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XO Music

Here you can find music instructional software projects associated with the XOs. [[Sound] has an overview of the audio software layers on the XO.



TamTam is a suite of four music and sound related activities for the XO. TamTam is written in python with some C functions for speed-critical services. The audio engine for TamTam is Csound.

Music Jigsaw

The Music Jigsaw is a cultural activity, the purpose of which is to help the child recognize music, both popular and classical. The game uses musical sections as if they were pieces of a broken head, where the child assembles these parts to order the music properly.

Public Csound

Csound is the music and audio signal processing language developed by MIT's Barry Vercoe. Csound provides audio services for the XO laptops.
Available Interfaces

There are a variety of interfaces to Csound. There is a C based API, a Python API and a Csound Server that currently allows for communication via TCP/IP. The Csound Server is the recommended method for interacting with Csound on the XO. Csound can also be run from the command-line.

More Information on the Csound Server can be found at

Sources are available at;a=tree

For more information on Csound you can check

Audio Applications
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