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Incredibly Simple Interactive Storytelling

ISIS is being built under an engine designed for adventure stories or interactive fiction authoring system for the XO. This project isn't based on Z-Machine like Frotz, neither pure-text engine. The proposition is to allow children constructing IF games with media objects (images, videos, sounds) easily. The system has Python w/Pygame elements.

The ISIS project - Incredibly Simple Interactive Storytelling - was born as a result of the Summer of Code 2007 project, which resulted into a set of tools (an engine) capable to process stories written in a language near to natural language (but very simplified), in any language - as we have grammar rules for each supported language. We can't call exactly grammar rules as they are only matching rules - in other words, the ISIS engine search for patterns on story and match them with a database, recognizing the story written by the child. So we must provide an interface to build these interactive stories, so we help user to write a story that engine recognizes, as recognizing natural language is a too complicated field, even more if want to support internationalization. And we need to help with graphical elements, like positioning chars on a room, assigning elements, and so on - so here we have the need of ISIS Development Framework.

ISIS project was split into 4 modules: Engine, Parser, Player and Developer. After the Summer of Code, what I did in ISIS project is incremented the engine, the parser (until December/2007) and now, until the start of ISIS Developer (June/2008), I'm coding the Player Interface. The engine aims to bring all tools to help the other modules; Parser, as its name says, its responsible to parse the story from the text file into ISIS objects; Player cover the interfaces and classes to run a story, so it is crucial to the player user to play the created stories; Developer is the proposed project, which is the most complex of the four components, as what I'm proposing here - ISIS/Dev is a complete development framework. Faga 21:58, 19 March 2008 (EDT)

Design & Development status

ISIS design - here are original drafts from ISIS project / Storyteller engine.

ISIS/Dev - The development status and plans for ISIS.


ISIS code is in constantly changing, so if you want to test the last version, you can download from GIT OLPC's repository:

git-clone git://

I retired stable releases for now, and pretend to release a playable release until June/2008. Faga 21:58, 19 March 2008 (EDT)

Activity Summary

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Short description: Allow children constructing interactive fiction games with media objects (images, videos, sounds) easily.
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