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* XO-1.5 early production machines now available/shipping:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 SaigonOLPC - Somerville, Massachusetts & Vietnam
 #2 Columbus School for Girls - Broken XOs for Parts - Ohio
 #3 OLPC Bahamas
 #4 Amadou Basse Sall Primary School OLPC Edu Prjct - Dagana, Senegal
 #5 Lap-Swap: Integrating Technology for Education - Tempe, Arizona
 #6 Ntugi/UCC - Kenya & Canada

<CanoeBerry> Hi all, apologies our Contributors Program meeting will start 2:30pm today!
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<CanoeBerry> 2min warning, ready to start in a moment!
<CanoeBerry> Plz review past meetings for our critiquing/mentoring/voting approach:
<CanoeBerry> At long last -- agenda here:
<CanoeBerry> Shall we?
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all who have just a moment to critique other projects -- or mentor -- or vote!

[ PROJECT #1 - SaigonOLPC - Somerville, Massachusetts & Vietnam ]

<CanoeBerry> Very quickly now, let's fly thru right before the American long wkd -- starting with Project #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> SaigonOLPC - Somerville, Massachusetts & Vietnam
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO-1.5s over 2 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Improve children’s education and their skills at Ba
<CanoeBerry>    Chieu Shelter in Saigon.  Phase two is needed to follow up on how
<CanoeBerry>    actively girls are using the Xos and how much should be taught to them
<CanoeBerry>    to make them feel comfortable to sue XO in everyday life.
<CanoeBerry>    Ba Chieu Shleter is a role model for other Shelter in the city
<CanoeBerry>    It is a pilot project in the South of Vietnam, a part of Vietnam OLPC
<CanoeBerry>    project.  This project is important in building OLPC community and
<CanoeBerry>    raising awareness of Open Source Software and XO laptops
<CanoeBerry> +1 is my my vote as this applicant has been a very thorough longtime contributor.
<CanoeBerry> Comments?
<CanoeBerry> Critiques?
<CanoeBerry> Votes?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #2 - Columbus School for Girls - Broken XOs for Parts - Ohio ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 -- please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Columbus School for Girls requesting broken XOs for parts - Ohio
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests ? XOs
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    The main objective of this project is to interest and engage high school
<CanoeBerry>    girls in computer science through this hands-on, real-world, socially
<CanoeBerry>    relevant service learning project. Our school typically only fields
<CanoeBerry>    2-3 students in any given computer science class we offer, and they
<CanoeBerry>    are always the same 2-3 students. This project attracted over 40
<CanoeBerry>    students initially, which is almost 15% of our student body. The
<CanoeBerry>    service learning trip is the “hook” I needed to interest many
<CanoeBerry>    students in something they might not otherwise discover.
<CanoeBerry>    By all accounts, our first trip was a phenomenal success, with many
<CanoeBerry>    girls now interested in pursuing programming or other computer science
<CanoeBerry>    work. This second year, I will require more hardware work from the
<CanoeBerry>    students, so these broken laptops will help provide the equipment I need.
<NtugiMark> We have had great success with the OLPC's in Comp Sci and we disassemble them as part of our curriculum so that sounds great
<CanoeBerry> +1 is my vote as applicant is amazing -- and [her] students too.
<CanoeBerry> They need to blog more perhaps...
<NtugiMark> we should connect with them
<NtugiMark> since we do secondary too
<CanoeBerry> Where is their blog again, hmm?
<NtugiMark> we have the same...service trip as hook, and then Comp Sci thattrains
<CanoeBerry> They need to promote it more, as it's inivisible to Google, grr :)
<NtugiMark> great idea!
<CanoeBerry> Certainly these dozen young ladies made happen in the US Virgin Islands a month ago..
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<NtugiMark> How many laptops do they have,?
<CanoeBerry> They acquired about 50 by begging for donations here etc:
<CanoeBerry> Votes please?
<CanoeBerry> Let
<CanoeBerry> 's conclude.
<NtugiMark> +
<NtugiKevin> +
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #3 - OLPC Bahamas ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3 -- please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Bahamas
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XO-1.5s over 3-4 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We have a serious lacking in the area of education here in the 
<CanoeBerry> Bahamas. Our national average is a D+. I want to promote education 
<CanoeBerry> through technology and give the Bahamas a new industry of computer savvy 
<CanoeBerry> people working with technology and bringing us as a country into the 
<CanoeBerry> 21st century.
