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Please note that the information on this page now refers to an obsolete approach from early 2007. Maintenance on the Developer Images proved too time-consuming for our limited project manpower, and as a result the images have fallen too far behind the project to be useful.

See Emulating the XO for the currently recommended approach, or you can boot a Live CD.

Developer Images (Quickstart Images)

Developer images are intended to provide a development environment in which you can immediately begin developing Sugar activities (applications). They are full desktop installations with Sugar pre-built which can be downloaded and run on Linux or Win32 machines using the free (0 cost, proprietary) VMWare Player application.

Note: The images have far more software than the OLPC XO Laptops, so you need to be careful not to rely on libraries in the image! The images are also provided by members of the community. They are not necessarily "official" OLPC images.

See also Emulating the XO.

Red Hat SDK LiveCDs

Created by John (J5) Palmieri

Available for direct download from Red Hat, these are minimal development environments (about 291MB) that have full sugar environment, gcc, gcc-c++, gdb, oprofile and oprofile-gui. We also have a Classic GNOME activity which launches a GNOME session which includes Nautilus, Metacity, gnome-volume-manager for automounting of external media, gedit, vim-x11, nautilus-open-terminal and gnome-terminal.

These builds are much closer to a regular laptop installation image than the other developer's images. That is, they tend to have less software installed, though there are still lots of packages not available on the laptop.

Big Fedora Core 6 Build

Created by Noah Kantrowitz (kantrn [] rpi [] edu):

I have put together a disc image with a stock install of FC6 (using the Software Development package set) and Sugar already up and running. The compressed image is 1.7G, and is available using:


Note: the server is not properly configured to allow downloading via many web browsers.

Uncompressed it should be just under 6G. I tried to install as much as possible using yum, but Python 2.5 and anything with a Python extension were compiled by hand.

Use olpc/password to login. The only thing not working on it is Etoys, as at the time I did the final build it was broken in git. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask.

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VMware image of a Gentoo desktop (v1)

This is a VMWare image of a Gentoo desktop upgraded to support the Sugar environment from the One Laptop Per Child project. The build directories for Sugar are intact so that you can upgrade to the latest Sugar releases in the same manner as the core developers do (by re-running sugar-jhbuild and skipping any failing projects).

To run the image you will need to unpack it (tar -xzvf) into a directory with at least 8 GB of free space. The image was created with VMWare Workstation 5.5 on Linux.

Username/password for the image is olpcwork/olpcwork. Launch Sugar using the XO (child) icon on the desktop, but keep in mind that Sugar is full-screen and includes no mechanism for closing, so you'll likely want to keep at least one other window open to which to alt-tab in order to kill Sugar when you are finished.

  • Gentoo (up to date stable build with just the required ~x86 packages, based off a 2006.1 (latest) profile)
  • Disk Image: 3GB compressed, 7GB uncompressed, Internally: 8GB sparse, 4GB of that used as far as the embedded OS is concerned
  • 256MB RAM allocated in the image
  • Performance is quite reasonable for editing code and testing Sugar on a host with reasonable (1GB) ram and processor (2GHz Athlon64)
  • Gnome desktop incl. Firefox
  • Sugar built and ready-to-run
  • Common developer's tools installed (source code control systems, gcc, vim, Eric3, Inkscape)
  • Networking works reasonably well (uses nonstandard NetworkManager for the networking system, as in Sugar itself)

The target market for this image is developers on Win32 or Linux who just want to start working on Sugar. Provides the ability to unpack, run and start working with Sugar in a reasonable development environment with mature tools available.

LinuxTracker site has the torrent-based download.

Tuquito LiveCD Builds (Upcoming)

Intended to use Aufs to allow for a static base image with a dynamic overlay image. Coming soon.

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