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HippoMath is an Etoys game that tests math.

Download: HippoMath.pr


How do you play it?

The program creates math questions that can be made easier or harder.

Several numbers appear on screen, and one of them is the correct answer.

The player controls a blue hippo with the arrow keys or with the circle keypad (game controller).

When the hippo gets to the right answer, the next question appears.

HippoMath lets you change what problems to use

at the bottom: if addsubtract = true: there will be + and - questions, if multiplydivide = true: there will be x and / questions

You can use HippoMath in eBook mode!

Move the hippo with this or the keyboard arrows <- ->

Making questions easy or difficult

In the download, HippoMath has addition (0+0 to 50+50), subtraction (0-0 to 100-50), multiplication (0x0 to 10x10), and division (1/1 to 100/10).

To change the questions, right-click on = ? and open the Viewer (the eye). You will see this: This is a screenshot of HippoMath

In A + B = C, A and B are more than addMin and less than addMax (addMin < A,B < addMax)

In A - B = C, B and C are more than minusMin and less than minusMax (minusMin < B,C < minusMax)

In A x B = C, A and B are more than factorMin and less than factorMax (factorMin < A,B < factorMax)

in A / B = C, B and C are more than factorMin and less than factorMax. (4 / 2 = 2) (factorMin < B,C < factorMax)

When you change the questions, you should change answerMin and answerMax so the correct answer is hard to find. The other numbers on the screen are more than answerMin and less than answerMax.

Negative Numbers and Other Changes

Negative Numbers

If you want to use questions with negative numbers (-10 + 5 = -5), make addMin = -50 and minusMin = -50 factorMin = -10 or use other negative numbers.

Other Changes

If you want to make changes to the program, I am sorry but it is not easy. The code is sometimes too big to read on the screen. Be careful if you make changes.



Need Help?

If you have questions or suggestions for the next version, please ask.

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