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When you are doing a disassembly, having a slightly magnetized screwdriver tip makes it easier to take your XO apart (and put it back together). There are several ways to get a screwdriver with a magnetized tip.

  1. Buy one. Some screwdrivers are sold pre-magnetized.
  2. Magnetize your own screwdriver tip. If your screwdriver is not magnetized, you may be able to magnetize the tip yourself. Take a strong magnet and run the tip of your screwdriver across it about a dozen times in the same direction (pretend you are "painting" the magnet with your screwdriver tip). There is a magnet in the XO on the left side, just below the keyboard, which is strong enough to magnetize some screwdriver tips (you do not have to disassemble the XO - just run your screwdriver under the left side of the keyboard). See the photograph
    -- the magnet's the square metal thing under the green plastic tab in the upper left corner. -- Davewa 14:21, 3 June 2008 (EDT)
  3. Temporarily magnetize your own screwdriver tip. If your screwdriver is not magnetized, holding a decent permanent magnet against the shaft of the screwdriver when you want to use the screwdriver tip to lift or move a screw will work as long as the screwdriver and the magnet are in contact.
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