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    * fast review of a couple of the latest (greatest!) laptop/project proposals:
    * some inspiring new "Laptop Lending Libraries" very recently proposed in quite a number of countries!
    * how we can support these Library Entrepreneurs to ensure their success
    * your questions about FREE Hardware/Parts Returns, available THIS WEEK ONLY:


<CanoeBerry> Hi Meeting will start here in a moment!  Plz help our community review of XO Laptop-related projects!
* Culseg  has joined #olpc-meeting
<dogi> hi
<CanoeBerry> Welcome :)
<mtd> hi
<hullaw> Hello all!
<CanoeBerry> Anil is away sadly!  He off on a grand trip to Asia for almost a month.
<CanoeBerry> We will miss him badly ;)
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Culseg, dogi, mtd, hullaw, Caryl!
<mtd> CanoeBerry: hi
<CanoeBerry> I hope Anil will report his successes as he travels thru Asia over the coming month.
<CanoeBerry> mtd: plz introduce yourself if you can.
<unmadindu> hello
<CanoeBerry> (No obligation, if privacy is important)
<Caryl> Hi  I'm neglecting my Chinese homework while I do the Spanish translation of the Contrib Prog Page
<CanoeBerry> Hi unmadindu!
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I am Martin Dengler -
<CanoeBerry> Great, thanks Martin.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I live in the UK and am helping start up OLPC-UK with dsd and others
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I am a G1G1 2007 Xo owner
<CanoeBerry> Fantastic.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: and python developer when I'm working.
<CanoeBerry> Let's start with our main proposal from this week if possible!


<CanoeBerry> We need to evaluate Sugar Labs, DC / Chalatenango Free Software Education Project [USA, EL SALVADOR]
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<CanoeBerry> Hi Yama!
<yamaplos> hi!
<yamaplos> sorry got late
<CanoeBerry> We just got started and need to look over the DC + El Salvador proposal above.
<yamaplos> right on
<CanoeBerry> 10+25 machines.
<yamaplos> do we have any with Spanish kbd avaliable?
<CanoeBerry> I will now paste in the LONG objectives of this project.  Plz forgive me as 20+ lines will now fly by...
<CanoeBerry> Year 1:
<CanoeBerry> * Integrate gasp ( into pippy
<CanoeBerry> ( so that students can create gasp
<CanoeBerry> programs easily using pippy.
<CanoeBerry> * Translate the Gasp Python Course
<CanoeBerry> ( into
<CanoeBerry> Spanish.
<CanoeBerry> * Teach the Gasp Python Course to middle school age students (12 to 15
<CanoeBerry> year
<CanoeBerry> olds) in both Chalatenango, El Salvador and Arlington, Virginia, USA.
<CanoeBerry> * Grow a free software learning community between Chaletenango, El
<CanoeBerry> Salvador
<CanoeBerry> and Arlington, Virginia, USA.
<CanoeBerry> * Integrate Internet as learning resource for students to reinforce their
<CanoeBerry> classes.
<CanoeBerry> * Build environmental sensors at low cost for students to collect
<CanoeBerry> environmental data.
<CanoeBerry> Year 2:
<CanoeBerry> * Generalize the TimeLapse ( application
<CanoeBerry> now
<CanoeBerry> under development by the Sugar Labs, DC programmers into a flexible
<CanoeBerry> scientific data gathering and reporting tool.
<CanoeBerry> * Work with the water quality experts at El Centro para la Defensa del
<CanoeBerry> Consumidor (CDC)
<CanoeBerry> to determine the most useful data needed to assure local water quality.
<CanoeBerry> * Obtain and / or design the needed data gathering devices to work with
<CanoeBerry> TimeLapse
<CanoeBerry> on the XO to gather the required data.
<CanoeBerry> * Empower Proyecto Juan Chacon de Software Libre to share their activities
<CanoeBerry> through the web with the rest of the world, developing the skills they
<CanoeBerry> need to
<CanoeBerry> do "community journalism" and to publish their work.
<CanoeBerry> * Develop environmental sensor controllers to automatize environmental
<CanoeBerry> data collection.
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<Caryl> What is gasp?
