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The 2007 "Give One, Get One" program (or "G1G1") concluded on 31 December 2007.

See G1G1 2008 for the new Give One, Get One that ran between Nov 17, 2008 and December 31, 2008.

During the 2007 program, participants who donated USD $399 would cover the cost of one laptop to be distributed by OLPC to one of its least-developed partner countries, and would get one to keep, for themselves or for a child in their lives.

The contents of this page are considered outdated and some of the information may be stale. Please use information here with caution, or update it.

More info about the 2007 program

Archival info surrounding the "Give One, Get One" program of late 2007 is not well-united. However there is residual information on pages such as:

FAQ from 2007

  • How can one get a hand crank or yo yo?
Get it yourself, see XO_Giving/Crank
  • Will people in Europe also be able to purchase XOs via the G1G1 program?
Not at the moment, see XO_Giving/Europe.
  • Is there any chance that the G1G1 program will happen in Australia? If so, count me in.
Not at the moment, but see recent work by OLPC Australia to set up something similar.
  • When will the laptops be delivered?
According to this CNN article, it will depend on the order date, where the first 20,000 ordered are estimated to arrive before Christmas and the others later. However, point 5 of the Give 1, Get 1 Terms and Conditions expressly states that delivery may be subject to delays, so there are no certain delivery dates. —Joe 11:48, 15 November 2007 (EST).
As of 11/19, the donor service line indicated that orders placed on Friday, 11/16, at least, are part of the 'second shipment.' There's no indication of when this second shipment will go out, but it will be later than the first shipment scheduled, as of 11/19, for mid-December.
I received my pre-11/26 ordered laptop on 12/15/07. Amazing little machine. Well done All!! Joe S. Pittsburgh PA
I ordered mine on day 1 of G1G1 at 11am pacific standard time - got it sat. december 16 from a neighbor who was around to receive it friday the 15th (so it wasn't sitting outside)

love it...simple package, beautiful machine - info included is a little thin - "sugar not so sweet" (thats my quote for the interface so far) need more time to investigate sugar but interface is not exactly intuitive. I am excited to start developing activities and Apps. I had to remind myself, it is a tool to be used with real people in mind...its not a toy, nor can it be compared to normal laptops...it is designed to be used by inquisitive minds with instruction from teachers. Hopefully we can all help it get stronger... Alex Maloutas, Los Angeles, CA.

  • How many laptops have been donated or received through G1G1, Simply Give, and Give Many donations?
150,000 - 170,000 [1]
  • is there official information on how many, and where in the developing world are G1G1 distributed?
  • To whom can further questions be addressed?
The bottom of the pages on the OLPC site includes this: "Donor service questions: 1-800-201-7144".
  • Will you repeat this initiative in future (for XO-2, XO-3, ... laptops)? (I think it were good to repeat. Extra money for the cause.)
Yes. And there is a repeat Give One, Get One program for 2008, see G1G1 2008
Give1Get1 answers more questions.
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