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If you can take one of these tasks, put your name (and preferably link to a way of contacting you) after it. If a task is completed, move it to the Health Jam/done page with a link to the results unless the subsection directs otherwise.


  • print flyers and such
  • post signs
  • nametags (seaxo)
  • schedule wall
  • setup skype
  • rocket pitch setup
  • archiving/photos for arjun etc


  • request presentors @ mailing lists, and make a place to list schedule
  • set up archiving
  • set up videocasts of tom and ian

Graphic design needed

If you create any of these, please delete the task and link to your creation from the publicity materials page.

  • Health Jam This Way arrow-like direction signs
  • Generalize Health Jam Seattle flyers to Health Jam (even just Jam) templates - can do this after event

Supplies needed

We need help getting these things.

  • Some way to make and hang impromptu posters, especially for brainstorms. This could include things like...
    • a pack of markers
    • a pack of dry-erase markers
    • butcher paper and masking/drywall tape
    • large post-it pads (expensive, but the best option we've found if whiteboards aren't available)
    • portable whiteboards
    • poster stands
  • Several notepads and pens (at least a dozen) for note-taking during meetings, for people who haven't brought their own.
  • Tape of the wall-safe variety.
  • Access to a printer (preferably a color printer) and paper for it.
  • Scissors; 2 pairs should be sufficient.
  • Power strips. As many as possible. Enough to have 50 outlets available at all times at minimum.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Overhead projector and screen (not strictly mandatory, but very helpful). Provided in each room by UW
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