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Friendly Language is an organization dedicated to helping people of all ages to make new friends through learning language.


Our mission is to make language learning material that is accessible, scalable and sustainable.

Accessibility: By including as many languages as possible.

Scalability: By harnessing the latest technology to support rapid growth.

Sustainability: By working intelligently through partnerships with a spirit of collaboration.

We Need You

There is a specific need for:

- people who can translate between one language and another

- people who are familiar with grant-funding

- people who are language learning enthusiasts

How To Get Involved

  • Visit the Friendly Language Mailing List page and subscribe to get the weekly news report.
  • To expedite, send an email to tekelsey "at" gmail "dot" com, and include something in the subject line like "Friendly Language - I'm a graphic designer" or "Friendly Language - I recently graduated from college and I don't know how I can help but I'd love to anyway"
  • Visit the "laptop" blog:

Aardvark xSL

  • Aardvark xSL is an interactive language learning experience with a simple interface, designed to allow children to practice pronunication and become familiar with the way various languages look.


  • GSL is an experiment with using comedy and singalong music to help kids have fun with being exposed to other languages.

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