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This is a proposal that OLPC be more outgoing in their production and distribution of media. This media should be of various forms, including blogs, photo streams, video and/or twitter. Ideally, a community of volunteers can collectively edit and distribute this media with assistance from people who work on OLPC deployments and people at OLPC's main office.



OLPC is based and dedicated on open software, open formats and open content. So therefore any media that comes out of OLPC needs to be as permissive as possible. Preferably all content would be licensed in a Creative Commons Attribution license just like the wiki itself.


For the distribution of photos, an account has been set up at the photo sharing site Flickr. Flickr allows for the very public and easy licensing of one's material.


OLPC has a video camera for its office and a few events are filmed. Dailymotion has expressed an interest in setting up a portal for OLPC and helping us with media distribution. Unfortunately videos usually take a lot longer to prepare: edit and upload.


It has been proposed that OLPC provide a topical and broad, but non-technical weekly or monthly newsletter. This newsletter would be broad for many audiences that are interested in OLPC's progress and would like to keep abreast of deployments. The means of distribution for this material could be a blog and an announcement mailing list (unidirectional, non-conversation).


To help promote articles and other media about OLPC happenings, volunteers could be organized to Digg submitted stories. Some examples include:

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