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   * New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

   * Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

   * Fast Review of the 2 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
     join us advocating for and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

     #1 Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
     #2 Sugar Labs XO Special Interest Group - Onalaska, Wisonsin, USA


<sandrat> hey anyone there?
<mafe> hello sandrat..
<mafe> how's our kenyan's doing?
<mafe> I haven't visited their wiki though....
<CanoeBerry> Sorry for the late start!
<sandrat> I went to try and get into an Odinga event last night at JFK School
<CanoeBerry> Contributors Program meeting starting in ~2 min.. agenda here:
<sandrat> Didn't get in but met lots of Kenyans who a pscyhed to help
<sandrat> I am wating for the team's blogs to show up so we can connect mentors
<mafe> great
<mafe> that would be a great help sandrat...
<mafe> btw sandra they can use their wiki
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<mafe> if they need help to layout their wiki page tell them to post it as is so we can just help them fix it
<CanoeBerry> Starting in another min or 2!
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<sandrat> OK.  I am unclear about whether the project description IS their wiki page or is there another url to create for the wiki page???
<CanoeBerry> Welcome!
<mafe> sandratt: their individual project wiki page
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<sandrat> Hi ... I already read Nancie's project.. nice job.  everything is well defined and clear. it is good
<CanoeBerry> Welcome Mr. Dillingham!
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<CanoeBerry> Shall we?
<dristi> Thanks and tI thank everyone for helping so much with my techie learning curve.
<dristi> And for being here today to review the VVV Vietnam project!
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<CanoeBerry> As a quick announcement before we begin, OLPC has received a large number of XO-1.5 beta machines.
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<sandrat> can we come in a debug - test stuff
<CanoeBerry> I encourage people to apply for them even tho quantities will be limited!
<sandrat> I will test
<CanoeBerry> These are the machines that will be available almost immediately:
<sandrat> would rather come in town, work on it for 4 hours then return it
<mafe> CanoeBerry: how it will be allocated?
<CanoeBerry> Those 30+ applications already in the queue will be studied carefully by CJB and myself, as we may not have anymore to distribute before December!
<dristi> I could take one (only one)to travel withpersonally and it will be well tested
-rememeber my journal, Adam?
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5 allocations will be discussed in future emails. OK, let's begin reviewing Project #1 of 2, ok?
<mafe> ok..
<dristi> Fire away!

[ PROJECT #1 : Vung Vieng Fishing Village Laptop Project - Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam ]

<CanoeBerry> Please discuss Prject #1 here:
<CanoeBerry> Vung Vieng Fishing Village Deployment - Vietnam & New Hampshire, USA 
<CanoeBerry> (REVISED)
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 10+ XO's over Undetermined months
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    * *To Generate Interest and Excitement for Small Deployments of XOs.*
<CanoeBerry>      A successful deployment in this very unique site will be visible
<CanoeBerry>      to visitors from many nations, generating interest and excitement
<CanoeBerry>      for OLPC. Small deployments around the world are a good business
<CanoeBerry>      model to keep the OLPC Laptop Project excitement alive, and to
<CanoeBerry>      effect change, one child, one school, and one community at a time.
<CanoeBerry> * *To Provide a Deployment Model and Activity Model.* This project
<CanoeBerry>      will be a good deployment and activity model for the OLPC Community.
<CanoeBerry>      I will publish the "how tos" of the Vung Vieng Fishing Village
<CanoeBerry>      Laptop Project with the OLPC/Sugar Community, from the very idea
<CanoeBerry>      and preparation, to site visit details for fact-finding, team
<CanoeBerry>      building, XO demonstration, community building and initial teacher
<CanoeBerry>      training; how to solve technical and power issues, and later, the
<CanoeBerry>      XO Activities. See Class Act Entry here:
<CanoeBerry> * To Provide Follow-Up And Assessment.* It has been difficult for
<CanoeBerry>      OLPC to obtain follow-up and assessment information on deployments
<CanoeBerry>      where the XOs have been purchased outright, especially on large
<CanoeBerry>      government deployments. Hopefully,the initial XOs for the first
<CanoeBerry>      stage of the deployment will come from the OLPC Contributors Program.
<CanoeBerry> A condition of receiving/using these XOS will be willingness to
<CanoeBerry>    participate in follow-up by the VVV Laptop Project Team in Vietnam.
<CanoeBerry>    The VVV is isolated, but it is visited regularly by a group of tour
<CanoeBerry>    boats. This site is unusual in that my team members from outside of
<CanoeBerry>    the village can visit regularly. They have English skills, and
<CanoeBerry>    internet connectivity and email for help and support, and for
<CanoeBerry>    sharing information.
