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Time : 1400-1415 EST / 1800-1815 UTC


  • laptops out to date / this week
  • local laptop pools (temporary, long term)
    • Philippines x15 (out)
    • Jamaica x10 (going out, epocolis and all)
  • major outstanding requests
    • LXDE - 20
We have tested LXDE on one OLPC that we could get. It already works, although we had to strip down some functions. We are developing a fully functional desktop replacement for GNOME and KDE and involve about 30 developers from Asia and Europe on a continuous basis at the moment with different experiences. Our core developers have experience dating back to 1998 when they ported Linux to Chinese. Many are active in the debian development or have free software related jobs.
    • Skidmore - 20
We will work closely with the Paraguay team (Raúl Gutiérrez) the University of Wisconsin (Silas Bernardoni) and look to expand our collaboration with other universities. The formation of the organization is advancing at a rapid pace, and we need the laptops to proceed further. Based on the number of interested students attending the meetings, I would say that 20 laptops would suit our needs, at least initially.
    • Multi-robot workshop -- 5, skadge
    • OLPC for Health -- 10, amarcelo
    • Visual Language -- 4, anupambasu
    • Shining Star Academy update? (Trinitow couldn't get laptops in time in DE)
  • Uni projects
    • College of Charleston OLPC Project -- 2+, semmy.purewal
  • projectdb development: open sourcing, pia, dogi
    • community feedback : project forms, bimonthly updates?
    • email and other spam


outstanding requests


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