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   * New Libraries!

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 6 (was 5) latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals:

     #1 Webified: Sugarizing Web Apps GSoC - UK
     #2 abcube:3D edu game - MOROCCO
     #3 Adding Print Support to Sugar / GSoC - INDIA
     #4 Karma Educ Framework using using HTML5 + JavaScript - MEXICO / NEPAL
     #5 Craftsmann Laptop Library - GHANA
     #6 Spring XO Visibity in Newburyport / Small Solutions - Massachusetts, USA


<CanoeBerry> Hi! Contributors Program Meeting starts here in a minute -- help us review the 5 latest/greatest projects:
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<sandrat> I am here
<CanoeBerry> Hiya all -- thanks for helping us review this week's 5 projects -- towards consensus approval/denial of free XO laptops loans for worthy projects!
<CanoeBerry> Let's start in a couple min when we get a few more folks :)
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Mafe & SandraT
<sandrat> I am here.  I filled out the contributor form you asked for
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: where did you send it?
<sandrat> I put is under "small solutions" in the page you indicated for contributor submissions
<CanoeBerry> Did you email it to as required?
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<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<hamada> hi
<CanoeBerry> Welcome Hamada.
<CanoeBerry> Can you help us review the 5 projects here?
<mafe> hi everyone...
<sandrat> ok ...loading the page
<CanoeBerry> seems slow today..
<CanoeBerry> Slower yet than even recent experiences ;)
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<mafe> wiki need to step-up now to a new face...wink
<sandrat> the sugarize project looks very good
<mafe> looks like there are interesting projects...
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: where is your completed link? and did you email your proposal to We may have to review yours next week if any of these are missing.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we start in a minute?
<sandrat> no I did not email to
<CanoeBerry> You need to!
<CanoeBerry> Sunny day in Boston killing everyone? Where's out quorum :)
<hamada> yes
<sandrat> I just looked at the Craftsman project. I'd like to work with the person
<sj|> the first 4 are great.  I wish we could give the first project more than one and get a coding mentor working on the project with him; it's a generative project
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: that's project #5, would you consider mentoring?
<sj|> the 5th needs more information and discussion
<sandrat> Yes
<mafe> i love sunny day.....
<CanoeBerry> Indeed. Let's start!
<sandrat> But I need to read up on the mentoring role,

[ PROJECT #1 : Webified: Sugarizing Web Apps GSoC - UK ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #1: Webified: Sugarizing Web Apps GSoC [UK]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 1 XO for 3-4 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long paste coming! beware!)
<CanoeBerry> I'm making a template SSB activity and a small utility that can create activities out of websites using that template. This combination will make sugarizing web apps almost entirely automatic.
<CanoeBerry>     The purpose of this project is twofold:
<CanoeBerry>     * it would make it easy to "sugarize" web apps (like gmail).
<CanoeBerry>     Users could press a button in the Browse activity (or there could be a separate activity for this) and a small tool would help them create a sugarized web app as a new activity.
<CanoeBerry>     * there are a lots of web developers out there that are familiar with HTML(5), CSS and JavaScript and it would be great to take advantage of their skills.
<CanoeBerry>     Web developers could use Webified to port their web apps to sugar using only web technologies, without having to learn Python.
<sandrat> This is very cool -
<mafe> the karma project is cool....if he really can use <canvas> a new web tech on the horizon...
<CanoeBerry> mafe: 1 step at a time plz
<sandrat> I just don't have a clue what the size of the undertaking in in terms of coding
<CanoeBerry> (mafe discussing project #4)
<CanoeBerry> mafe: do you approve of project #1?
<mafe> yes...
<CanoeBerry> great, me too. GSoC Mentor is Walter Bender fyi.
<CanoeBerry> let's pursue SJ's suggestion of trying to offer more than 1 XO, and increased mentoring.
<CanoeBerry> Final thought on Prjct #1?
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's approve it and move on.
<hamada> ok