<CanoeBerry> This applicant has exchanged email with me several times, towards acquiring 100+ XO-1.5s
<CanoeBerry> While I support his work, I want to find out much more.
<CanoeBerry> I could use more details.
<NtugiMark> Agreed
<CanoeBerry> Motion: I'd suggest 1 XO-1.5 if he clarifies further by phone or irc here.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<KGMac> agreed as well
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> TENTATIVELY APPROVED for 1 XO-1.5 if more details are shared towards understands how this fits in with OLPC's mission:

[ PROJECT #4 - Amadou Basse Sall Primary School OLPC Edu Prjct - Dagana, Senegal ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4 -- please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Amadou Basse Sall Primary School OLPC Edu Prjct - Dagana, Senegal
<CanoeBerry> ] 
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 30 XOs over 24 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    - Provide school children with access to computer understanding and usage
<CanoeBerry>    - Use computers for pedagogical purposes
<CanoeBerry>    - Stimulate exchanges with another local school as well as enhance the
<CanoeBerry>      current pedagogical cooperation with a French primary school based in
<CanoeBerry>      Britanny (29920 Nevez France)
<CanoeBerry>      Headmistress: Mrs Dominique Puloch
<CanoeBerry>    - Capitalize on computing skills of one of the schools’ head masters who
<CanoeBerry>      will train the school teachers
<CanoeBerry>    - Take advantage of the existing limited computing infrastructure: 4 PCs
<CanoeBerry>      with internet access
<CanoeBerry>    - Involve pupils’ parents through allowing the children to bring XOs
<CanoeBerry>      home for their homework
<CanoeBerry>    - Stimulate Information exchanges within the local community*: town
<CanoeBerry>      administration, welfare center… on topics related to nutrition, health:
<CanoeBerry>      protection against malaria, schistosomiasis or vision deficiencies.
<CanoeBerry>      These diseases are a major issue in the region and lead amongst other
<CanoeBerry>      problems to school absenteeism.
<CanoeBerry>    - Helping families suffering from poverty and low education level with
<CanoeBerry>      administrative tasks, making XO an essential tool: The children, with
<CanoeBerry>      the help of their school teachers, will help the family write a letter
<CanoeBerry>      or a request for example. The draft could be sent through the Internet,
<CanoeBerry>      thanks to the PCs we have.
<CanoeBerry> This project needs a mentor.
<CanoeBerry> Applicants need to research the OLPC approach, and we will be happy to work with them to assign them a volunteer mentor if so.
<CanoeBerry> Let's put this on hold til then.
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<NtugiMark> none ...can there IT person do some OLPC training?
<CanoeBerry> Also note the Contributors Program rarely if ever offers more than 10 XOs...
<NtugiMark> their
<CanoeBerry> They should start by reading about others have approached OLPC deployments, eg:
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD -- see above for ideas on how to unblock this project proposal, thanks!

[ PROJECT #5 - Lap-Swap: Integrating Technology for Education - Tempe, Arizona ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5 -- please all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Lap-Swap: Integrating Technology for Education - Tempe, Arizona
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 2 XOs over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    My business concentrates on on-site IT support for local
<CanoeBerry>    homeowners and small business owners. Over the years I have 
<CanoeBerry> discovered that
<CanoeBerry>    when a laptop dies or becomes outdated to a customer's needs, 
<CanoeBerry> customers wish
<CanoeBerry>    to just replace the hardware rather than repair old technology. These
<CanoeBerry>    laptops are discarded, where they could be re-used by local schools 
<CanoeBerry> or other
<CanoeBerry>    non-profitable sanctions. More importantly however, I have identified a
<CanoeBerry>    unique opportunity to donate a portion of my profits to a cause I truly
<CanoeBerry>    believe in, OLPC. For each "Swap" I generally earn approximately $300-350
<CanoeBerry>    for delivering the hardware, setup, data transfer, software installation,
<CanoeBerry>    and network setup. I believe that a portion (~$75) can be donated per
<CanoeBerry>    "Lap-Swap" in an effort to donate one laptop per every 2-3 Lap-Swaps I
<CanoeBerry>    perform in the field. Additionally, older hardware can be donated for
<CanoeBerry>    re-distribution to local needy organizations such as lower-income schools
<CanoeBerry>    and cooperating non-profits. This plan should help all stakeholders 
<CanoeBerry> involved
<CanoeBerry>    as described below:
<CanoeBerry> Fuller Details @
<CanoeBerry> This is a very unusual application, but if this computer store raising serious+positive awareness for OLPC, why not?
