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릴리즈 절차

BIOS 릴리즈 절차에 관한 드래프트.

1단계: EC:

콴타 컴퓨터가 OLPC BIOS로 이메일을 통해, PGP로 서명하고 암호화된 EC 릴리즈와 changelog를 보냄.

  • Quanta e-mails EC release and changelog to the OLPC BIOS contact, signed and encrypted with PGP
    • see notes below
  • Quanta and OLPC test this version of EC

2단계: Buildrom:

완전한 EC 릴리즈

  • Pull EC release from, check hashes
  • Update buildrom changelog and tag for release
  • Update SPI flash version string in buildrom binary
  • Create buildrom SRPM
  • Build two flavors of binary RPM for the two RAM variants

3단계: 테스팅:

BIOS팀과 Ray에게 빌드를 알리고, 릴리즈 후보 테스트가 시작

  • announce build to BIOS team and Ray, release candidate testing begins
  • test on a 256M board
  • install the binary RPMs on Tinderbox machines
  • >12 hours of burn-in warm reboot testing on Tinderbox
  • cold boot tests
    • we need a cold boot solution; X10 doesn't seem to like the power at OLPC
  • After automated tests, send "Who has tested?" mail asking for problem reports
  • Release after twelve hours if no problem reports

4단계: 릴리즈:

릴리즈 빌드가 별도의 디렉토리에 보관됨

  • Release builds kept in a separate directory
  • Update the version number in LB from release candidate to final
  • Announce new build and hashes to devel-boards@ (requires moderation).

EC 코드를 위한 PGP 사용

최초 릴리즈에 대해서만: 완료

Download and install GPG4Win from

Create a PGP key and get dwmw2 to sign it to verify that it is Quanta's.

이어지는 릴리즈를 위해

Right-click on the EC binary and select the option to create a "detached signature", in plain text. It should create a separate file like 'ECv21.bin.asc', which looks something like this:

Version: GnuPG v1.4.5 (MingW32)


Send the EC binary as you normally would, and _also_ attach the separate signature file which is used to verify the binary. There is no need to send another copy of the key itself (0x533F05EB.asc), because we already have that.

Send the EC binary and signature (2 attachments) to

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