* yamaplos away
<hullaw> +1
<unmadindu> Caryl: Graphics API for Students of Python
<CanoeBerry> Small Point: they request 25 Spanish keyboard which we cannot provide.
<CanoeBerry> Personal aside: I met this project's leader Mr Elkner in DC 1 week ago, and am very impressed so far.
<unmadindu> lack of a Spanish key should not be a _major_ issue
<unmadindu> the differences are not that high
<CanoeBerry> Agreed.
<Culseg> project looks OK, can they start pilot in DC and determine next stage with in country XOs in English
<CanoeBerry> Testimonials look good: it's reassuring that 4 people with pretty full references are involved.
<CanoeBerry> Correction: 5 people.
<Caryl> This sounds like a great project.  The regular English keyboard actually can work if they don't mind using it (some countries were upset when the had them instead of Spanish)
<Culseg> perhaps they could be persuaded to put down some 6 month markers of interim project goals
<CanoeBerry> Their web site is lacking.  But so is my Spanish ;)
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: good idea.  Who can help mentor?
<Caryl> Documentation of this would be useful for a lot of things besides OLPC
<Caryl> If no one else wants it, I'd love to
<hullaw> Caryl: +1
<hullaw> Caryl: I meant +1 on documentation utility
<CanoeBerry> My opinion: I approve this project.  Please put other opinions on paper here for the record, as this project is requesting more than 10 XO's and need full vetting.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: please "Take" the ticket (RT36697) and I will encourage others to help you Mentor as well, if that's OK.
* unmadindu approves as well
<CanoeBerry> Great: Another "vote" please?
<Caryl> Good long range planning Yes!  I think it should be approved and I'll go take the ticket right now!
<Culseg> for sure, I vote yes
<hullaw> I vote yes as well with documentation.
<hullaw> and long range planning
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.  I will work with Mr. Elkner and Caryl to beging shipping in the coming week.  Caryl: plz (when Mr. Elkner returns from Chicago/Pycon) make sure he cleans up his web site.
<hullaw> good documentation that would contribute back to future olpc deployments
<CanoeBerry> YES
<CanoeBerry> Let's move on, ok?
<Caryl> OK, will do...I haven't looked at it yet.
<yamaplos> OK, , good for El Slvador!


<CanoeBerry> We should review several older and new XO Lending Library proposals now.
<CanoeBerry> Some have not been formally submitted yet, but I want to make sure we offer full encouragement.
* yamaplos is back
<CanoeBerry> Starting with the Malaysia Library proposal.
<yamaplos> OK, , good for El Slvador!
<CanoeBerry> Anil is away for most of a month, so who can help?
<CanoeBerry> We a Mentor (co-mentor) for:
<CanoeBerry> Loan Laptop to students and lecturers by benbas [MALAYSIA]
<CanoeBerry> *We need a Mentor
<CanoeBerry> (So many library proposals appeared over the last 24hrs, I'm losing count -- as a result of the used hardware giveaway, I received about 20 emails!)
<yamaplos> cool!
<CanoeBerry> In any case, about 5-7 people (seem) serious about Lending Libraries / Project Pools.
<Caryl> Just wait 'til I finish my Spanish translation and notify the olpc-sur list!
<CanoeBerry> MIT's is all done now: I gave these people 15 XO Laptops in person last night:
* hullaw  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> OLPCorps Boston Area XO Loaner Library [MIT, USA]
<Culseg> RT35393 appears to need more time for local approval
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: thanks.  Can you help nurture this one?  Anyone?
<yamaplos> It's great Boston will have a library, so many projects start in that area
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<CanoeBerry> In person, I strongly encourage the MIT group to persist beyond the summer.
<CanoeBerry> They are considering.  Recruiting others on-campus to help.
<Caryl> Has anyone written a guide to running a loaner library
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: the suggestions for how to make a Library flourish are here -- plz help add ideas:
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<hullaw> *hullaw will be back
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<CanoeBerry> Let me mention just some of the "countries" that emailed me privately over the last 24hrs, wanting to start Laptop Lending Libraries:
<yamaplos> I hope I can get the Austin people into this
<CanoeBerry> 1. Austria
<CanoeBerry> 2. France
<CanoeBerry> 3. Texas :)
<yamaplos> yeeha
<CanoeBerry> Forget the others, but I've had quite a strong response to the used-hardware giveaway.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: 4. UK :)
<CanoeBerry> Right!
