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<Culseg> meeting bot  announces the wrong Topic url
<CanoeBerry> Hi
<anil_> hi
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: which wrong url is where?
<Culseg> meeting bot says Topic for #olpc-meeting is “”
<Culseg> I have no ability to change that, and don't be sidetracked if you want to skip it for now
<CanoeBerry> Let's try
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<CanoeBerry> I guess I don't know how to change the /topic for this channel.
<CanoeBerry> Let's ask later in the hour if someone wised than us can help!
<CanoeBerry> So let's do our rolling start, hoping more folks will show up 2:10PM, in 5 min :)
<CanoeBerry> * Great news is that more and more Mentors are asking to help *
<anil_> great
<CanoeBerry> Bernie looks like he will help here:
<CanoeBerry> Mentoring Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment by cwickert [GERMANY]
<CanoeBerry> Plz reach pull in more people to mentor -- explain to them that quickie quasimonthly emails make all the world of difference.
<CanoeBerry> To people starting projects out there in the world that don't have the luxury of a local OLPC/Sugar group.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we start reviewing those 4 quick projects in 2 min?
<Culseg> #TOPIC This should have the URL of the adjenda of the meeting, or the next item up...this is a test
<anil_> sure. quick one while we're waiting for the others- not sure what's changed in rt (or is it on my end) but when I reply to an existing email, the original email is all warped (i.e. its no longer as readable as it used to be)
<CanoeBerry> anil_: example ticket I can look at?
<Culseg> anil_ try the Reply button on top right that does not quote original?
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<anil_> see as an example. scroll down to my response
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's take a quick look before starting our real meeting in 1-2min
<CanoeBerry> anil_ is talking about:
<CanoeBerry> XOs for Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR) by rrmeyer
<anil_> culseg: it does quote the original, but it also seems to enforce a wrap around after a word limit
<CanoeBerry> OK, RT expert plz look above at anil_'s issue, thanks!  We need to begin reviewing the 4 Contrib Program projects that came in this week now.
<anil_> at the link, see email on mon 3/2 the original text wraps at > "On a side note, your detailed and > elaborate proposal has been a"


<CanoeBerry> #1 of 4: Networked Reflashing Debugging by Blaketh [USA]
<CanoeBerry> Blaketh is requesting an Active Antenna.
<CanoeBerry> Mitch thinks there are bugs in Open Firmware\\\'s DNS implementation and solicited patches...
<CanoeBerry> All set for me to ship?
<CanoeBerry> Other voices plz :)
<anil_> It depends on whether the active antenna is the only way he can do this
<bemasc> blaketh is a valued contributor, and an expert.  On the other hand, I have no idea how an AA is relevant here.
<FGrose> Network testing is critically needed +
<Culseg> fine ship!
<CanoeBerry> Active Antenna would "capture the wireless traffic and debug the protocol" --Blaketh
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<anil_> I guess an AA expert would be able to really answer this
<bemasc> I think blaketh just wants an AA to play with.  Almost any linux laptop can already completely simulate is functionality.
<CanoeBerry> Blaketh writes: "familiar with the DNS implementation in Open Firmware" "I'm at least 30% done"
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: constructive play?
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: knowing blaketh, probably.
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: ok, let's ship as i think we have plenty 
<CanoeBerry> Next.

