXOGrannie> The content is there. REad the proposal
<CanoeBerry> which might not even be relevant to his work here anymore?
<SweetXOGrannie> Probably not.  I don't think he needed to do that yet
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: what the strongest section of Brian's proposal we should all read?
<CanoeBerry> Apologies it's a bit long and I have not read it yet.
<SweetXOGrannie> TJust a sec... let me look
<SweetXOGrannie> :9
<SweetXOGrannie> :(
<crs> The blind leadeth the blind?
<crs> Query:  is this putting laptops into LA public school?  And if 10 of them, who gets ownership?
<sandrat> I read most of it. ... but still not clear on implementation
<SweetXOGrannie> Not LA City schools.
<crs> LA private schools?  School in LA?  Or not in LA?
<SweetXOGrannie> 3 projects  one about water, one about Reading, one about the arts.
<CanoeBerry> OK: Caryl plz tell Brian to get his troops fired up and if he does a smashing job, I'll spend my own 
money to fly out to LA Feb 19-onwards to check this out and properly represent OLPC/Sugar and your Southern Calif 
Gang at
<CanoeBerry> Let's try to bring this to a conclusion now.
<CanoeBerry> 3pm
<SweetXOGrannie> Working with Burbank School in Pasadena CA
<SweetXOGrannie> Promise?
<crs> Private or public school?
<SweetXOGrannie> Brian will be helping with the OLPC booth at SCaLE
<SweetXOGrannie> Public
<SweetXOGrannie> but a small district
<CanoeBerry> My Feeling: I definitely want to support this (Brian's worked his butt off supporting OLPC at Fox etc) 
but we need more web-materials etc before I can ship.
<CanoeBerry> Let's try to come to a consensus.
<CanoeBerry> How do we move forward?
<SweetXOGrannie> OK, how about a conditional approval pending putting up the web stuff
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<crs> I think putting XO into public schools across the US is a good PR thing, so would go 1+.
<SweetXOGrannie> +1 of course
<CanoeBerry> OK, who will mentor to make such Conditional Approval stick?
<SweetXOGrannie> I will
<CanoeBerry> OK.
<SweetXOGrannie> I will hassle him until it happens!
<CanoeBerry> +1 for conditional approval
<CanoeBerry> Other votes please.
<SweetXOGrannie> He won't get them until he posts the stuff
<CanoeBerry> Objections? Endorsments?
<SweetXOGrannie> Still +1
<crs> +1
<sandrat> I'll wait to see the info
<CanoeBerry> Thanks for the thoughts. Let's continue studying/supporting Brian's work to get this onto the 
<CanoeBerry> Last Call..
<CanoeBerry> 3..
<CanoeBerry> 2..
<CanoeBerry> 1..
<SweetXOGrannie> sandrat... Brian contributed a section to this summers Book sprint it explains his rationale
<CanoeBerry> CONCLUSION: Conditional Approval, based on full web-publication of learning strategy details.
<sandrat> great .. that helps
<CanoeBerry> And blog if possible!!!
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4 now, ok?
<crs> OK

[ PROJECT #4 - Small Solutions/Hands of charity @ Keongo School - Kenya / Newburyport, Massachusetts ]