<CanoeBerry> PS Please encourage others to apply, as we have quite a lot of "M Stock" Mangled Laptops to give away, as Amazon ships us their final returns.
<yamaplos> BTW, for all practical purposes the SCELinux people in La PAz are running one already...
<yamaplos> I'll have to get them to update this page
<CanoeBerry> Reminder: this HW/Parts Machines (broken/fixable-in-some-cases) Laptop Giveaway is ONE WEEK ONLY
<Culseg> why don't OLPC Corps keep a few of the XOs for each team traveling to training in Africa, OLPC Corps can 're-seed' the CP program other XOs
<yamaplos> ok, ok, proposal on the screen right now...
<CanoeBerry> To reiterate... everybody must email holt @ laptop DOT org right now with the next few days.
<CanoeBerry> *within the next few days
<bz_g> CanoeBerry: I guess Lionel (from OLPC France) already did, right?
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I emailed about 2 mins befor ethis meeting...thanks for the offer/running ht eprogram, btw.  I'm very excited about what OLPC-UK could do.
<CanoeBerry> OLPCorps has a separate allocation of XO Laptops they will be shippined to each approved (team member?) in the coming weeks.
<CanoeBerry> If I understand Culseg's suggestion?
* hullaw  Quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
<Caryl> I looked at the stuff about the library.  We need more of the nitty-gritty about the actual operation of a library...written by someone with a really successful one.
<CanoeBerry> mtd: I am very happy UK's getting off the ground, we will help.
<Culseg> I was reading MIT proposal and saw the 15 they have for starters, good must be coordinating with OLPC Corps, so enough said
<mtd> CanoeBerry: thanks, that's awesome!
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: Pia Waugh in Australia is due for her monthly report real soon now -- I am Mentor for her library here:
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<Caryl> Could she write a Grannies Guide to Running an XO Loaner Library?
<CanoeBerry> We need some real-world input, yes.  Pia's pretty busy and her library's still young.
<CanoeBerry> Several Europeans (Germans) are trying to put together some fancy software backend to make checkin / checkout procedures on a web form or such.  Yama's done similar good work with his XO donations coming in and out.
<yamaplos> it was manual in my case, but yes, that's something I will be implementing
<CanoeBerry> Human Librarians work great.
<CanoeBerry> Best solution in my opinion :)



<CanoeBerry> Finally, can I answer questions about the Limited Time Offer Used Hardware Giveaway?
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I'd ask for feedback on my email, but as I've only sent it recently it's unfair.  Will you consider giving such feedback if you have time, later?
<CanoeBerry> bz_g: yes I have Lionel's proposal for a sizable amount of used hardware, thanks!  OLPC France is doing really great work.
<CanoeBerry> mtd: definitely today
<mtd> CanoeBerry: thanks
<bz_g> thanks :)
<yamaplos> Bolivia has fixed 8 machines out of 20 D+M.  Can/should they apply for more?  The repaired ones are being used by developers/localizers
<CanoeBerry> mtd: can you explain a bit more about your UK plans, and how you will grow your group?  Only if you have a sec.  30 used/broken laptops is a large amount (France similar) but I will definitely consider it if you make your case!
<CanoeBerry> Alabama is asking for even more :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: OLPC UK is targeting a pilot of 30 laptops in a school in London in September.  This is aggressive but we have funding and initial buy-in from the headmistress...
<Culseg> has WavePlace asked for any, or South Carolina, or anyone in Brasil
<mtd> CanoeBerry: This proposal is *not* for hardware for that pilot...
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: yes apply for more if you will use them.  Key: we have _much_ more M Stock (1 broken part typically) than D Stock (DOA, often repairable).
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: no
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: not as of now anyway.
<yamaplos> OK
<Caryl> We would all love to start pilots somewhere with D&M stock.  There aren't enough to go around.  Not the best use.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: ...but in order to build community for that project I thought a lending library would be something people could get into on a volunteer basis, and hopefully that would lead to more involvement both in OLPC-UK and in the pilot programs.
