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Notes from Nigeria 5/07







Before coming to Abuja, I was told that the children only used the camera activity. Once here, we backed up most of the XOs on my Thinkpad, and I was in for an insightful tour of the lives of the Galadima School children. The children managed to take beautiful pictures and also to give us a glimpse of how they see the world, the things they care about, their customs, and the way they live, as well as to show us how the XO is fast becoming an important part of their everyday lives. It would be convenient to preserve all the photographic material they produce on their XOs, for the community to do so, to create an archive for historical and community development purposes. The children would have a nice memory of their childhood, something that they didn't have before XO. --Carla Gomez Monroy, Learning Consultant, OLPC

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