[ PROJECT #2 : abcube:3D edu game - MOROCCO ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #2: abcube:3D edu game [MOROCCO]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 XO for 3 months
<mafe> that's really cool expedite the dev...
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long paste coming! beware!)
<sandrat> It is an ambitious project.  Seems certainly worth one XO
<CanoeBerry> Test the possibility of the use of 3D interactive games and applications regarding the hardware limitation of the xo laptop.  See above link!
<CanoeBerry> Not so long actually.  See link above for the full deal.
<mafe> i like this too...:) I like 3D animated activities for our XO
<CanoeBerry> Is this realistic on the XO-1, prior to the XO-1.5's release?
<hamada> well there is an early screenshot on the site
<hamada> so it's already working
<mafe> let's us find out...more to the dev..
<mafe>'s for testing as I see it in the proposal...
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<CanoeBerry> bemasc: welcome.. does this olpc quake 3d look good & realistic?
<bemasc> I'm not sure how to answer
<CanoeBerry> Does this have any potential at all :)
<bemasc> It should definitely be possible to run Quake at full speed, full screen, on an XO-1.
<CanoeBerry> OK
<CanoeBerry> Let's give this fella a shot, what say you all?
<CanoeBerry> Objections?
<hamada> no
<bemasc> To do so requires routing the output into a separate buffer, and then passing that buffer through to Xvideo for scaling.
<CanoeBerry> Who wants to mento him?
<bemasc> I don't know if the person in question has the relevant expertise, since I just found out about this project 20 seconds ago.
<sandrat> great
<CanoeBerry> The individual (programmer) and his colleague (graphic designer) state their experience as:
<mafe> is this the first time that we have project proposal like this?
<CanoeBerry> 1)    1.  Java game development for embedded device
<CanoeBerry>           knowledge of: Java, Python, C/C++. operating system user: Gnu/Linux, FreeBSD 
<CanoeBerry>     2) game graphic designer
<CanoeBerry>         making modifications for FPS games 
<mafe> any similar project?
<CanoeBerry> Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, shall we?
<Skywalker> The idea is to overcome a limitation
<bemasc> I'm not sure how high your bar is.  With some determination and a bit of help, this would be worthwhile.
<CanoeBerry> Great, who can mentor?
<sandrat> are we talking about #2 now?
<CanoeBerry> Yeah.
<sj|> it's a good project.  if they make progress they could use a second xo for the designer.
<mafe> i agree..
<CanoeBerry> Last call for an informal mentor?
<Skywalker> Just read the description, I think if it works, then that will be great
<CanoeBerry> OK, email holt @ if you can help later.  Let's move onto #3

[ PROJECT #3 : Adding Print Support to Sugar / GSoC - INDIA ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #3: Adding Print Support GSoC [INDIA]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 XO for about 4 months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long paste coming! beware!)
<CanoeBerry> Add print support to the laptops.For the time being, the print requests will be sent to the school server through a moodle print page then the teacher can view the files through his login in the same application, and approve them for printing to a print server. We will also be including a fallback strategy that is usb printing.
<CanoeBerry>     My refined version of the print support idea is actually a better way of ensuring that paper abuse will be curbed, as the kids wouldn't really take into account :all the predicaments associated with :printing. And needless to say printing does take place with the teacher's intervention. And everything takes place in a moodle environment, plus there is the added benefit of printing in the No XO case.
<CanoeBerry>     (The first step would essentially mean a Save as PDF hack and put the jobs for processing on moodle
<sandrat> I would think that this would be a great asset to any XO classroom,  making the lways to setup and structure learning environment more flexible
<bemasc> This is one of the Sugar Labs SoC projects.
<CanoeBerry> aa: you there :)
<CanoeBerry> aa (in-channel) is the mentor..
<aa> hello!
<mafe> there have been a lot of inquiry in RT about printing...
<CanoeBerry> Care to comment on where you will be helping out your mentee in India here?
<CanoeBerry> And is 1 XO Laptop appropriate?  Sometimes we encourage 2 if there is a definite advantage..
<aa> I'm his mentor for GSoC, we've already spent some time analyzing the different ways we can accomplish this
<aa> there's been a rather productive thread on Sur list with interventions from teachers in south america
<CanoeBerry> Great.  Is 1 XO for 4 months appropriate, or should we modify this in any way?
<aa> we also have a blog where he's been repoting his progress
<bemasc> Do you really want this XO sent back from India?
<aa> yeah, I dont know whats the cost
* bemasc doesn't exactly know the procedure
* aa either
<CanoeBerry> The applicant has already signed that he will pass along the XO(s) to a local community member as appropriate
<aa> CanoeBerry: I can answer questions on how he could use the XO to improve his understanding of the system
<CanoeBerry> aa: in the end, is 1 XO appropriate, or should we ask him whether 2 will 
benefit this effort?
<bemasc> I can't think of why 2 would be helpful
<aa> me neither, I think 1 is more than enough
<bemasc> However, I do think a permanent "give" is best.  I've continued to develop software for OLPC precisely because I still have my XOs.
<bemasc> Vamsi seems to have a lot of ideas; we can hope that he will continue to write software after the end of the summer.
<CanoeBerry> All applicant are requested to sign: "I agree to pass on
<CanoeBerry> the laptop(s) to a local OLPC group or other interested contributors in case
<CanoeBerry> I do not have need for the laptop(s) anymore or in case my project progress
<CanoeBerry> stalls."
<sandrat> He only asked for one.  He thinks that is sufficient
<CanoeBerry> Applicant has signed.
<hamada> well I think it's worth it if it's in India
<mafe> let's just wait until he needs an additional..
<CanoeBerry> Done.
<hamada> as it will benefit children there anyway
<CanoeBerry> Thanks aa & bemasc -- Approved. Let's move on to Project #4.

