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  1. Ask OLPC to install the developer keys and install our custom image before the laptops get here.
  2. Check with OLPC if the laptop keyboards have been localized.
  3. If possible, count the number of XO's at the airport and note any physical damage
  4. Transport XO's to storage area
  5. Write the serial number with a marker at the underside of the XO. The serial number can be found after removing the battery. (e.g SHF8060099D)
  6. Assign a label to the XO (e.g OLEN.XO.1).Inventory the XO's in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should record the XO's serial number, its Label number, whether it shows any physical damage, or won't boot.
    • You can use a marker and a tape to stick the label at the front of the XO.
    • The label is best put in the green cover on top of the screen, between the two antennas.
  7. Laptops should be kept systematically with a certain range of XO's in a certain shelf. (e.g OLEN.XO.1 - OLEN.XO.10 should be kept in the same shelf)
  8. Activate all laptops. (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activation_and_Developer_Keys#Getting_devkey_data_via_USB_stick)
  9. Power up a laptop and hit the ESC key. At the OK prompt, type "test-all". This will test all components of the laptop.
  10. If there is a bad component write that the laptop is bad and the name of the bad component beside the label using a red marker and a piece of tape.
  11. At the OK prompt, type "change-tag LO ne_NP.UTF-8" to change the locale to Nepali.

Update firmware/ Install image

  1. To update firmware type "flash u:\XXXX" where XXXX is the filename including the extension of the firmware.
  2. This will erase all the files currently stored in your XO. To install the image, put the customized image (osXXX.img) and the crc file (osXXX.crc) at the root of the USB key.
  3. Plug in the USB key and when in forth, type "copy-nand flash u:\osXXX.img". The process will be over in a couple of minutes.

Basic customization

Installing/Removing activities

Installing Individual Activiities

  • Boot your XO
  • Open the Terminal Activity
  • Insert the USB Key
  • type "sugar-install-bundle <path of activity.xo>"

Activity Bundle

  • Put activities to be installed in the /bundles directory of your USB Customization Key.
  • While powering up the Laptop, press the X button

Removing Activities

  • Activities are located in /home/olpc/Activities
  • cd /home/olpc/Activities
  • rm -r <Activity-name>.activity

Transporting XO's to the deployment schools

  • We transported the XO's for our pilot schools in a truck.
  • Number of XO's was (around 150 XO's for both pilot schools).
  • No definitive plan yet for future deployments.
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