<CanoeBerry> Additionally, the remote location is accessible to other interested
<CanoeBerry>    members of the OLPC/Sugar Community for site visits. The school is
<CanoeBerry>    used to scheduled visitors and visits will not disrupt the children's
<CanoeBerry>    school day.
<CanoeBerry> All done :)
<dristi> Questions!!?
<CanoeBerry> Everyone love the new wiki page drisit set up?
<CanoeBerry> *dristi
<sandrat> How many children will be engaged in this?
<dristi> Hi Sandra, there are 28 children.
<sandrat> great
<dristi> Also some 10 to 13 year olds who do not come
<sandrat> even better ..
<dristi> I have age breakdowns on the kids and class forms
<sandrat> the page is great. beautiful photos
<dristi> TX. I like this site because it can fit the OLPC mission so perfectly.
<mafe> how are you going to implement this level?
<CanoeBerry> dristi: thanks for the teambuilding section..
<dristi> The activities?
<CanoeBerry> I'd like to hear more in a sec how you will foster local ownership.
<mafe> i mean age level or group level
<dristi> mafe: there are 4 teachers teaching like a 3 room school by class forms. None of the children have seen a computer before.
<CanoeBerry> dristi: can you explain how you will grow a team on the ground (err, water ;)
<mafe> how are you going to monitor this moving your team member will own this project
<dristi> I envision that the teachers will guide the activities to the approporiate Memory for Math facts for little ones and the older kids can make the new memory games
<sandrat> any curriculum specific ideas in terms of educational activities
<sandrat> Will the learning be independent from the teacher's normal teaching or will you assist them in integrating?
<dristi> Sandra yes...lots especially science but let me answer local ownership. The curriculum piece really comes later in the project!
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<CanoeBerry> How many of the 4 teachers speak English?
<dristi> Local Ownership: It can't be my project...I won't be there and vis a vis Bryan Berry's warnings...etc
<CanoeBerry> How will you provide remote leadership to the project similar to Jeff Elkner's successful every-2-week irc meetings from DC to El Salvador?
<dristi> Adam, not certain on the English. Assuming yes, some as they all learn in college, but I don't know for certain.
<CanoeBerry> Or do you have a different model?
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<mafe> dristi: so how are they going to teach this to kids?
<dristi> Remote IRC with the Vietnam Co-director regularly.
<mafe> hi bemasc
<dristi> I plan to train him on it personally
<bemasc> hi mafe
<CanoeBerry> dristi: You've made tremendous strides. Is your mentor useful?
<CanoeBerry> Just kidding mafe ;-)
<dristi> BTW I have just been in contact with Serge in Hanoi working with Squeak etoys
<walterbender> dristi: I just pushed the new artwork for Vietnamese in Turtle Art :)
<mafe> bemasc: do help us review nancie's proposal
<sandrat> I like the irc regular check-ins idea
<mafe> walterblender:useful here...grab it nancie...
<dristi> He works at a univ. and I invited him and his Vietnamese students to help with teacher training...hoping...
<CanoeBerry> FYI for those that don't have RT access to the full proposal/history, dristi worked with Kim Quirk and Richard Smith yesterday to resolve many solar/power issues.
<dristi> Thank you and terrific.
<CanoeBerry> Ask me if you need RT access anyone -- the requirement is that you volunteer regularly and protect privacy.
<dristi> Walter are other projects in Vietnam off the ground already? I haven't done the RT search on that
<sandrat> solar power issues - where?
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: see the bottom of the ticket.
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<CanoeBerry> Richard Smith will be publishing a lot of this material in a "definite power guide" soon.
<CanoeBerry> Let's tie together loose ends -- dristi what are you greatest concerns?
<CanoeBerry> *your greatest concerns
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<dristi> Hi kim!
<CanoeBerry> kimquirk: i thought your Peace Corps days were over ;-)
<kimquirk> hi nancy
<CanoeBerry> :)
<kimquirk> hi adam!
<CanoeBerry> Ciao!!
<CanoeBerry> PS any thoughts as we finalize ?
<dristi> Getting the XOs in time to leave for Thailand Oct. 16 is my # 1 concern
<dristi> Beyond that, I know this will come together. I have worked alot and learned alot
<mafe> dristi: are you going to bring this...or just ship them there....if approve
<CanoeBerry> dristi's certainly done a marathon's worth of preparations over the last 2 months, so I personally approve this proposal, but I want others to ask the hard questions.
<CanoeBerry> And then vote :)
<mafe> yey!