<CanoeBerry> Donations to will not be refused...
<cjb> CanoeBerry: hm, sure, but they're asking us for laptops
<CanoeBerry> I've heard of this guy before.
<cjb> I don't think this belongs anywhere near the contributors program.
<CanoeBerry> I need to reconnect with his prior ideas.
<NtugiMark> CanoeBerry, does he have a website?
<CanoeBerry> cjb: if this guy does responsible outreach, great -- that's the question i'm having trouble evaluating.
<CanoeBerry> His prior email (can't find it) was very much in tune with our mission.
<CanoeBerry> I need to talk to him by phone to see more what's going on here.
<CanoeBerry> We're support local groups that take OLPC's mission seriously, eg. a local fundraiser in Rhode Island Aug 21 holds promise, etc: 
<CanoeBerry> Let's put this one on hold this we find out more.
<KGMac> maybe hold until CanoeBerry is satisfied with the direction?
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> ON HOLD until we find out more how this might work.

[ PROJECT #6 - Ntugi/UCC - Kenya & Canada ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #6 - plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> Ntugi/UCC: Kenya, Canada
<CanoeBerry> ]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10 XO-1.5s over 10 months
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    We hope to purchase 100 1.5's later this year, 50 of which will go to
<CanoeBerry>    Ntugi in Kenya, and 50 of which will be used in the ICS3U computer
<CanoeBerry>    science course here at UCC. In preparation for that...
<CanoeBerry>    1) We want to test out the 1.5's here in Toronto
<CanoeBerry>    2) We hope to take all 10 laptops to Kenya on July 13th to work on 
<CanoeBerry> the following:
<CanoeBerry>    - Measure the data pull at the newly constucted computer lab and outreach
<CanoeBerry>      centre at Ntugi
<CanoeBerry>    - Use Vernier sensors to develop shared curriculum in Biology,
<CanoeBerry>      Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Studies
<CanoeBerry>    - Determine how to install USB microscopes on the 1.5 for use in both
<CanoeBerry>      Canada and Kenya
<CanoeBerry>    - Expand blogging to include regular video blogging and creative-writing
<CanoeBerry>      co-blogging between our two schools
<CanoeBerry>    - Use Google Docs shared spreadsheets to share science data and analysis
<CanoeBerry>      measured on the ground in both our locations
<CanoeBerry>    - Explore the potential of the 1.5 for using Java applets and 
<CanoeBerry> applications
<CanoeBerry>      for simulation and analysis in Science
<CanoeBerry>    - Expand of the 'Horizons' mentoring program to bring Ntugi secondary
<CanoeBerry>      students to the two local primary schools in anticipation of the
<CanoeBerry>      repurposing of the current 30 XO 1.0's
<CanoeBerry>    - Explore the potetnial of the 1.5 for use with USB GPS and Google Earth.
<CanoeBerry> Do the applicants care to introduce this quickly?
<CanoeBerry> If possible?
<NtugiMark> Sure, there are four of us here...
<CanoeBerry> Thanks-- 1 or 2min is fine
<NtugiMark> We have 70 XO's here at UCC, and 30 in Kenya
<NtugiMark> we are looking to move into the next stage
<NtugiMark> KG will explain why we hope to work with the 1.5's
<CanoeBerry> Thanks -- 10 XO-1.5s would be an unusual application -- though 10 XO-1s are possible whenever a group is doing such solid work.
<KGMac> the 1.5's are needed as the 1.0 kernel supporrt is insufficient for us to develop the s/w to run the 400x digital microscopes with either luvcview or cheese.  we have tried the XtraOrdinary but it's a bit of a kluge.  I have it running on Ubuntu in Pilot
<CanoeBerry> How would you manage the very serious "jealousy" issue with 10 kids having XO-1.5s and 30 having XO-1s?
<NtugiMark> we are trying to bridge before the purchase of 100 later this year
<CanoeBerry> Aside: note that XO-1s worked fine with (Intel?) microscopes in Tanzania here:
<NtugiMark> we will use the 1.5's for supervised labwork  and instrumentation
<CanoeBerry> (Asad Moten @ MIT)
<NtugiMark> and the 1.0's for individual use
<CanoeBerry> How many kids in the school?
<UCCadam> Link: is a good analysis of work so far.