<CanoeBerry> Please all help (re)review Project #4 here:
<CanoeBerry> Small Solutions/Hands of charity @ Keongo School - Kenya / 
<CanoeBerry> Newburyport, Massachusetts
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XOs over 4 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We hope to make learning of Mathematics easier and more interesting by
<CanoeBerry>    using the activities the XO laptop has to inspire interest and
<CanoeBerry>    raise the average percentage mark of all the children by 20% by the
<CanoeBerry>    end of the three months.
<sandrat> request was changed to 7
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: can you introduce all the work you and Alan and Bill have done since last week?
<CanoeBerry> Clarif: 7 XOs? or 7 months?
<sandrat> hocmathematics blog is for new material, so expect something there in one week
<sandrat> 7 XOs for 4 months
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
* EricKenvin  Quit (Remote closed the connection)
<crs> What age kids?
<sandrat> team will leave XOs in the village for kids to use after school and on the weekend
<CanoeBerry> Thanks also to Bill who posted to overnight from Kenya
<CanoeBerry> Quasimonthly reporting is a Contributors Program requirement, and it's reassuring he's getting back to 
us now.
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: can you answer Carol Ruth Silver's question about ages etc?
<crs> If team will leave laptops in the village, this is not a loan but a donation -- ?
<sandrat> ooops  Ok,  so at this point they don't have the staff to leave them in the village
<sandrat> it is a loan
<sandrat> to demonstrate that the kids using XOs will improve their math skills and perform better on standard tests
<sandrat> when case proven XOs come back
<SweetXOGrannie> Well planned curriculum this week Good work!
<sandrat> we're working on sending $$
<crs> Are you going to do an assessment before giving the laptops and then after, say, 3 months?
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: you've made awesome progress over the past week -- can milestone here be finalized hew now:
<sandrat> assessment was done last summer -
<crs> Example: administer standard tests day one, give laptops day 2, readminister tests day 30?
<sandrat> we have some milestones for them;  and may send someone on sight in March
<CanoeBerry> "(February) (ongoing schedule Mathematics (see curriculum section)"
<SweetXOGrannie> Where will the XOs go after 4 mos?  If it works, won't you want to continue? You can ask for up to 
24 mos
<CanoeBerry> "(March)(schedule continues see Curriculum below)"
<CanoeBerry> "(April) Measuring Outcomes"
<sandrat> We're hoping to get them donated laptops by then to continue and are applying for grants for them
<crs> What age are the kids involved?
<sandrat> 6 - 15 they said
<sandrat> they have a 6 or more groups that cycle through the classes
<CanoeBerry> Your wiki page needs beefing up here -- the timeline/milestones need precision -- and an actual link to 
the "Curriculum below" which does not appear.
<crs> Is this a one-room school, all kids various ages?  How many kids?
<sandrat> it is not one room, and kids are divided into age groups; however they may be some mixed groups
<sandrat> OK:  didn't link the curriculum, it is further down on the same wiki page
<CanoeBerry> How many total kids have have contact with the 19 (current) + 7 (proposed) XOs?
<sandrat> 400 so far ..
<CanoeBerry> In addition to others you're hopefully russling up from US donations.
<sandrat> yes we are getting donations, I'm totally psyched about that
<CanoeBerry> 400 kids have contact with the XOs?
<sandrat> yes ...
<CanoeBerry> How many hours per week do they each have access?
<sandrat> they have two hours of classes each day of the week, so from the schedule each group may only get one or 
two classes a week
<crs> Are the teachers, administrators in favor of the laptops?  Is there any parent support for laptops?
<sandrat> They spent Sept - October getting teachers on board and letting them get time on the XO
<crs> goog!
<sandrat> teachers are totally psyched
<crs> Opps, I meant Good!
<sandrat> There are three people in each class, one to teach, others to help students and observe
<crs> And how many kids each class?
<sandrat> I don't know how small the groups are, whether they broke it down to 10 students in each group ..
<CanoeBerry> Later: how are you/we supporting Mark Bill Koech, who clearly is the voice of the project?
<sandrat> at one point the kids were sharing the laptop
<sandrat> We call him once a week or every two weeks, and use email  also
<CanoeBerry> Is Mark satisfied with the his role and the forward path?
<sandrat> Mark is totally dedicated.  His biggest concern is having enough money so that they can pay for their 
expenses while they are in the village
<CanoeBerry> But at least electricity is not an issue?
<sandrat> so we are working on that.  Our big fundraiser is scheduled now for early Feb, But we have some other 
<sandrat> No, they have been charging up XOs overnight
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps Mark Bill Koech can present to us one Sunday by phone?  Doesn't have to be 4PM boston time 
<sandrat> Mark is very determined, because he believes that the XO can really make a difference
<sandrat> sure Sunday is a good day to get him on the phone.  That is a great idea
<CanoeBerry> Is he comfortable talking in English to 10 poeple by phone?
<sandrat> English is the spoken language in Kenya; everyone speaks excellent english
<CanoeBerry> +1
<sandrat> he is a leader, very articulate. He has motivated other young people to do this with him
<CanoeBerry> Even better.
<CanoeBerry> Kenya has hope, for all its perpetual problems.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we?
<sandrat> Kenyans really want their country to be on the path to success. And they see education as key
<CanoeBerry> Let's invest in the muscle inside the mind.  Conclusion?
<crs> How many laptops are requested?
<CanoeBerry> Can we vote now and finish?
<SweetXOGrannie> +1
<CanoeBerry> 7 laptops for how many months?
<sandrat> I reduced original request to 7 .. but would be glad for more, there are a lot of kids
<sandrat> 10 would be super
<CanoeBerry> 4 seems rather short-- what's the summer plan at this school: can people and XO be brought together 
then usefully?
<sandrat> thank you so much sweetxogrannie
<SweetXOGrannie> sandra.. go for 24 mos
<sandrat> They want to continue in the summer; so in April we will provide status, and if  they need to keep some of 
the laptops will reapply to for the summer term
<CanoeBerry> Let's keep planning concrete.  Milestones must be tightened here:
<SweetXOGrannie> if you post regularly, you won't have to reapplyy
<CanoeBerry> But otherwise, I vote yes.
<sandrat> I know that Mark's plans now extend through the summer term;  no planning beyond that
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<sandrat> OK.  I've talked to Mark about the importance of contact and posting, and more details about the actual 
kids use of the XOs
<CanoeBerry> Please all vote if you can.
* dogi  Quit (Remote closed the connection)
<SweetXOGrannie> sketch what you would like to happen it isn't set in concrete.
<sandrat> I can amend plan, but would be happy to just have equipment to get through April.  I hope to go myself and 
check in with the project
* carolruthsilver  Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
<sandrat> I need to work more with Mark on milestones and deliverables;  we'll update ticket and wiki page
* crs  Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
* tabs  has joined #olpc-meeting
<sandrat> thanks for your support everyone
<CanoeBerry> Conclusion: approved. Thanks Sandra for keeping checkpoints real, and Bill in the loop!
<CanoeBerry> MEETING ADJOURNED, with thanks to all busting their butts to advance Haiti, LA, Kenya, Afghanistan.


<CanoeBerry> And Delray Beach!
<sandrat> we are all praying and thinking of the children in Haiti
<CanoeBerry> And the seniors too -- see Mike Lee's work here:
<tabs> and for the adults in Haiti
<SweetXOGrannie> Bye All  Adam.... I'll look forward to seeing you in LA on the 19th!
<sandrat> I went to our Catholic school that has a project in Haiti. They raised $3000 today for their school in
<CanoeBerry> SweetXOGrannie: I wish. If Brian and you light a fire under every kids in Pasadena, I'll be there.
* carolruthsilver  has joined #olpc-meeting
<carolruthsilver> Sorry, computer problems.  Am back.
<SweetXOGrannie> every???? I thought you just wanted the web page, blog, etc!!!!
<SweetXOGrannie> not fair!
<CanoeBerry> Brian and his pal Sarah P have to get their "Responsbility Project" off the bus shelter posters and 
into the history books.
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* jlew  Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
<SweetXOGrannie> Wonder where he really was today????  Well, gotta run.  I'm busy getting stuff ready for the trip.
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