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Geography learning process usually needs of a great amount of different maps. Maps are specially usefull because can illustrate different human or natural procesess interactions with the geographical space. Maps are not only a kind of graphical system that have to be interpretated but also an important analysis tool. --Gasat 10:07, 1 December 2006 (EST)

What kind of questions can answer GIS technology?

Where is my country?

Argentina [link map]

How GIS Technology can help teachers?

Introduction to Maps Reading

Introduction to Map Proyections

Geographical Coordinates


Map Symbols

Map Types

Dinamical Maps and Geographical Analysis, Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems is not only a technology for viewing maps it is also a complete scientific discipline about geographical information spatial information displaying, analysis, modelling and also have special concerns in computer science in the area of geospatial databases systems and in social science in subjects like how people, specialists and societies can interact with this kind of information and systems.--Gasat 15:27, 4 December 2006 (EST)

As you can see the GIS universe is so broad, but in education concerns GIS can help in specific matters.

Introduction to Remote Sensing Images

Proposed Cartographic Applications

Lightweight Systems

More Specific and Advanced Systems

On Line Geographic Resources

  • Globe Project</li>

    link Globe Educational Project

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