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Korean language is generally written by Hangul, Korean alphabet. But, Hanja (CJKV characters) are required auxiliarily. For Hangul, the character set should have 11,172 characters or more. For Hanja, it requires that 4,888 characters basically and 2,856 characters additionally.


Korean-specific character code in Unicode.

  • Hangul Jamo 1100 - 11FF
  • Hangul Compatibility Jamo: 3130 – 318F
  • Hangul Syllables AC00 – D7AF
  • Hangul Half-width Jamo: FFA0 - FFDF
  • Circled, Parenthesized Korean Hangul Elements: 3200-321F
  • Circled, Parenthesized Korean Hangul Syllables: 3260-327F


  • Script direction: left-to-right and top-to-bottom in rows
  • Date: YYYY/MM/DD, YY/MM/DD
Traditionally, dates are all numeric. if necessary, the day of week is written at the last. In the formula official document of government, it separated by dot and white space(YYYY. MM. DD.) and has not the day of week
  • Time: hh:mm:ss
  • Time zone: KST (UTC+09:00)
  • Numbers: -9,999.99
  • Currency : -₩9,999.99
  • Measurements: S.I. metric (meter, kilogram)

National standard

The national standard of Korea is described as "KS"(Korean Industrial Standards).

Character set and Encoding

  • KSX1001:2004-1101 (fomerly KS C 5601)
"Code for Information Interchange (Hangeul and Hanja)"
정보 교환용 부호계 (한글 및 한자)
  • KSX1002:2006-0597 (fomerly KS C 5657)
"Extension Code Sets for Information Interchange"
정보 교환용 부호 확장 세트
  • KSX1003:2003-0669 (fomerly KS C 5636) - ISO8859-1(US-ASCII) characters
"ISO 7-bit Coded Character Set for Information Interchanged"
정보 교환용 부호 (로마문자)
  • KSX10646:2005-0919 - ISO/IEC-10646. note: This replaced KSX1005-1(fomerly KS C 5700) at 2006-08-31.
"Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) - Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane, Supplementary Planes"
국제 문자 부호계(UCS) 구조 및 다국어 기본 평면, 보충 평면들
  • KSX1026-1:2007-1266
"Universal Multiple-Octect Coded Character Set (UCS) - Hangul - Part1 : Hangul processing guide for information interchange"
국제문자부호계(UCS) - 한글 - 제1부 : 정보교환용 한글 처리지침

Input system

  • KSX5002:2007-0857 (fomerly KS C 5715)
"Keyboard layout for information processing"
정보 처리용 건반 배열
  • KSX5003:2006-0708 - 86/103 keys for PC
"Keyboard for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터 키보드
  • KSX5004:2006-0708
"Keyboard BIOS for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터용 키보드 입출력 시스템

Output system

  • KSX5006:2007-0857
"Monochrome Text Video BIOS for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터용 모노 텍스트 화면 입출력 시스템
  • KSX5007:2007-0857
"Monochrome Graphics Video BIOS for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터 모노 그래픽 화면 입출력 시스템
  • KSX5008:2007-0857
"Color Graphics Video BIOS for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터 칼라 그래픽 화면 입출력 시스템
  • KSX5009:2007-0857
"High Resolution Color Graphics Video BIOS for Personal Computer"
개인용 컴퓨터 고해상도 칼라 그래픽(1) 화면 입출력 시스템
  • KSX5011:2006-0708
"24-dots Matrix Hangul Character Patterns"
24 도트 매트릭스 한글 자형

Unix environment

  • KSX2901:2007-1068
"UNIX-Hangul Environment"
유닉스 한글 환경

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