<CanoeBerry> #2 of 4: Operation ZeroRtBacklogs / OLPC Support-Gang Operation by mafe [USA]
* aa  Quit (Nick collision from services.)
<anil_> couldnt see specifics here
* andresambrois is now known as aa
<CanoeBerry> anil_: are you saying Mafe needs to beef up her proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Mafe has done astonishingly good work in her 1st week as a volunteer.
<CanoeBerry> FYI Mafe is on-channel here, and can feel free to advocate for herself!
<FGrose> reciprocal generosity is good
<CanoeBerry> Mafe has answered 22 tickets it appears:
<CanoeBerry> ( tickets i happen to have worked on with her, in sev cases)
<CanoeBerry> Other supporting voices?
<anil_> I meant I couldnt see specifics of her project in the project sense. If it helps her answer RT tickets, then that's great.
<Culseg> seems OK to have feed stock to give to volunteers, not sure what 'stack' or pile to send from
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<CanoeBerry> We generally send from "RAD" which are new XO's (Restricted Access Developer)
<CanoeBerry> For larger Contrib Program projects, we generally send from NTF (No Trouble Found) refurbished XO's
<CanoeBerry> Since larger projects can survive when 1 in 10 fail, or need to be repaired.
* wadeb|w  Quit ("Leaving")
<CanoeBerry> Can we have consensus on Mafe borrowing an XO Laptop for 4 months?
<Culseg> are returned Give backs stock empty at 1CC?
<CanoeBerry> Culseg: very close to empty in Cambridge, MA yes.  mchua took 5 of the last remaining units Wednesday.
<CanoeBerry> Took them to Olin College.
<CanoeBerry> Since we approved Colin (1 unit) & Nikki (4 units) last week.
<CanoeBerry> mafe: are you here?
<anil_> I'd say go ahead
<CanoeBerry> 1 more vote in mafe's favor: she is trying to reach out to OLPC Philadelphia to meet them and help them.
<CanoeBerry> Done.
<CanoeBerry> mafe approved.
<mafe> hi guys I'm not just talking for myself on that project...project are not only meant SW or developer work can be consider project esp for those who are just new and thinking about what other things they can do
<mafe> so in tha sense you can easily allocate the XO's distributed to a SG's requesting for it ...for other purpose other than developing SW...

<CanoeBerry> #3 or 4: Integrate CRM Web form using XO by benbas [MALAYSIA]
<CanoeBerry> benbas requests 2 XO's for 24 months
<CanoeBerry> not yet live unfortunately
<CanoeBerry> SUMMARY: I\\\'m going to use XO to set it up as a standalone machine without
<CanoeBerry> connected to the internet or network where it will be used as a webform
<CanoeBerry> to enter user details and store it. Once it \\\'s connected to the local
<CanoeBerry> network it\\\'ll transfer the user details to the CRM server. I\\\'m
<CanoeBerry> trying to make the XO to capture data by itself and when it detects the
<CanoeBerry> particular server it\\\'ll transfer the data. If I managed to do it with
<CanoeBerry> the CRM server then I\\\'ll start to integrate XO with the SIS that
<CanoeBerry> I\\\'ll develop in the future. Both of the CRM and SIS that I\\\'ll be
<CanoeBerry> using is open source and it can be used in the schools to capture the
<CanoeBerry> student details entered by the students itself in the future and the
<CanoeBerry> teachers can monitor them. I\\\'ve tried using qemu to emulate XO but it
<CanoeBerry> didn\\\'t serve my purpose thats why I\\\'m proposing my project.
<Culseg> great if Lazim will mentor
<CanoeBerry> Agreed.
<CanoeBerry> Should we make approval conditional on Lazim mentoring? (Both are Malaysian, and Lazim is all pumped up to help "build Malaysian grassroots")
<Culseg> yes!
<CanoeBerry> 1 more voice of support please? Or other opinions?
<anil_> confused - who is lazim? didnt see the name in the ticket
<Culseg> anil_ he is an SG volunteer in Malaysia....
<FGrose> I like 35393 better, to seed university projects
<CanoeBerry> Lazim's private info is here in our volunteer DB:
<anil_> for 35391 - he says "If I manage to integrate the XO with the CRM server, I can approach the marketing department in my university to bring along XO during their eduction fairs and campaigns"
<Culseg> this speed reading of new tickets may not be the way to go...anil_ was right we need to have list ahead of meeting
<CanoeBerry> Shall we consider benbas 2 projects together or separately?
<CanoeBerry> benbas's 2 project proposals being:
<CanoeBerry> #3 of 4: Integrate CRM Web form using XO by benbas [MALAYSIA] 2 XO's over 24 months
<anil_> I would say seperately - perhaps we can press for details about the connection between integrating the XO+CRM, how does it tie in with convincing the marketing dept
<CanoeBerry> OK Separately.
<CanoeBerry> Just so folks understand FGrose's foreshadowing #4 of 4 is more of a "library" project from benbas as well, we'll discuss next.
<FGrose> 35391 ignores SchoolServer utility, so needs more thought I think
<Culseg> see what they can do within ONE YEAR, not two
<CanoeBerry> anil_: what's your take on benbas's 35391 CRM project?
<CanoeBerry> others?
<CanoeBerry> If no other voices, I will ask Lazim to take all above feedback in mind, pushing benbas to revise his 35391 proposal.
<FGrose> request more rationalization
<CanoeBerry> Sounds good. Can we move on to #4 of 4 now?