<dristi> And, BTW I have a back-up plan for the Contributors laptops should this community or boat company sponsor etc. back out altho I don't think that will happen
<kimquirk> i had a chance to ask nancie the hard questions already and I think she is pretty well prepared!
<CanoeBerry> kimquirk: that means a lot, thanks.
<dristi> I will brinmg them in without boxes.
<mafe> kimquirck: great!
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<dristi> Divided in 2 suitcases and a couple in my carry on
<mafe> dristi: how about custom issues ...
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude -- dristi I'd really like to hear more specifics about your ongoing blog-publishing and mentoring of the 4 teachers.
<dristi> I have thought of that. They look like toys, gifts, for the first stage, if I think I need to, I will take someone with me from thailand to Hanoi and split the XOs between more luggage if necessary
<sandrat> How will the teacher training be scheduled and how much time for that stage
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome Yama!
<yamaplos> sorry,
<yamaplos> but thnaks
<mafe> hi Yama...
<dristi> On carrying them.. to conclude I can speak privately about that...
<dristi> hi Yama
<CanoeBerry> We are concluding reviewing Vietnam's Fishing Village micro-Deployment.
<yamaplos> hi all!  My apologis, things moving in Bolivia, will tell you later
<yamaplos> you all know I am for :-)
<yamaplos> you all know I am for, smiley
<dristi> On blogging: I will set up a travelpod page to blog on that can also have fundraising/donor link on it
<CanoeBerry> 3 votes in favor now -- please all others now vote too -- providing your recommendations to dristi on how to inject the best long-term planning into this Vietnam community's next generation.
<dristi> Mafe, for the full deployment, at that time we will want to shhip and will have govt approval and deal with customs etc., once we have a team inplace in Vietnam etc
<yamaplos> I guess I might as well use this pulpit to encourage you to have any English speaking anybody join a community, or at least post
<sandrat> sandra+1
<dristi> TY!
<dristi> How many votes do we need:)
<CanoeBerry> dristi: all joking aside, would you benefit from additional mentoring beyond mafe? Who's been superb FYI, helping clarify your work on-wiki.
<dristi> YES!
<mafe> +1...dristi: we can share you some of the activities that we're doing for grade 3...
<CanoeBerry> And if so, what other human resources would benefit completion/exection.
<CanoeBerry> *execution
<mafe> yes...we need co-mentors ....
<kimquirk> +1 (not sure if mine was one of the first three)
<dristi> I may not know yet quite frankly
<CanoeBerry> OK: Think about it.
<mafe> even with other projects
<CanoeBerry> Calling once... vote now... final objections?
<yamaplos> just in case, I will reiterate I vote for, +1
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice...
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED.
<yamaplos> yeahs!
<dristi> I just nknow I could not have gotten this far without the OLPC support gang and community
<Azure-Cyan-46> Vote Yes
<kimquirk> congrats, dristi
<CanoeBerry> Thanks all, and let's move onto Project #2.
<CanoeBerry> Azure-Cyan-46: welcome and plz introduce yourself.
<mafe> congrats! :)
<dristi> BIG Thanks everyone. OLPC will benefit and the VVV kids say thank you too!
<kimquirk> CanoeBerry - how many project reqeusts have you been getting (per week or month)
<CanoeBerry> kimquirk: about 3 per week. this week 2
<CanoeBerry> sometimes 5 per week.
<kimquirk> great
<CanoeBerry> We need to do more promotion!
<yamaplos> link to # 2?
<yamaplos> please
<CanoeBerry> We tried a bit:
<yamaplos> It's alwways a bit to nuance

[ PROJECT #2 : Sugar Labs XO Special Interest Group - Onalaska, Wisonsin, USA ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #2 now:
<CanoeBerry> Please comment/critique/praise the following:
<Azure-Cyan-46> PatPaul
<yamaplos> what is "I want to play with this" from "I want to play with this SO I CAN GIVE BAck"
<CanoeBerry> Sugar Labs XO Special Interest Group - Onalaska, Wisonsin, USA
<CanoeBerry>    [needs public page, forthcoming]
<CanoeBerry>    Requests 5 XO's over 6 months, with option to extend
<CanoeBerry>    Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>    Create a Special interest group at Sugar Labs to creating community
<CanoeBerry>    interest in developing and supporting the XO. Long term objective is
<CanoeBerry>    to create a frequently released (every 6 months) community developed
<CanoeBerry>    and supported distribution. This would leave OLPC free to focus on
<CanoeBerry>    the infrequent, stable releases necessary for mass deployment.
<CanoeBerry> Applicant doesn't seem to be here but we know him well :)
<dristi> Hi Pat. Good to see you here!
<mafe> kimquirk: I was thinking of advertising cp program as Service Learning for student in the universities...
