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Hi and welcome to this page where we organise everything about OLPC related activities and Non-Formal Learning activities by and for youngsters.

Non-formal education and learning processes are additional to formal learning like in a school. Non-formal learning are e.g. training courses and workshops organised by youth organisations or NGOs. Both formal and non-formal education techniques can complement and accelerate each other and be a savior for some students that don't "fit" too well in the only formal-learning circuit. To understand the importance of an independent place from, by and for youngsters - the largest demographic group on the planet - where they can experiment, do their stuff, train themselves: [1]

  • YouthandtheOLPCinitiative / Informal Learning We had workshops in Turkey and are working on a follow-up series, next one will be in Sweden. Our aim is to have an inspiring initiatie by youngsters and for other youngsters on OLPC and IT4YI., making sure youngsters (who have internet connected computers) welcome youngsters who have these OLPC computers, so they can do stuff together, have someone to communicate with, have an open space to do their stuff ...
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