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If you are part of a school or other deployment, make sure you contact your technical support team before upgrading. Some deployments have special configurations which will need special steps taken before update. Your deployment may not yet support this release.

 To upgrade with a good internet connection, open the virtual terminal (ctl-alt-mesh) type: 
 olpc-update candidate-766 then reboot. You may have to log in as root first.

(^^ this would probably be better as 3-5 steps. my thought is to have the 90% case documented up front in simple steps and have links to other upgrades)

For upgrading with a USB stick or if you don't have wireless access, see Upgrading the XO.


In addition to fixing bugs, we've added lots of new features to our 8.2 release, including

Resolved Bugs In This Release

Some important bugs that have been fixed in this release include:
ticket #5156 Browse can view Google calendar.

ticket #5613 The XO name can now accept any characters. This is important for languages which do not use the ASCII characters.

ticket #5987 Flash (using the open source Gnash implementation) plays better than previous releases.

ticket #6014 Activities try to save their data when the XO is shut down while an activity is open. This is better but not complete. Users should close their activities before before shutting down the XO.

ticket #6036 When leaving and restarting Chat, a line showing time passed since previous Chat's is added. This makes it easier to see which messages are current.

ticket #7382 Browse now does autocomplete.

ticket #7480 You can reset your network history in the Network control panel in case you need to remove old configurations. However, you will need to re-enter all AP passwords after doing this.

ticket #8554 Two parenthesis images now appear around an Access Point (AP) icon in the Neighborhood View to indicate which AP the XO is currently using.

All Bugs which have been closed and included in 8.2 are listed here:

Open Bugs In This Release

  • (High level list of the 5 most important bugs that people will probably come across)
  • (Link to the detailed pages of open bugs)
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