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XO Design


If you are an Illustrator, we could use your help! Please look through the following links and see if anything interests you.

How to Illustrate for OLPC

Find an image you want to illustrate (or make up your own). The image might be an image that needs traced or might just be a text description of what is needed



Images from Hesperian

We are in the process of adapting several works from the Hesperian foundation.

Health Vision

We need a few small illustrations for the web to accompany some of the short hypothetical vignettes in the Case Study section of the Vision page, of XOs being used by children and health care workers. JHehner 15:04, 20 February 2008 (EST)

XO Images

More illustrations of the XO are never unwanted. They can always be used for new posters, icons, how-tos books etc. And they aren't too hard either. Here are some image ideas for illustrations of XO machines.

Suggestions from Flickr

  • I think that this photo on flickr would make a great concept for an illustration [1]. A globe between the XO's antenna? A neat concept IMO. Seth
  • This CC image is a cute little girl on her XO, with some wooden blocks that spell out O L P C and XO [2]
  • This image of three kids holding their XO's would make a good one [3]

Your ideas here!

Do you have an idea that you think belongs on the XO? Do you have great illustrations already that just don't have a home? You can always add your stuff to our wiki anyway! For instance you could find someone to write text for your images and make a leveled reader or picture book.

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