<NtugiMark> 250 and growing...because of the laptops the grade 9 and 10 classes have doubled
<NtugiMark> accordingly, Safaricom has built 2 new classrooms
<NtugiKevin> we need the microscopes� at X400 magnification. What is the magnification of the intels?
<CanoeBerry> Are you saturating Grades 9 or 10?
<NtugiMark> and we have just finished the new computer lab (wired, with solar)
<NtugiMark> well, they only have 25 right now
<CanoeBerry> NtugiKevin: not sure, sorry -- Mark has Asad Moten's email address to ask how his Intel microscopes worked in Tanzania.
<NtugiMark> so they have a schedule of rotation through the grades and subjects
<NtugiMark> they are used every day for about 4 hrs
<NtugiMark> individual use at lunch and after school (teachers and studebts)
<CanoeBerry> Are you moving towards "child ownership" (OLPC's principle #1) now if not later?
<NtugiMark> curricular use the rest of the time
<NtugiMark> we have added the new lab and coming solar to keep up with demand
<KGMac> the 640x480 Vehos would appear to work, it's the 1920x1600 400x that seem to need the 10+ kernel
<CanoeBerry> (In other words, will the kids have the chance to take the XO laptops home ever?)
<NtugiMark> saturation is our goal
<KGMac> the home effort is very important do already.  we use tekkeon batteris, sunlinq solar panels, and cradlepoint 3G routers
<CanoeBerry> I like this project and support it for many reasons.
<cjb> yeah, it looks like you're doing lots of good stuff
<cjb> perhaps even one of the most advanced school trials we have :)
<NtugiMark> here's the tekkeon being used
<CanoeBerry> Indeed -- though I'm not sure if we should ship 10 XO-1s or 10 XO-1.5s -- and want to hear how they might move towards child ownership -- as in Haiti it was deemed impossible, but there were wonderful results when kids had time to putter on their own time.
<CanoeBerry> Final ideas / suggestions so we can conclude?
<KGMac> i am not convinced that the next piece of curriculum can be handled under Fedora 9.  It's been a real battle.
<CanoeBerry> Note our new solar panels will be available at within about a month.
<cjb> I guess there's a question of whether 5 would be sufficient instead of 10
<cjb> but otherwise I think I'm +1
<CanoeBerry> Still 10W, new voltage regulator..
<cjb> Richard might be interested in getting solar feedback with the 1.5s too
<CanoeBerry> Yes
<CanoeBerry> Any conclusions from the UCC group on child ownership possibilities?
<KGMac> the sunlinqs are 12 W 850 milliamps
<CanoeBerry> Or at least "laptop library" approaches so that different kids can take the XOs home?
<UCCadam> the possibility is there we would love to have one per child
<NtugiMark> I think the library approach is an extension of what we have going
<cjb> UCCadam: I think we're mainly asking about taking the laptops home somehow
<NtugiMark> right now, the full time ownership is hard given only 30 computers in a school of 250
<NtugiMark> but the new lab is designed for outreach
<NtugiMark> and the laoning library would be a logital bridge
<NtugiMark> loaning
<CanoeBerry> Let's set a strong example moving in the direction of children taking XOs home and tinkering with them on their own time, so Kenya can look to this as a possible shining light of OLPC's vision, can we?
<NtugiMark> if we had a complement of 1.5's we could test our tech needs and develop software
<NtugiMark> but with a few more 1.0's we could designate those as take-home machines
<CanoeBerry> 5 XO-1s + 5 XO-1.5s?
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude.
<NtugiMark> I agree with the principles,
<cjb> or even 10 XO-1 + 5 XO-1.5?
<CanoeBerry> Yes. We can fine tune the mix later if nec.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<KGMac> +1
<CanoeBerry> I support 10 XO-1s and 5 XO-1.5 if the customs issues can be mitigated.
<CanoeBerry> Shipping to Canada or Kenya in the coming 10 days is possible.
<CanoeBerry> Let's wrap up.
<NtugiMark> We can take them over with us on July 13th if they can get here before then
<CanoeBerry> I will use the shipping address within the application unless a following email mentions otherwise.
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED: Laptops will ship Tues Jul 6.
<NtugiMark> I'll send the customs broker
<CanoeBerry> Thanks's all. Have a great weekend!
<CanoeBerry> Meeting adjourned.
<NtugiMark> Thank you all.
<KGMac> thanks
<NtugiKevin> thanks
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