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Identifying build number

If you are sure that you are running an official release produced by OLPC (as opposed to a deployment), you can follow the techniques below to identify the build number, and then refer to the table to see which release it corresponds to.

If you are not running an offical OLPC release (e.g. you are running a development release, pre-release, or deployment build), or if you are unsure, skip to #Identifying release information to determine the version information in more detail.

Build number Release Also called Release date Release notes
15877114171.587711e+9 20.04.0 158770080024 April 2020 Release notes/20.04.0
15554660751.555466e+9 18.04.0 155547360017 April 2019 Release notes/18.04.0
15217793051.521779e+9 16.04.6 152177760023 March 2018 Release notes/16.04.6
15179663601.517966e+9 16.04.5 15179796007 February 2018 Release notes/16.04.5
14949233871.494923e+9 16.04.4 149499360017 May 2017 Release notes/16.04.4
14942297251.49423e+9 16.04.3 14942160008 May 2017 Release notes/16.04.3
14772628221.477263e+9 16.04.2 147728160024 October 2016 Release notes/16.04.2
14659594391.465959e+9 16.04.1 146596320015 June 2016 Release notes/16.04.1
883883 11.3.0 13201200001 November 2011 Release notes/11.3.0
874874 11.2.0 131130720022 July 2011 Release notes/11.2.0
860860 10.1.3 129515400016 January 2011 Release notes/10.1.3
852852 10.1.2 128314080030 August 2010 Release notes/10.1.2
802802 8.2.1 124218720013 May 2009 Release notes/8.2.1
767767 8.2.0 122395680014 October 2008 Release notes/8.2.0
714714 8.1.3 Release notes/8.1.3
711711 8.1.2 121911840019 August 2008 Release notes/8.1.2
708708 8.1.1 12181680008 August 2008 Release notes/8.1.1
703703 8.1.0 Update.1 120684960030 March 2008 Release notes/8.1.0
656656 7.1.2 Ship2 patch2 120054600017 January 2008 Release notes/7.1.2
653653 7.1.1 Ship2 patch1 119760840014 December 2007 Release notes/7.1.1
650650 7.1.0 Ship.2 11968308005 December 2007 Release notes/7.1.0
623623 Ship.1 Trial-3 119363040029 October 2007 Release notes/623
542542 Trial-2 11859408001 August 2007 OLPC Trial-2 Software Release Notes
206206 10.1.1 update for XO-1.5 hardware 12784752007 July 2010 Release notes/10.1.1
6464 10.1.0 first release for XO-1.5 hardware 126119880019 December 2009 Release notes/10.1.0
3636 13.1.0 13678128006 May 2013 Release notes/13.1.0
2323 13.2.11 158027400029 January 2020 Release notes/13.2.11
2222 13.2.10 154605960029 December 2018 Release notes/13.2.10
2121 12.1.0 134638560031 August 2012 Release notes/12.1.0
2121 13.2.9 151374600020 December 2017 Release notes/13.2.9
2020 13.2.8 148151880012 December 2016 Release notes/13.2.8
1919 13.2.7 145646280026 February 2016 Release notes/13.2.7
1818 13.2.6 14468724007 November 2015 Release notes/13.2.6
1717 13.2.5 14364144009 July 2015 Release notes/13.2.5
1616 13.2.3 142673760019 March 2015 Release notes/13.2.3
1616 13.2.4 143131680011 May 2015 Release notes/13.2.4
1515 13.2.2 141654600021 November 2014 Release notes/13.2.2
1414 13.2.1 14041872001 July 2014 Release notes/13.2.1
1313 13.2.0 137403360017 July 2013 Release notes/13.2.0

"About my Computer" in release 10.1.x

You can find what build and firmware your XO is running by:

  1. Return to the Home view by pressing the Home key Image:Home key f3 small.png, or the F3 key,
  2. If you do not see the XO icon, click the "ring" icon, or press Ctrl+1, to switch to Favorites view from List view,
  3. Hover over the XO icon, or right-click it, and a menu will pop up,
  4. Click the item "My Settings", then click "About my Computer", and a panel will appear,

In the software section of the panel you will find a build number, e.g. 852.

"About my XO" in release 8.2.x

If you have Release 8.2.X, then the instructions above are almost the same, except the menu option is called "Control Panel" and the icon is "About my XO".

"About this XO" in release 8.1.x

If you have Release 8.1.0 (also known as "Update.1", also known as Build 703 and higher) or later, then you can determine which build and firmware your XO is running by:

  1. Return to the Home view by pressing F3.
  2. Hover the cursor over the XO icon in the middle of the Home view.
  3. In the menu that pops up, click the item "About this XO".

From the terminal

For all releases, including those older than 8.1.x, try the following commands, in this order. One of them will reveal the build number:

cat /boot/olpc_build
cat /etc/issue
olpc-netstatus -i

Identifying release information

If you are running a software version that is not an official release (e.g. a pre-release), or are unsure, the following instructions will help you identify the version information.

From the terminal

The following commands from the Terminal activity should reveal information about the release you are running:

cat /etc/olpc-release
cat /etc/issue
olpc-netstatus -i

From the console

The console displays the build number, until it scrolls off the top of the screen.

  1. Press ctrl+alt+F2 (the F2 key is the same as the Group key Image:Friends key f2 small.png. The Ctrl key has a solid diamond on it (♦); the Alt key has an open diamond on it (♢). See Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.)
  2. Read the build number from the first line of text that appears in the console window

Sample transcript:

OLPC build 650 (stream ship.2: variant devel_jffs2)
kernel 2.6.22-20070919.2.olpc.0987654321abcdefabcedf on an i586
xo-05-29-BB login:

The OS build number in the above example is 650, from the ship.2 stream.

To return to the Sugar graphical display press ctrl+alt+F1 or ctrl+alt+F3 . (The F3 key is the same as the Home key Image:Home key f3 small.png.)

Checking firmware version

See Firmware/Identify.

Checking wireless firmware version

From the terminal, run:

ethtool -i eth0

On recent OLPC OS releases, this information is also available in Sugar where you read the build number (follow the instructions above).

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