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OLPC maintains a few key sites: laptop.org, wiki.laptop.org, and dev.laptop.org being primary among them. There is also laptopfoundation.org, and a number of sites that simply redirect elsewhere.



This is the primary static website for OLPC.

Translating the site

For translation strings for the old website, see the wiki PO files at PO-laptop.org-en-US, which are now being handled through pootle.

The strings for the new site need to be extracted and entered into Pootle.

Updating the site

As of late 2008, the site is stored in a git repository at


And tests are made at test.laptop.org, from where changes can be pushed to the live site.

Trying out changes for discussion purposes

You can clone this repository and make changes, and post them to the wiki for reference; if you want to push changes to that repository, please contact our web team at web-team <at> laptop.org

Making changes from test.l.o

To test changes on test.l.o,

  1. Change the latest "redesign-source" branch of the repository
  2. Run the Makefile in the root directory
  3. View the results, and test them carefully

To update the live site, push changes to the latest "redesign" branch.


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