[ PROJECT #4 : Karma Educ Framework using using HTML5 + JavaScript - MEXICO / NEPAL ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #4: Karma project [MEXICO, mentor in NEPAL]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 XO for 5 months
<aa> CanoeBerry: anytime!
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long paste coming! beware!)
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The main idea is to boost educational Web Develop.
<CanoeBerry>     There are lots of designers-particularly in developing countries-that want to contribute to OLPC. The bad news is that they don't know python. or GTK+. They may not even be familiar with linux. They do know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Adobe Flash. ... Due to rise of the Internet and related boom in outsourcing, the vast, vast majority of programmers in developing countries are web developers(according to my own grossly unscientific survey). The rise of the Internet has also led a lot of talented graphic designers in developing and developed countries to learn web technologies. ... Unfortunately, there aren't any IDE's that provide WYSIWYG animation editing for DOJO, JQuery, and Processing.js and so on tools. While real programmers use emacs (or vi, joe, sam, etc.), designers use WYSIWYG GUI's. from How to Make Activity Designers Happy , Parts I and II
<CanoeBerry>     I propose using web technologies for completely offline activities. Allowing activity designers to quickly build activities utilizing widely-used tools. We need Karma (original idea Bryan Berry) to enable web designers to quickly build activities for the XO without having to learn a whole new skillset. So...I will creat an educational framework (Karma) using html5 + JavaScript, it will handle animation ( through <canvas>), sounds (through <audio>), also client-side i18n (according to browser locale) and general persistence (Gears) at the end we will have a re-usable javascript libraries for lesson plan reader (ideally with plain html rather than a pdf
or other proprietary format), navigation and help (ideally reusing widgets from popular javascript libraries like Jquery, Prototype, Mootools or DOJO), etc. this framework will allow web designers to reuse their existing skills and tools.
<CanoeBerry>     The objective is to provide a single prototype activity which could be used as a template for sugarizing AJAX activities. I will recreate an existing activity such as one of OLE Nepal's flash activities.
<CanoeBerry>     I am planning to use
<CanoeBerry>     * Webkit for html rendering engine.
<CanoeBerry>     * Google Gear's Filesystem API because it seems to have the most traction in the linux world.
<sandrat> #4 - Has anyone else tried doing what #4 proposes
<bemasc> This is another Sugar Labs SoC project, obviously related to #1.
<bemasc> Needs an XO, for the same reasons as #1. Only needs 1.
<CanoeBerry> Comments?
<isforinsects> +1
<isforinsects> I'm excited about this
<sandrat> it is looks good to me, yes same reasons as 1
<isforinsects> I'm less happy with him wanting to make system based changes
<isforinsects> I think that work in jquery is the most useful for educational reasons.
<CanoeBerry> Mentor (Bryan Berry) could not attend this meeting due to his GF asking him to spend Friday night doing other things ;)
<mafe> I like this project
<isforinsects> And requiring using webkit vs gecko really resticts the use to the XO/sugar
<isforinsects> I think that a lot of the rest of the canvas/jquery educational platfrom could be useful well beyond olpc
<CanoeBerry> Great, other input?
<isforinsects> *shrug* but it's his project, and is worthy as-is
<isforinsects> Strong +1
<rgs_> CanoeBerry: Qooxdoo might be nice (, we are using it extensively (Paraguay)
<CanoeBerry> With BBerry coaching, we should be confident (but enforce!) this is documented en route, eg:
<CanoeBerry> Final comments on Project #4?
<mafe> i agree on @isforinsects that it would be useful beyond olpc
<CanoeBerry> Approved. Onto final project #5...