<yamaplos> IS this the Fedora-group David Farning was talking about?
<sandrat> Is the next proposal for a virtual team
<mafe> project 2 ...+1...
<CanoeBerry> Yeah, this is Farning's work.
<kimquirk> mafe - 'cp program'?
* befana  Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
<CanoeBerry> CP = Contributors Program
<mafe> contributor's program
<kimquirk> thanks
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<CanoeBerry> Welcome befana.
<CanoeBerry> We are reviewing "Sugar Labs XO Special Interest Group"
<yamaplos> Sorry, it was at the very top....  Yes, I have been following this in the IAEP list and
<yamaplos> for sure we need this to happen!
<sandrat> how will it work?
<CanoeBerry> Plz read over:
<bemasc> It sounds like DF is proposing a sub-CP.
<bemasc> We give him laptops, and then gives more laptops to other people.
<bemasc> s/more/these/
<bemasc> argh
<CanoeBerry> Libraries are most welcome.
<yamaplos> It was strange to me that this wasn't already covered by what OLPC gave officially to Fedora/Red Hat
<bemasc> Anyway, it sounds like he plans to mail these laptops to other developers who submit proposals to him.
<CanoeBerry> XO Libraries:
<mafe> yamaplos: maybe he's requesting for the XO 1.5?
<yamaplos> Any way we could push so that they explicitely support the XO 1?
<yamaplos> precisely my point : - (
<bemasc> There's no indication that he cares about 1.5 specifically.
<CanoeBerry> Actually the proposal seems to imply XO-1
<yamaplos> not explicit....
<sandrat> OK.  got the full picture. It is ambitious I would think in getting committed people to work consistently
<CanoeBerry> In any case, XO-1.5's will only be distributed individually.
<bemasc> I ... don't really understand the proposal, especially as there are no Sugar Labs offices.
<yamaplos> no big deal but yes big deal, then y'all know better, and I trust David F.
<CanoeBerry> For now XO-1.5 B2's are in very tight demand.
<bemasc> The closest thing we have to a central meeting place for Sugar Labs is 1CC.
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: DC's library is semivirtual and still very strong.
<mafe> yamaplos: +1
<CanoeBerry> They have 3 offices, essentially.
<yamaplos> I'll tell David through channels he can borrow from Austin's Lending Library,
but he may need more flexibility, and sort of in principle because I trust he knows what he is doing, and his request is so moderate, I vote +1
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: I think dfarning can reasonably be given as many machines as he thinks he will use personally, but I don't see much use in sending him XOs destined for other people.
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<bemasc> They can add themselves to this project if they want XOs.
* kimquirk  Quit ("CGI:IRC")
* kimquirk_ is now known as kimquirk
<dristi> Does he plan to recruit new talent to this endeavor?
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: OK, it's true Wisconsin's in-person community-building might be limited (who knows?) but what's your take on the overall project approach, attempting to accelerate Sugar support/testing on the XO?
<yamaplos> I beg to differ, for there is some need to be flexible on his end of the place, i.e. you don't really need that many machines personally, but then being able to have people jump on board by getting to taste the candy and be hooked...  Dunno, that might be an avenue to have people THEN request their own Contributor's machine, through our channels
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: Giving XOs to Sugar developers, so that they can test and develop for the XO, is the entire purpose of the Contributors Program.
<bemasc> s/entire/original/
<yamaplos> I agree
<yamaplos> this is really the very point of whjat we are about
<dristi> I have been wondering how to tap into the brilliant high school college that could develop
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: true, but 5 is not a gigantic number.  On the flip side, the proposal suffers from lack of a public web page and could use a mentoring as the applicant makes clear :)
<bemasc> CanoeBerry: I vote to approve DF for maybe 2, and clarification on what else is going on here.
<CanoeBerry> Who will mentor?
<mafe> dristi: that's what I was telling kim...service learning program
<bemasc> It basically sounds like he's trying to do us a favor by taking on some of the administrative burden.
<sandrat> given the virtual nature of the SIG..  needs a webpage or communicatons plan
<bemasc> I think the correct response is "don't worry about it; let OLPC pay for the shipping"
<CanoeBerry> I guess I will, since I mentor most libraries..
<yamaplos> if no one else will, I'd be happy to though I know I don't have the time, though he is good at getting things done
<CanoeBerry> Shall we conclude?
<sandrat> +1
<sandrat> done
<mafe> yamaplos: that's very impt getting things done...;-)
<dristi> He'll succeed in doing good things with Adam as mentor! +1
<yamaplos> sure, I say +1 as is with a requirement there be a public page
<CanoeBerry> Plz include in your vote an XO-count.
