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What We Do

The One Laptop per Child University Initiative at Duke (OLPC@Duke) is a student service organization aimed to help the education of children of low-income families in the local community and around the world. We have existed since 2007. We have a pilot program in the Durham, NC area, at a charter elementary school, where we provide education lessons using the OLPC laptops once a week to two fourth grade classes.

About the Pilot Program

The pilot program has been running in Charter Community School in Durham, NC for almost two years. We have filled two classroom of 4th graders in the school with XO laptops, for the purpose of piloting and evaluating the laptops in an urban school environment. We will support the students weekly in activities dealing with the laptops.

Check out the "One Pager" about the program and also the proposal.

More Information

For more information about the organization, please check out OLPC@Duke, or email Emily Poplawski at ep27 [at] duke.edu.

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