<CanoeBerry> #4 of 4: Loan Laptop to students and lecturers by benbas [MALAYSIA]
<CanoeBerry> benbas requests 10 XO's for 24months
<anil_> I read through the link therein
<anil_> It seems like an open-ended laptop borrowing program
<anil_> for educational/research use
<CanoeBerry> is something we should emulate :)
<FGrose> I like the general idea
<anil_> I would think we need some project specifics
<CanoeBerry> As we work on our own Library fostering:
<FGrose> Having School infrastructure support is a plus
<CanoeBerry> Yes
<Culseg> what is the tie in to 6-12 year old kids in this project?
<CanoeBerry> I would again like Lazim to provide mentoring input here.
<FGrose> That's for the borrowers to imagine when they see the concrete possibilities
<CanoeBerry> I also feel some libraries would benefit from 2 mentors to guide them -- Lazim's Malaysia community-building is still young, and they could use mentoring from someone (Pia?) doing another library elsewhere in the world.
<anil_> how about we request him to add a link to the CP page at and then evaluate what comes in
<CanoeBerry> LIRABRIES MUST HAVE LIVE URL before OLPC approves them.  The criteria for 10+ are much more stringent :)  Who can we find to mentor benbas?
<CanoeBerry> I will mentor benbas on the library project if nobody else.
<CanoeBerry> Last call?
<anil_> Ill do it
<CanoeBerry> Great, please steal 35393.
<CanoeBerry> Keep me AdminCC'd.
<anil_> sure. Have we decided on getting anything more from him before approving?
<CanoeBerry> THANKS -- on #3 or 4 I'll work with Lazim, to see if benbas can improve his proposal.
<CanoeBerry> anil_: no XO's have been approved for benbas as of yet.
<anil_> no I meant for 35393 what more are we asking him at this point?
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<CanoeBerry> anil_: the 2 things I asked for in all caps above for starters.  And then the full list of library criteria need to be answered here:
<anil_> ok
<CanoeBerry> I'll work alongside as you mentor him.  SJ here has ideas for fostering libraries that stand up & deliver too.
<anil_> ok

<CanoeBerry> #5 of 4... sorry I forgot 1.
<CanoeBerry> Last Project we need to review is...
<CanoeBerry> University of Oregon Non-Traditional Student Union Planning 'Laptop Loaner' Program by U_of_Oregon_ASUO
<CanoeBerry> Requests 8 laptops for 4 months, but is flexible.
<CanoeBerry> "pilot laptop program here at the University of Oregon is specifically designed for students with families"
<FGrose> Sound like Steve may not appreciated difference between Dells and XOs
<CanoeBerry> Plz see in RT34737 : both original proposal and 6 amendments in email dates Thu, 5 Mar 2009 12:23:02 -0800
<Culseg> I am not sure this is an XO project at all
<CanoeBerry> I'm concerned too.
<Culseg> even as an EX-Oregonian, I would pass on it
<CanoeBerry> The applicant called me up, and is a great guy, but I need to read this more carefully to see how this library would Give Back to OLPC's mission.
<CanoeBerry> anil_ & others: opinions on UOregon's Veterans and Nontraditional Student library?
<Culseg> let's seed libraries for kids somewhere else
<anil_> "If we had a program on campus by which students could borrow laptops for a term at a time, it would help facilitate a learning environment conducive to success." -  not sure if the XO might be a right fit to begin with. Is it for 6-12 yr olds?
<CanoeBerry> Sounds like denial.
<CanoeBerry> Any opposing voices?
<CanoeBerry> Do we have consensus here?
<anil_> I agree. Doesnt fit with the CP
<CanoeBerry> Done.  Thanks for reviewing all 5 proposals that came in this week.