<mtd> Caryl: This proposal is *not* for hardware for that pilot...
<mtd> Caryl: I want to make that clear.
<CanoeBerry> mtd: are you coordinating with dsd?
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I chatted with him yestrday, but before I saw the used hardware email.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I'd be happy to work through him if that'd be esasier.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: he is involved in the OLPC-UK organizational discussion on
<mtd> CanoeBerry: also I'd like to stress I am new to this, so appreciate guidance on numbers of amachines, etc.
<CanoeBerry> Ask dsd to take a look, and cc me.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: thanks, will do.
<CanoeBerry> I will support proposals like yours when they have multiple backers.
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: There is a lot of M Stock to go around. But a pile-of-broken-parts does not a Pilot make ;)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: no, definitely - please let me stress this is *not* for the poilot.
<mtd> CanoeBerry: ...but in order to build community for that project I thought a lending library would be something people could get into on a volunteer basis, and hopefully that would lead to more involvement both in OLPC-UK and in the pilot programs.
<CanoeBerry> Repair Centers are the focus here, and general support of others, first and foremost :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: it's about building the community
<mtd> CanoeBerry: sure, understood.
<CanoeBerry> :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: I'll be quiet now :)
<CanoeBerry> NP: ask any questiosn!  Then we'll wrap up within ~5 min
* yamaplos is writing the Austin Library Proposal
<CanoeBerry> Perfect.
<Caryl> Maybe I should contact some folks in MT and see if they also want to have a library?
<CanoeBerry> mtd: i think you already know this, but just a reminder all chargers here are US chargers (and being used, may not all work!)
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<CanoeBerry> Caryl: do you need a Summer Camp project in Montana? :)
<mtd> CanoeBerry: yes, thanks.  We can get adapters easily, and my US G1G1 one works here fine :).
<Caryl> Hummmm...I'll give it some thought.  Most of the kids are working on their farms/ranches
<CanoeBerry> mtd: OK.  While we cannot sell US chargers in Europe, I think surplus parts on a very limited basic like this are OK.
<Culseg> here's an loan program help ticket that has been open a while:
<mtd> CanoeBerry: gotcha
<Caryl> Speak would be great for the ESOL kids.  Should I take the ticket and get her to write a proposal?
<yamaplos> CanoeBerry: question:  how many should I ask for the Austin Library?
<Culseg> yes, Caryl: you Speak clearly and are also very good at this!
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: are you intending to service people by mail, or just in-person?
<Caryl> Happy
<yamaplos> both
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<CanoeBerry> Ask for a higher number.
<yamaplos> Austin has received visits from Houston and San Antonio
<yamaplos> woiuld want to serve them also
<yamaplos> OK
<CanoeBerry> Texas will need its own Library of Congress when it secedes from the Union ;)
<yamaplos> we never joined back.  we were occupied
<CanoeBerry> :)
<CanoeBerry> Where is your library then?
<yamaplos> Austin
<yamaplos> =
<CanoeBerry> LBJ / GWB Presidential Libraries don't count, sorry.
<yamaplos> :-P
<CanoeBerry> Until they apply ;)
<CanoeBerry> I think that's about all for today -- Thank You Everyone.
<yamaplos> ok!
<CanoeBerry> My final request: please actively try to Mentor those (genuinely needy orphans) here:
<Culseg> has Sugarlabs ever considered an XO library
<Caryl> jan's computers are on their way to Africa at last....happy, happy!
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: DC's isn't too far off here; with MLee's (also a Sugar Local Lab now I believe) considering.
<CanoeBerry> Mr Elkner's proposal we discussed above very much tightly linked with Mike Lee:
<Caryl> I thought he probably was since he is in Arlington
<CanoeBerry> Caryl: they were delivered in Nairobi yesterday 12:15pm
<Caryl> Great!  I guess he will pick them up next week
<CanoeBerry> mafe & all: while not exactly a library, I will consider this Philippines proposal (4 units now shipping) similar:
<mafe> CanoeBerry: ok great....tnx
<Caryl> Will this meeting be posted?
<Caryl> Otherwise it will all disappear when I close the window
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