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Welcome to the Frequently asked questions on the OBJECTIF BROUSSE OLPC Wildschools Initiative.


  1. Please add your question below. Several of us are subscribed to changes to this page and we get automatic notifications when something changes. Probably another question that's been inserted. Then we go look for the answer and post it here. So make sure to also checkmark the option "subscribe to this page".
  2. You have followed the trainingscourse on how to work in a Virtual Office by our OBJECTIF BROUSSE - Leadership Development Institute / Institut de Mentorat. It's pretty similar here: make an account to get access here in this wiki=collaborative website/Virtual Office; then an edit page/save page - buttons will appear and you'll be able to add your question here. At the bottem - in the edit page mode - you'll see some boxes you can check/uncheck a.o. one with "Watch this page", then you get email notifications when changes to this page have been made, probably the answer to your question. When you've received the answer and are satisfied with it, just go to the edit mode and uncheck the "Watch this page". Simple. Same technology as wikipedia, wikibooks, etc. 2013, this technology exists for a LONG time already, so maybe time to start using it (5 years ago). --SvenAERTS 08:17, 4 June 2013 (UTC)

This sentence have no sense "Une école qui est si petite, qu'elle arrive à se mettre dans une boite à tartine" seen on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OBJECTIF_BROUSSE_Ecoles_OLPC I do not understand way those child with nothing will need a laptop?

  1. Then I think you haven't watched the 2 two minute video's on that link.
  2. These kids need education, just as clean air, safety, water, food, shelter, caring parents, healthcare, etc. You don't stop working on one until you have finished another, you allow working on all these aspects at the same time. The One Laptop Per Child initiative is not a laptop project, it's an education project. It's about appropriating education to yourself. It's about collaboration, about open source and open hardware, wikipedia, linux, wikibooks, ... . THIS open hardware and open software and education project indeed crystallized into getting a school into a box, with a bunch of teachers in the form of a chatbots into it, and that became the XO laptop that's working in tandem normally with the XServer.
  3. There is quite an OLPC community out there that will answer all your objections, there's FAQ pages on the wiki. Just feel free to surf around a bit. I'm quite sure you'll find quite a lot of answers and you'll learn a lot. Several universities and peadogy toppers are involved in the projects.
  4. ALL kids in Uruguay, Peru, many Island States, ALL have an XO and this since 2010. Austrialia is also going for a national roll out. It's been used in other war regions like Ethiopia, Sudan, Columbia, Ruanda is also going for a full deployment. Ruanda has some 250.000 XO's anno 2013.
  5. It also really is the best laptop you want to give your kids. Tablets are more used like game modules in our rich nations/populations. But my kid can also do that on his XO-laptop. It's just stronger than a tablet: a strong plastic box, no toxines in the whole laptop, 3mm thick plastic walls, iso some poor 1,3 mm that's standard for our adult laptops. It can really deal with kids behavior. And you just have to try it, the whole user experience it better/faster than a tablet.
  6. A FAQ with lots of pics on the XO: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/What_every_government_should_ask_itself_when_considering_an_ebook_deployment
  7. And it's cheap: 165 €/XO. Because you benefit from these million orders. It's open hardware, managed by a not for profit ... . We're in warzones. 160 € for a kid for such a devise, stabilizing or bringing education... that's peanuts. I mean just look at the price of these weapons. There is budgets for them. It 's just a matter of filling out the grant forms. Get to the kids, you also lift-up the parents as the kids take the XO's to home and of course parents want to know what kids have been doing. It's also a videophone, think what that means for security and telemedicine opportunities. Checking the real prices of foods they produce. And through the parents you reach the goal of protection of the gorilla's. I mean that's what I like about OBJECTIF BROUSSE, is that you don't have to choose between : am I going to support kids, am I going to support parents in war regions, am I going to support nature/gorilla's. They're all interlinked. I think Xavier's vision in this is correct and more sustainable than just putting a fence or a no go zone around a nature reserve, burning houses of those that live in the no-go zone and attitudes like that. That's not sustainable. I don't have to teach you anything: "Sustainability requires the reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands - also referred to as the "three pillars" of sustainability ", as per Sustainability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. The XO really is a little school in a box. In the worst case situation: kids figure out a lot themselves. One kid finds out this, another one that, they show each other. It revolutionizes teaching. The teacher indeed has a more coaching approach and kids more appropriate their learning, learning speed, etc. Just read the helicopter drop of XO's in I believe Sudan on the wiki website. Amazing. And the hole in the wall experiments.
  9. Contact me for more exchange of viewpoints: skype SvenAERTS or contact others of the OLPC Community real time via IRC, via the discussion groups/mailing lists. Just use the search function in the navigation menu.

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