<yamaplos> +1, 6
<yamaplos> sorry, +1 5
<mafe> 5 is ok...+1
<dristi> +1  5
<bemasc> Actually, I would be willing to say his request is "pre-approved for N+2, pending the identification of N additional team members"
<kimquirk> bemasc: sounds like an interesting formula
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: you should work for the IRS :)
<mafe> yep...
<kimquirk> its actually pretty hard for one person to work well with too many laptops
<bemasc> The formula is from the proposal itself
<mafe> bemasc: that's why I like the presence of bemasc here ....
<CanoeBerry> Ahh
<bemasc> He asks for 2 machines for himself, and 3 for additional team members.
<bemasc> Which sounds fine to me, once he's recruited those team members.
<kimquirk> +1 for 2 XOs
<CanoeBerry> +1 with someone to co-mentor alongside me
<CanoeBerry> And finalize the XO-count then.
<mafe> canoeberry: yamaplos say so...he will
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos overcommits, worse than even the rest of us :-)
<CanoeBerry> But sure!
<yamaplos> hmmm... I don't want to play this one, but I want to stress we want to make things easy and straightforward for SLs, so I would say we go 5 pending the identification etc
<CanoeBerry> yamaplos: can you co-mentor with me?
<yamaplos> sure!
<yamaplos> any day....
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED: I want to fine tune the XO count, but let the record show the average tally is about 4 XO's!


<CanoeBerry> Thanks All-- meeting can ajourn now, prending final questions?
<CanoeBerry> *pending
<yamaplos> I guess that if he shows up 3 names he gets the 5???
<bemasc> I don't think we should send them to him.  That just makes his life difficult.  Send them to the people who want them.
<CanoeBerry> We'll finetune later.
<mafe> yamaplos: no worries asynchronous...
<yamaplos> +1
<CanoeBerry> bemasc: point well taken.
<yamaplos> ha ha!
<CanoeBerry> XO-1.5 questions out here, as we conclude?
<kimquirk> nice talking to you all!
<mafe> nice meeting you kim
<kimquirk> CanoeBerry: finished my 1 hour peace corps for the month
<kimquirk> nice meeting you as well mafe
<CanoeBerry> I have about 30 XO-1.5 B2's to distribute -- email ASAP if you require one!
<CanoeBerry> kimquirk: Hope to see you in person next time!
<dristi> Thanks Kim for everyone who does not know Kim has spent alot of time helping me.
<kimquirk> CanoeBerry: I'll try some time...
<yamaplos> Thank you all!
* kimquirk  has left #olpc-meeting
<mafe> see you all again!
<mafe> thanks everyone...
<CanoeBerry> Bye!
<dristi> yesterday she tutored me on power issues and you can find her at
* yamaplos  Quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
<dristi> Mafe thanks for encouraging and helping me with the wiki page
<mafe> CanoeBerry: maybe good idea to post as a proposal the service learning program? thoughts?
<dristi> and for all of the good issues you make me think about
<mafe> dristi: no prob....i'll definitely share what we have in my group in the next to come for your activities
<mafe> just keep us posted
<mafe> and start your blog soon
<dristi> don't worry. you'll hear from me
<dristi> Will will start with a photo of receiving the Contributors laptops!
<dristi> the link to it can be on the wiki project page?
<mafe> great!
<mafe> yep
<mafe> project updates
<mafe> the one that's below
<CanoeBerry> mafe: do you get a free trip to Vietnam out of this mentoring job?
<CanoeBerry> ;)
<dristi> Nothings free but everyone is invited!
<mafe> i will ...
<dristi> Adam, where will the laptops be coming from...when, can I expedite if necess?
<mafe> i can swing by the philippines
<dristi> on the way...
<mafe> CanoeBerry: if you sponsor my trip...right dristi?
* sj|  has joined #olpc-meeting
<mafe> hey sj|
<dristi> Adam, Kim says I need the green power cords with tips too.
<dristi> the kids can use them to charge from home generators...
<dristi> hi sj!
<mafe> CanoeBerry: the XO 1.5  only for developers?
<dristi> I can test it rugged hard, travelling with it...if you want me to..
<dristi> my first day 07 XO -1 has passed with flying colors
<dristi> mafe I do still have some ?'s for you...will email later is it ok?
<mafe> dristi: just email me
<dristi> will do
<mafe> im only online friday's - maybe weekends
<mafe> ok...
<dristi> gtk
<mafe> CanoeBerry: plz...get me back on all my questions in email ...gtg now...have a great weekend everyone...
* mafe  has left #OLPC-meeting
<dristi> bye mafe thanks again
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