<CanoeBerry> Moving on to final agenda items & question you have?
<CanoeBerry> * Mentor More Projects-- Help Us Resolve several dozen Project Proposals dating from 2008
<CanoeBerry> SJ's overdue to work with me here disambiguating all 70 projects here:
<CanoeBerry> Culseg has done to most work here so far--THX
* aa  Quit (Remote closed the connection)
<CanoeBerry> * Build Awareness around our new:
<CanoeBerry> Sj wants to consider a more formal campaign here. Until then we all need to chip in.
<Culseg> several people no longer respond, so proposals may have a 'shelf life'
<anil_> Liked your blog entry. Is there someplace to promote CP on
<CanoeBerry> Thanks for:
<FGrose> Enter a wiki sidebar link under 'projects'
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: can you do that?
<FGrose> No, cjl could I believe
<CanoeBerry> 2+ great ideas: please raise both ideas Sunday 4PM if there's no action.
<CanoeBerry> SJ suggests considering the ~50 mailing lists that the OLPCorps guys researched and carefully emailed a week ago.
<CanoeBerry> Real work -- we should ask PCommons and BStuart Sunday if they might "return the favor"
<Culseg> since you have newly blogged, are you going to write to olpcnews?
<CanoeBerry> Righto. How did we forget :)
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's try to wrap soon.
<CanoeBerry> * Stress-test our brand new CP v2.0 to make sure it continues to scale successfully
<CanoeBerry> Easy does it, no traffic yet :)
<CanoeBerry> * Stress-test our brand new CP v2.0 to make sure it continues to scale successfully
<CanoeBerry> I don't see Hullaw online today, til then we should all try to include this as part of our Mentoring jobs.
<Culseg> grow with some viral marketing, not 100's of emails out
<CanoeBerry> I meant: * Nourish our "Science Fair" garden for springtime, now that Hullaw has laid a foundation seeds -- help all worthy projects past/present/future take root here:
<CanoeBerry> So yeah: ask Project Owners to be more proactive linking to/from above page!
<CanoeBerry> * Craft RTFM and email to all older/ongoing projects asking them how it's going!
<CanoeBerry> When we get there, great :)
<CanoeBerry> * Craft email to the many who registered over the last year expecting hardware, but failed to to complete the 2nd step applying :(
<CanoeBerry> (Another job for SJ & I...all help appreciated)


<CanoeBerry> That's everything except for AGENDA ITEM 3 (Futurism) which we can talk about some other time, unless questions??
<CanoeBerry> Most urgent part here is helping refine Local Laptop Libraries:
<CanoeBerry> Chip in above if you have thoughtful approaches to Librarianship.
<CanoeBerry> Alrighty: Can we close this meeting?
<FGrose> In Rochester, we share from user's group
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: do you have any online materials about your borrowing/lending successes?
<Culseg> there's an idea, user group sponsered llibrary
<CanoeBerry> I want a page like that enumerates conscientious libraries, if you'd be willing to list yourself on some such?
<FGrose> Not really, its just been a way to sustain some involvment
* rgs_  Quit (Connection timed out)
<CanoeBerry> is very close to the same thing indeed.
<CanoeBerry> I don't see Rochester here:
<CanoeBerry> Great.  I want a librarian to catalog the libraries :)  Perhaps "promoting" the user groups that to great jobs here to the top of
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all!  Please meet 4PM Sunday if you can join our phone call.
<CanoeBerry> Goodbye for now!
<anil_> sounds good. hasta luego everyone.
<CanoeBerry> Also plz join the 6PM public phone call if you want to know about this summer's OLPCorps Africa:
<FGrose> instructions for meeting bot:
<CanoeBerry> (Sunday 6PM EDT / Boston Time)
<Culseg> FGrose: to be enabled, someone has to 'chair' meeting
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: I'll hand cut'n'paste the above transcript into
* anil_  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: I will also paste in the 5 consensus project reviews into the respective tickets.
<FGrose> Right, it doesn't say how to be a chair
<CanoeBerry> Hope to get to it byu dinnertime if possible.
<FGrose> #startme.eting Tells the bot to start listening. Sets the meeting chair to whoever issues this command
<Culseg> #endmeeting
<FGrose> Ok,
<Culseg> I suspect we are not bot enabled, et
<Culseg> meeting: #endmeeting
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<mchua> CanoeBerry: /topic new-topic, but you need to have op privs. also, whoever says #startmeeting needs to say #endmeeting; it won't listen to anyone else.
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