[ PROJECT #5 : Craftsmann Laptop Library - GHANA ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #5 : Craftsmann Laptop Library [GHANA]
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 40 XO's for unlimited months
<sandrat> I've read this project. It has no specific objectives, no specified target schools, no ed plan,  i
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Craftsmann Laptop Library is design to introduce the students in the Rural Communities to the Information and Communication Technology and to enable schools in different geographical communicate to each other through our low-cost telecommunication infrastructure.
<sandrat> I would be glad to work with him on building a better project plan
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<CanoeBerry> sandrat: great, it needs some more meat, as well as a clear understanding that the Contributors Project is to incentivize worldwide sharing of deliverables.
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* bemasc is not convinced
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: explain if you can?
<sandrat> right.  There are some specific outcomes and trial objectives we could put together, but I'll have to get his contact info. I ssume it must be on that site.
<mafe> I see this more on like a grassroot   pla
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: the proposal is here..
<CanoeBerry> Mentor via RT -- if you need help contact me directly.
<bemasc> This is one of those organization where first-world "volunteers" can pay $5000 for the privilege of coming to Ghana and teaching
<mafe> plan...
<mafe> does this kind of project still within the scope of contributors program?
<hamada> I think that 40 XO are too much for that project
<sandrat> oh... I didn't see that - it might be a risky venture
<bemasc> I would definitely want a trusted testimonial that they are genuine before investing in them.
<sandrat> we are not there to service his company's financial objectives
<sandrat> what would his group be contributing is the question
<mafe> +1
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: not always an easy situation, setting expectations who do not understand "you-must-construct" goals, but we can help you negotiate this, eg:
<CanoeBerry> Worst case, we send folks this explanation: We can't give you a laptop
<sandrat> I can contct and him and try to flush out whether he is interested in the kind of "Contribution" you envision heree
<CanoeBerry> Final input on Project #5 in Ghana?
<CanoeBerry> Last call?
<hamada> make #5 for next week
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<CanoeBerry> Project #5 is declared "under review" thanks to sandrat's mentorship.
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<mafe> 40    is  a lot
<sandrat> OK .. I"ll do that
<sandrat> he may be just out to use a good idea and make money.. there are plenty of those
<sandrat> I'll push him
<CanoeBerry> Finally, do we have a quick minute for latecomer Project #6?

[ PROJECT #6 : Spring XO Visibity in Newburyport / Small Solutions - Massachusetts, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Project #6 : Spring XO Visibity in Newburyport (Small Solutions)
<CanoeBerry> Requests 10-15 XO's for 4 days around May 30.
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: (long paste! beware!)
<CanoeBerry> Small Solutions has been promoting XO in Newbuyport to community groups since last fall as well as building a local volunteer team. We are ready for a more public event, inviting local school students and providing them with XO learning and problem solving exercises. We will also bring information about the African communities where we will be working with the schools to bring XOs and its amazing array of learning opportunities.
<CanoeBerry> We plan to demonstrate different applications use, and encourage the attendees to create something, a drawing, a video along the themes of international youth and child rights. We will show the country websites for the existing XO deployments, and have our own slideshow of photos from the country archives.
<CanoeBerry> We will give a prize for the best products of the afternoon. We will be serving food and have music at the event. The food sale will be a fundraiser for pilot XO projects in Kenya and Tanzania (two of our summer stipend finalists, but they were not part of the 30). 
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<CanoeBerry> sandrat: did you get a response for the Harvard ladies running Boston's local laptop library?
<bemasc> Newburyport, MA?
<CanoeBerry> Y
<sandrat> I sent an email to the harvard and Olin contact.  haven't heard yet
<CanoeBerry> sandrat (in-channel) is the applicant.
<bemasc> In that case, OLPC does stand a decent chance of actually getting those XOs back
<sandrat> I would be glad to use the lending library if I can get machines
<mafe> why not...I'm fine with that.... what is 4 days
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: looks reasonable if OLPC has the XO's on hand.
<sandrat> great.. fabulous..
<sandrat> pick them up at the office in kendall sq?
<CanoeBerry> OLPC has inventory/shipping issues we need to verify as we are changing shipping companies however, so let's keep in touch as to the exact dates & amounts.
<sandrat> great that will work
<sandrat> thanks so much
<CanoeBerry> Please include (in-channel here, or in a responde to ticket#39985 the exact parameters of how many, and what pick-up / return times are most suitable)
<CanoeBerry> Thx!
<CanoeBerry> End of meeting -- THANK YA ALL
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<mafe> Thanks...and have a great weekend everyone! ciao!
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